Media Library 2017

Dec 15 萬家燈火聖誕燈 (01:59 minutes)
Flew up in the air to see this year's Xmas Lights from above around my neighborhood
Dec 15 John's Hack Day Project: Bluetooth Humidity Temperature Sensor (00:50 minutes)
Checking out John's DIY Humidity and Temperature sensor module that has bluetooth connectivity
Dec 13 Making Of SSAI Happy Holidays 2017 (02:00 minutes)
Went out to under the sun to film Happy Holidays shot today
Dec 13 SSAI Happy Holidays 2017 (00:07 minutes)
Happy Holidays from SSAI California
Dec 8 LA Auto Show 2017 (4:39 minutes)
This year LA Autoshow coverage brought to you by me and Kevin
Dec 4 完全暈低! Cyril Gran Turismo Sport VR (08:01 minutes)
Cyril is DOWN after just 2 laps of GTSport VR
Dec 3 ToORiMa CHOK 爆落金菇!! (02:00 minutes)
問你死味 :)
Dec 3 Jaime Choy's PS4 Broadcast: Destiny 2 (12:40 minutes)
Dec 3 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Destiny 2 (24:36 minutes)
Dec 3 Ken + Barbara Birthday 2017 (02:49 minutes)
Celebrating @ Duck House
Dec 2 Monroe Truck Trail Mystic Canyon MTB 2017 (17:17 minutes)
Fun Ride today
Nov 30 Rusnak Arcadia Grand Opening (9:42 minutes)
Rusnak is having a party tonight, we are all there to show support and mess around
Nov 27 Emily unboxing Ninebot Segway MiniPRO (02:15 minutes)
Our Black Friday junk starts arriving, today this damn heavy box shows up
Nov 25 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (25:11 minutes)
getting my ass kicked
Nov 25 Black Friday MTB 2017 @ El Prieto (16:27 minutes)
While everyone else are shopping online or at malls, the trail is empty
Nov 25 Doodle Marathon: Nonstop Running for 4 hours (07:10 minutes)
Doodle's parents doesn't let her to run for the past 4 weeks wearing the 小喇叭
Nov 19 Scary! Until Dawn Rush of Blood PSVR (05:19 minutes)
嚇死人咩! Damn scary game
Nov 13 衝出Hacienda Heights! Marshall Canyon MTB with Wayne (11:32 minutes)
Wayne finally got his brand new MTB support vehicle and no longer stuck riding Turnbull Canyon, finally 衝出 Hacienda Heights! Bringing him to experience some new fun trail today starting with Marshall Canyon
Nov 10 Doodle Hunting (for something?) (03:22 minutes)
Is Doodle trying to catch a Parrot? or a Bear Bear?
Nov 9 又返左香港? (00:29 minutes)
Apple's new Clips going back to Hong Kong
Nov 9 咯咯雞 X 肥豬豬 Karaoke (03:10 minutes)
Animoji is fun :)
Nov 7 Landing HKG airport during Typhoon Khanun (09:01 minutes)
Our 1st experience landing during a Typhoon 2017
Nov 7 觀音 taller than Statue of Liberty: 慈山寺 Tsz Shan Monastery (03:31 minutes)
觀音 (250 ft) way taller than Statue of Liberty (150 ft, statue itself, excluding the base) by 100 feet!
