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Playing with a new kitchen toy tonight, got a Breville Fryer :)

How to operate this thing ga???

We were debating if we should get one of these high tech Air Fryer that doesn't use oil, but realized that those Air Fryer you can't use a lot of ingredients, or stuff will start exploding inside the fryer and make a mess or all burnt up

So better stick with a traditional fryer, using traditional oil to fry stuff

the very simple KNOB and 2 buttons

the back has a propietary plug

and very easy to take apart for washing