Nov 7 Hong Kong Visit 2017 (06:31 minutes)
Our Hong Kong visit
Nov 6 Macau Studio City Figure-8 Ferris Wheel (Golden Reel) (06:43 minutes)
Riding the very interestingly shaped Ferris Wheel in Macau Studio City
Nov 6 Touring Macau 2017 (08:15 minutes)
Spending 2 days around Parisian and Studio City touring the Las Vegas of China
Nov 6 Segway Fun (after couple of Beers...) (06:06 minutes)
The ultimate drunk test, riding Ninebot Segway
Nov 4 中山 三溪匯 (09:43 minutes)
Visiting So Dad's new Zhong Shan Chiu Chow cuisine restaurant
Nov 4 Playing with iPhone X and Animoji (12:14 minutes)
iPhone X makes people silly
Nov 3 Taiwan 2017: Visiting So Grandma's Farm in Miaoli (11:44 minutes)
Spending a day in Miaoli 苗栗, visiting Janice and Emily's grandma
Nov 3 Taiwan 2017: 飛牛牧場 Flying Cow Ranch (32:50 minutes)
Miaoli Flying Cow Ranch, feeding baby cows and baby sheep
Nov 3 Taiwan 2017 Typhoon Khanun (05:29 minutes)
Taipei around town during Typhoon Khanun
Nov 3 Taiwan Eats 2017: Best 大閘蟹! (21:13 minutes)
Eating nonstop during our Taiwan trip, finding the best 大閘蟹 Hairy Crab of Miaoli
Nov 1 Touring Xi'an (10:40 minutes)
Touring attractions in Xi'an
Nov 1 洗衫吧! 西安万豪 Xi'an Marriot (03:32 minutes)
The So's are so happy with washer and dryer
Nov 1 秦俑 Terracotta Warriors (15:39 minutes)
Visiting Qin Shi Huang and Terracotta Army
Nov 1 華山論劍 Mount Hua (29:32 minutes)
Hiking around Mount Hua in China during some extreme weather condition
Oct 31 西安 陝西名吃 Shaanxi Cuisine Xi'an Eats (13:42 minutes)
Exploring Shaanxi Cuisine Xi'an street snacks
Oct 29 Touring Shanghai (25:14 minutes)
Visiting the 2nd tallest building in the world Shanghai Tower, Shanghai Expo art museum, and seeing the beautiful skyline of Shanghai at the Bund at night
Oct 28 上海 Shanghai Eats 2017 (07:16 minutes)
Eating too much crabs in Shanghai
Oct 28 上海亞洲杯犬展 Shanghai Asian Dog Show 2017 Show: 4K Timeslapse (04:57 minutes)
4K timelapse of Doggies running around and around and around
Oct 28 Playing with Samsung Smart Fridge (02:30 minutes)
Playing with the new Samsung Smart Fridge 2017 with the huge display
Oct 28 1400 Riviera House Walkthrough (4:31 minutes)
Fully Staged House Walkthrough for the new 1398 Riviera House
Oct 28 上海亞洲杯犬展 Shanghai Asian Dog Show 2017 Show: Best in Show Day 3 (14:55 minutes)
Best in Shows Hightlight of Day 3
Oct 28 Chateau du So (50:05 minutes)
Living like a Shanghai Tycoon, staying at Chateau du So for 2 days
Oct 28 上海亞洲杯犬展 Shanghai Asian Dog Show 2017 Show Floor Tour (31:03 minutes)
Touring the show floor of Shanghai Dog Show
Oct 27 去陽澄湖食大閘蟹 Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crab (17:14 minutes)
Going to Yangcheng Lake to eat Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs
Oct 23 超迫真! Gran Turismo Sport VR (05:53 minutes)
Gran Turismo is awesome again in 2017
Oct 22 Bobe with Doodle's Cushion (03:00 minutes)
Mystery Solved: Who keep pulling Doodle's cushion away?
Oct 1 1400 Riviera House Remodel (Finalized) (16:02 minutes)
The Final week of 1400 house
Sep 30 Alex + Jason Wedding: Dinner Banquet (21:02 minutes)
Alexandra and Jason's wedding @ Bel Air Bay Club
Sep 30 Alex + Jason Wedding: Ceremony (05:05 minutes)
Alexandra and Jason's wedding @ Bel Air Bay Club
Sep 29 Alex + Jason Wedding: Tea Ceremony (03:52 minutes)
Alexandra and Jason's wedding @ Bel Air Bay Club
Sep 27 Ride with Shelby - 2017 Fall Gabrielino Trail (22:25 minutes)
with footage of the rock that cracked my Santa Cruz Rear Triangle
Sep 25 自家製蓮蓉月餅餡 Homemade Mooncake Lotus Seed Paste (02:41 minutes)
mix mix mix
Sep 22 1400 Riviera House Remodel (4th Month) (12:33 minutes)
Documentation of 1400 Riviera Remodeling, Part I
Sep 22 1400 Riviera House Remodel (2nd & 3rd Month) (11:03 minutes)
Documentation of 1400 Riviera Remodeling, Part I
Sep 22 Hair Chair (02:19 minutes)
Hair Chair meeting our 2 Hairy Friends
Sep 19 Go Kart Fun - 16 Laps x 2 Race Footage (18:13 minutes)
Footage from my Helmet Cam
Sep 18 GLOBE Team Go Kart Fun 2017 (10:24 minutes)
Fun day racing some Go Kart @ Burbank
Sep 15 UV Light Mosquito Trap (00:58 minutes)
Catching some damn mosquitoes that keep biting us with this USB powered trap
Sep 6 Bear Bear is BACK! for Honey Chicken Wings (2nd Spotting 2017) (04:57 minutes)
Our 2 Bear Bear alarm (Doodle + Bobe) goes off again! (just 1.5 weeks after the last visit) Looks like our Bear Bear knows where to find yummy dinner now. (Tonight's dinner Honey Chicken Wings) Tonight we were able to get a glimpse of the big fat Bear close up from our garage
Sep 5 Sous Vide Tri-tip steak (04:49 minutes)
Making Sous Vide Tri-tip steak with this Joule smart Sous Vide stick tonight
Sep 1 熱到想死的一天 Hot Summer 2017 (05:34 minutes)
This week is damn hot... causing some violent wind and drizzle rain, and the La Tuna Canyon fire big cloud from our cam. Shot in Pasadena
Aug 29 Coyote vs Emily's Car (00:14 minutes)
More wild life spotting tonight, when Emily is coming home and opened the garage, a Coyote runs away
Aug 27 Bear Bear Attack! (our trashcan) (2:49 minutes)
After living here next to the San Gabriel Mountain Range for 6 yrs and cleaning up our trashcan for so many years, finally I caught some Wild Bear Bear footage on my Mi 'Wildlife Action Cam' tonight
Aug 25 Doodle FING 頭: Face Dance (04:37 minutes)
Doodle Crazy Face
Aug 25 Fing 甩我個頭: Face Dance (04:15 minutes)
Laugh Die lolz
Aug 21 Eclipse Timelapse from our Frontdoor Cam: Failed! (00:59 minutes)
I was hoping to find the Eclipse (Los Angeles California) would SOMEWHAT darken the sky A BIT (suppose to be 68% coverage from where I'm shooting this) but in reality, timelapse shows NO DIFFERENCE than any normal day lolz doesn't even turn the light into an Orange hue
Aug 21 Our Solar Eclipse Party 2017 (03:42 minutes)
Eclipse Party @ our work and Caltech
Aug 18 718 Cayman Experience: Babies Edition (00:19 minutes)
This is how babies experience the 718 Cayman. For those who screams: Tesla 3!!! Sorry, there are other cars in this world that has trunk space in the front too
Aug 17 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Just Cause 3 (19:59 minutes)
幾搞笑?爆到飛起 !
Aug 15 Santiago Oaks MTB 2017 (22:36 minutes)
The gang is bringing me to explore a new trail system today
Aug 12 Andy 718 Cayman Experience (02:43 minutes)
Andy Lau: 個 TURBO 吸氣雪雪聲, 好似食 Spaghetti 咁!
Aug 12 點解兩條麻甩佬買?可以買3個鐘? L.A. Friday Hell Traffic (03:01 minutes)
3 Hours and 20 minutes in Hell Traffic
Aug 12 Tom 718 Cayman Experience (01:47 minutes)
Tom taking the new 718 Cayman for a spin
Aug 12 718 Cayman (01:29 minutes)
The new 718 Cayman
Aug 10 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: For Honor (01:04:01 minutes)
A very complicated and beautiful 三國無雙
Aug 6 Garden Bistro 360 (2:37 minutes)
Galen's new Samsung Gear 360 gadget shooting timelapse of us eating lunch @ Garden Bistro, man, in order to view this in Samsung Gear VR, you need to use "Samsung Internet VR" app, log into youtube using the browser, and search the video and watch it once, THEN, the video will show up in your Video HISTORY. From THERE, then you can watch this video in VR aspect. It still takes like half a minute to buffer right and sharpen up, but still very blurry.
Aug 2 C300 Service (05:37 minutes)
Today it's Janice's turn to bring her car into service @ the dealer
Aug 2 Android Auto + Apple CarPlay (Finally) on 2017 E-Class (20:28 minutes)
But without Touchscreen? Seriously?
Aug 1 Emily's Cayman 1st Drive (07:15 minutes)
Emily 1st time driving the Cayman: F-Type 勁好多喎!
Jul 28 My MTB Support Vehicle GLA Service (04:57 minutes)
Dashcam are awesome :) Ever wonder what they really do to your car when you send it to service? Dashcam captured footage of my car being serviced @ the dealer
Jul 28 Someone's Drone Video (13:38 minutes)
DJI loves distributing people's video on SD cards. My drone sent in for repair, and DJI sent me back an SD card containing someone's flight footage. Can you guess where it's shot at? The GPS location actually shows it's shot in Fresno:
Jul 22 8.5 Hours of our Main Water Pipe Replacement (02:01 minutes)
2 guys replacing our main water pipe under 92F heat from 8am to 6pm, hard work!
Jul 22 DJI Mavic Pro crash into building footage (0:03 minutes)
Within 2 second after taking off, Mavic suicide and crash itself into a building due to not enough GPS satellites count (app reports 9 satellites but say 'safe to fly green go status') Don't trust the Green Go status in the DJI app, and judge by your common sense, it takes 14 to 15 satellites in a large open area to be really safe to fly
Jul 22 Wilderness - Mt Hood / Oregon Drone Flight 4K (12:26 minutes)
Beautiful Forest
Jul 22 Oregon 2017: Cannon Beach Haystack Rock (11:39 minutes)
Visiting the Pacific Ocean today along the West Coast of Oregon Cannon Beach, discovering the underwater world during low tide
Jul 22 Oregon 2017: Portland Beer and Donut (06:09 minutes)
Eating good food around Portland Oregon
Jul 22 Oregon 2017: Waterfalls along Columbia River (04:09 minutes)
Visiting various short hikes beautiful waterfalls when driving along Columbia River in Oregon
Jul 22 Portland Oregon 2017 (12:50 minutes)
Visiting PDX during Summer
Jul 21 Oregon 2017: Mt Hood National Forest (11:01 minutes)
Visiting Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Trillium Lake
Jul 21 Oregon XC MTB Ride: Mt Hood Pioneer Bridle Trail (23:40 minutes)
Sharing my Epic Experience riding the Pioneer Bridle Trail down Mt. Hood, going through dense forest between huge trees
Jul 21 大開眼界! Oregon SkiBowl Bike Park MTB (22:18 minutes)
My first time riding these Beautiful MTB Trails in Oregon, touring and experiencing some professional DH MTB Racing Courses: Ski Bowl Pro-Line / Fire Hydrant
Jul 9 梁詠琪 Goodtimes Concert 2017 Pasadena (13:49 minutes)
Gigi Concert in Pasadena Auditorium
Jul 8 Wilshire Grand Center Los Angeles (02:18 minutes)
Touring the brand new Korean Air High Rise Wilshire Grand Center
Jul 5 Wonder what Rodney+Collins do In L.A.? (00:44 minutes)
Wonder what the Chiu's did in LA?
Jul 5 July 4th JPL El Prieto MTB 2017 (17:19 minutes)
This year July 4th riding El Prieto fun ride with 2 groups of MTB friends
Jul 5 Please Don't Drive Like This Asian Woman (00:26 minutes)
Shot @ Parking Lot inside work parking structure
Jul 5 Our City is Exploding! July 4th Fireworks 2017 (01:49 minutes)
I have done a "Our City is Exploding" video 5 years ago in 2013, watching fireworks from our backyard of the San Gabriel Valley. This is my 2017 version with better 4K camera and 4K drone
Jul 5 DJI Spark Brown Mountain Flight (12:01 minutes)
Today the MTB crew brought the (only) 1.5 lb DJI spark up to Brown Mountain to fly
Jul 4 Ken unboxing his new DJI Spark (19:22 minutes)
Ken is now a DJI pilot! Watch his first flight video and first crash video :)
Jul 4 MTB crew Segway Fun (04:17 minutes)
The MTB crew Ken Doug (and Grace that usually ride on 2 legs instead of 2 wheels) are all experienced on Front and Back 2 wheels. How do they do on Left and Right 2 wheels?
Jul 2 Uncle Rodney in VR... for 15 seconds (08:52 minutes)
Uncle Rodney playing PSVR, 哇好暈呀! 都係比個仔玩算啦!
Jul 2 Trying Mavic Pro Dual Controllers with Rodney (10:42 minutes)
Primary controller controlling aircraft flight, while secondary controller controlling the camera settings
Jul 2 Jolly Oysters BBQ 2017 (10:21 minutes)
This year 4th of July Weekend we are going to Ventura to escape the heat
Jul 2 Uncle Rodney riding Segway (03:53 minutes)
Uncle Rodney riding Segway for the 1st time and caught on Apple Map
Jun 30 1400 Riviera House Remodel (First Month) (21:33 minutes)
Documentation of 1400 Riviera Remodeling, Part I
Jun 29 Turtle Trail Quad Cam Action @ Big Bear Snow Summit MTB 2017 (09:34 minutes)
Combined footage of 4 action cams from 4 riders cruising down Turtle Trail. This is my first attempt producing a 4K60p (4K resolution, and 60 frame per second) video, this under 10 minutes footage took half an hour on my Quad-core i7 CPU in Finalcut, and produces a 9Gb file! Took 9 hours to upload to Youtube.
Jun 28 純純兔 VS 死靚妹 (03:51 minutes)
Bunny Rabbit visiting us for the 4th time today, but...
Jun 28 Where do our Rabbit come from? Find out! (03:39 minutes)
Our rabbits are back, spending an hour standing in front of our frontyard every night during sunset like a statue, and we even got Spectators :)
Jun 28 Going Green with Ken Ken @ Big Bear Snow Summit MTB 2017 (18:56 minutes)
Flowing through the very Flowy Going Green noob trail, very fun!
Jun 27 Pirates / Our 7th Run of the Day @ Big Bear Snow Summit MTB 2017 (06:01 minutes)
4 of us having a good time enjoying the Bear Mountain scenery taking Pirates/Skyline/Fern XC run after a very tired day
Jun 27 Los Angeles Daily Commute (Anker ROAV Dashcam Day/Night Quality) (04:01 minutes)
Quick Timelapse of a weekday commute in Greater Los Angeles, showcasing ROAV dashcam quality
Jun 27 Following Tom @ Big Bear Snow Summit MTB 2017 (18:59 minutes)
Tom's smooth sailing footage on his Pivot Switchblade
Jun 27 Big Bear Snow Summit MTB 2017 (09:39 minutes)
Had a great fun day with my MTB buddies, we did 7 runs today!
Jun 24 Doodle Hunting Season: BB 純純兔 Bunny Rabbit (01:51 minutes)
BB 純純兔 wander into our backyard = 實死冇生 ?? (This is the BB of the earlier Mama 純純兔, half as small)
Jun 23 The Choys In VR (02:43 minutes)
Playing with Samsung Gear VR 2017 with controller tonight, watching 千王之王 in Kodi lolz
Jun 22 Ghost in the Shell: Downtown Los Angeles (01:11 minutes)
Beautiful Downtown LA flight during Dusk, very Ghost in the Shell feel :)
Jun 21 執左劑廿四味 from inside Janice's Hood (01:38 minutes)
Jun 18 N-Layers Crepe Birthday Cake 2017 (01:12 minutes)
Messing with my birthday cake
Jun 17 Peach Harvest making Peach Ice Cream (03:13 minutes)
It's summer time! Time to harvest our peach tree and make Peach Ice Cream
Jun 17 Backyard Geographic: Ant VS Redbug (02:47 minutes)
A Single Ant trying to dissect a Red/Black Bug, filmed with Galaxy S8 4K with 60x macro lens
Jun 17 純純兔 Rabbit Visiting Us (00:49 minutes)
Our New Friend 純純兔, visiting us from our front door (so Doodle cannot go after her)
Jun 9 Little Ants (shot with 60x magnification macro lens) (03:10 minutes)
playing with ants in the backyard today, shooting them at 4K with Samsung Galaxy S8 with 60x lens
Jun 7 Dodgers Game Outing 2017 (03:46 minutes)
Group going out for a Dodgers game today, vs Washington Nationals
Jun 6 GLOBE Observer Facebook Live (41:48 minutes)
Broadcasting FB LIVE from our office today
Jun 6 Playing with Mosquito Larvae with High Power Macro Lens for phone (02:08 minutes)
Coworker brought some Mosquito Larvae to work today demonstrating how to document these nasty creatures with our GLOBE Observer app
Jun 6 慢吞吞的蝸牛 See Through Snail Eating (01:30 minutes)
Close up of a slow snail eating, if you look carefully you can see through it's skin and see him swallowing the food
Jun 3 Backyard Bird Watching: Northern Mockingbird Nest Documentary (18:16 minutes)
Filmed over the course of 4 weeks, our (Very Loud) Northern Mocking Bird raising their babies, and finally flew away, with a sad ending... 1 baby became our Dog Doodle's toy
May 29 Beautiful Night View Phantom 3 Standard (06:14 minutes)
Night view shot from Ed So's Phantom 3 standard
May 29 4.5 Feet Big Snake! San Diego Gopher Snake @ Bailey Canyon Trail (00:49 minutes)
Saw this big guy looking for breakfast today @ Bailey Canyon Trail
May 27 Arms Online (06:53 minutes)
Arms Nintendo Switch
May 16 Mijia 米家 Dashcam Quality (Los Angeles Commute Traffic) (02:59 minutes)
Going through hell traffic showcasing Mijia Dashcam quality on both day and night drive through LA traffic
May 16 The Walker Inn Cocktail Event (04:35 minutes)
Joining the Los Angeles Times at The Walker Inn, dubbed one of the World’s Best Bars, for an evening of specialty cocktails from heavy hitter LA bartenders.
May 13 Turnbull Canyon Rattlesnake MTB 2017 w/ Wayne + Alex (12:32 minutes)
Alex's 1st time visiting Turnbull Canyon
May 13 Doodle Drinking (00:33 minutes)
Doodle violently drinking :)
May 5 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Finally Got Ancient Armor!) (30:09 minutes)
May 5 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Cauldron ZETA RHO XI) (03:15:04 minutes)
May 5 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Ending) (01:02:45 minutes)
May 5 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (GAIA Prime) (01:28:56 minutes)
May 5 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (The Heart of the Nora) (36:08 minutes)
May 2 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Deep Secret of the Earth / Terror of the Sun) (02:19:55 minutes)
May 2 House Auction (1:00 minutes)
Janice visiting house auction
May 1 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Grave-Hoard) (02:09:30 minutes)
May 1 Doodle Hunting Season 2017: Baby Lizard (01:45 minutes)
It's Summer, and it's Doodle's hunting season, she caught a lizard today
Apr 30 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Ted Faro's Office) (36:52 minutes)
Apr 29 Santa Ana Wind 2017 Late April (05:48 minutes)
First time having Santa Ana wind in this time of the season (usually during Nov/Dec time, never seen late Spring / early Summer) Not as strong as 2011, but still pretty scary
Apr 28 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Cauldron SIGMA) (27:06 minutes)
Apr 27 Fox Fork Oil Change (09:22 minutes)
Tom is doing an oil change for my 3 years old Fox Fork tonight
Apr 27 Girls cleaning their Diamonds 洗耳屎 (00:40 minutes)
While me and Tom are doing oil change to MTB tonight, the girls are also doing their "oil change" tonight: cleaning their precious stones
Apr 25 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Mother's Heart) (01:18:29 minutes)
Apr 24 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (1st Hour) (01:08:24 minutes)
Apr 24 爆膏! 韓國生醬油蟹 Korean Raw Soy Sauce Marinated Crab (00:26 minutes)
Just like in Seoul! This is Korean Raw Soy Sauce Marinated Crab in Korea Town Los Angeles DGM - DwitGolMok
Apr 24 Monroe Truck Trail 2017 w/ Tom (15:28 minutes)
Fun Ride @ Monroe, the last time I rode Monroe was 3 years ago with my old Specialized. This is actually the 1st time I ride Monroe on my Santa Cruz, and of course, Tom's brand new Switchblade
Apr 23 Andy Lau 烈火戰車 Photoshoot Behind the Scene (02:30 minutes)
Some behind the scene footage of Andy's Bike photoshoot
Apr 23 Google 打思噎 (00:53 minutes)
Google Map will Hiccup whenever you drive on I-10 Carpool lane
Apr 23 Andy Lau 烈火戰車 Honda CBR600RR (01:23 minutes)
Ad for Andy's Bike
Apr 21 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Dragon Quest Heroes II (16:19 minutes)
Jaime Choy playing the latest DQ Heros II, coming out next week
Apr 21 Jason Cayman is now Jason C43 Coupe (04:14 minutes)
Jason Cayman got rid of his Cayman, and got this brand new 2017 C43 Coupe
Apr 21 Oh Deer! We've got Visitors (00:41 minutes)
Caught 3 baby looking deer walking by our house this morning
Apr 20 Hightech Slot Car: Anki Overdrive (09:08 minutes)
Playing with this high tech optical and AI slot car
Apr 15 Sierra Madre Neighborhood Flight (06:49 minutes)
Beautiful Spring weather flight around my neighborhood with Morning Fog
Apr 15 Turnbull Canyon MTB with Wayne's New Fat Bike (12:06 minutes)
My New MTB Buddy Wayne, with his brand new Fat Bike
Apr 9 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Mafia III (20:18 minutes)

Apr 6 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Dishonored 2 (28:17 minutes)
Brand new unreleased title, free play this weekend! :)
Mar 31 So Dad 好無聊... 好無聊... 好無聊... (02:09 minutes)
So Dad loves to walk in and out the house non-stop all day
Mar 30 Termites Spring Swarm 2017 (02:09 minutes)
Bunch of Termites either got inside our master bathroom, or are swarming FROM our master bathroom and cannot get outside...
Mar 29 Backyard Flower Closing Time Lapse (00:14 minutes)
Shot over 3 hours before sunset
Mar 26 Jarvis Resident Evil 7 PSVR (03:46 minutes)
Experiencing the most Scary game of all time
Mar 26 Jason M3/Jarvis Drive Club PSVR (03:36 minutes)
Jason M3 cannot complete 1 lap before giving up
Mar 26 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Jarvis Drive Club PSVR 3 laps without throwing up (04:58 minutes)
Completed 3 laps without throwing up
Mar 21 The Legend of Zelda 1986 (10:17 minutes)
Attempting to live stream the very original Zelda, encoder not fast enough! damn it...
Mar 20 9唔答8 Evening: Cyril MTB + KTV (12:57 minutes)
Cyril 唔夠氣 MTB, training with KTV
Mar 17 Shu + Andy || Le Cinema Booth (3:00 minutes)
Video from Andy and Shu's wedding from very long ago
Mar 13 Fullerton Loop MTB 2017 with Tom's New Pivot Switchblade (17:14 minutes)
Bringing the gang to tour Fullerton, with Tom's brand new 2017 Pivot Switchblade Carbon XT Pro 27.5+ bike
Mar 13 Sierra Madre 123 Years Old Wistaria Vine Full Bloom (05:15 minutes)
Beautiful Wistaria Vine in our neighbor's backyard Full Bloom Spring 2017
Mar 13 Dizzy! Cyril experiencing DriveClub VR (04:38 minutes)
Super Dizzy Experience
Mar 13 The Choy's having fun with Playroom VR (15:17 minutes)
Sony Playroom VR
Mar 8 London 2017: Eats (22:24 minutes)
Our Eating trip in London
Mar 8 London 2017: Our Mystery Apartment @ Paddington (08:54 minutes)
Our Apartment @ Paddington is very odd
Mar 8 London 2017: So姐去Shopping (15:24 minutes)
Following the two So姐 to go Shopping in London
Mar 7 The French Alps: Village of Chamonix Mont-Blanc (16:22 minutes)
Visiting the beautiful little village at the foot of the French Alps
Mar 7 Chamonix Mont-Blanc Snowboarding: Brevent-Flegere (31:26 minutes)
Hitting the Brevent-Flegere Ski Area, 1 of the 11 Ski Areas of Vallee du Mont-Blanc
Mar 5 Chamonix Mont-Blanc: Emily 蹬親 Pad Pad (02:32 minutes)
Emily travelled halfway around the world to the French Alps Mont-Blanc and snowboard for half an hour...
Mar 5 Saint-Gervais: Tramway du Mont-Blanc (21:10 minutes)
Riding the 110 years old ski train, highest mountain railway in France, from Saint-Gervais-les-Bains Le Fayet, to Les Houches to snowboard and eat Fondue in the Alps
Mar 5 Chamonix Mont-Blanc Eats (14:20 minutes)
Manger dans les meilleurs a Chamonix Mont-Blanc
Mar 5 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc: Fairies of the Moon Performance (03:57 minutes)
Street performance during the evening at the beautiful French Ski town
Mar 5 Beautiful Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (4K Drone Flight) (04:34 minutes)
Mavic Pro drone flight footage of this beautiful French Alps town Chamonix
Mar 5 Montenvers - Mer de Glace (23:30 minutes)
Visiting the Glacier at Chamonix Mont-Blanc Vallee Blanc
Mar 3 Chamonix Mont-Blanc Aiguille du Midi (15:43 minutes)
Visiting the top of Europe @ 3,842 m
Mar 2 Geneva Switzerland (16:49 minutes)
Spending a few days touring around the beautiful city of Geneva Switzerland, enjoying the beautiful Lake Geneva and wild life
Mar 2 Geneva Switzerland: CERN Reception Visit (08:34 minutes)
Learning about particle physics and Higgs Boson
Mar 2 Geneva Eats (09:35 minutes)
Fine Dining in Geneva Switzerland
Mar 2 Lever de soleil sur le Lac Leman (Lake Geneva Sunrise 4K) (03:28 minutes)
Sunrise of Lake Geneva Drone Footage
Mar 2 Ben Ma having fun with Mobile KTV (03:25 minutes)
Welcome Ben Ma to 2017
Feb 22 Rodney's DJI Mavic Pro Flight from Tahoe 2017 (00:30 minutes)
Beautiful drone shot in Tahoe
Feb 11 Andy Bone Luge! (00:41 minutes)
Bone Luge @ Yakiyan
Feb 6 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Resident Evil 7 with PSVR (11:36 minutes)
so damn dizzy! but how come PS4 streaming to Youtube is like 1 frame per second?
Feb 5 Thousand Oaks Space Mountain MTB 2017 w/ Tom+Alex (21:47 minutes)
Our weekend ride in Thousand Oaks after Winter Rain with cool and moist weather
Jan 29 新春行大運 MTB: Space Mountain 2017 (08:56 minutes)
送猴迎雞年初二極速傳說之 爆呔
Jan 24 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Resident EVIL 7 biohazard (Finding Mia) (41:15 minutes)

Jan 22 Winter Rainy Days - Backyard 2017 (1:36 minutes)
Shooting the Rain in out backyard, using Sony a7RII 120fps
Jan 22 VIP Tsang flying Anker Metakoo Mini Drone (0:22 minutes)
Big Kid having fun
Jan 21 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: 仁王 (12:05 minutes)

Jan 18 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Watch Dogs 2 (46:11 minutes)

Jan 15 Raging Water MTB Ride Tom's Coverage (3:44 minutes)
Tom posting his first GoPro ride video! Awesome Fatbike riding in the river footage
Jan 15 Raging Water MTB @ JPL Gabrielino 2017 (12:34 minutes)
After all these rain washing the valleys, riding MTB through the river becomes challenging :) I actually completely drowned by a whirlpool with my bike lolz
Jan 11 剪神打皇者榮耀 (4:22 minutes)
Jason Cayman is 剪神8888 :)
Jan 11 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: The Last Guardian (Final Chapter / Ending) (1:19:54 minutes)

Jan 11 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: The Last Guardian (Trico Fight / White Tower) (1:37:00 minutes)

Jan 11 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: The Last Guardian (Elevator / Mine Shaft) (1:17:16 minutes)

Jan 11 toorima's PS4 Broadcast: The Last Guardian (Towers / Arena / Underwater) (1:08:00 minutes)

Jan 2 HaiDiLao 海底? Flying Noodle (0:12 minutes)
Arcadia 海底? Kung Fu Noodle
Jan 2 Rose Parade 2017 (10:32 minutes)
This year we are watching Rose Parade from a difference place: from 5th floor looking down from Lake Ave, from my office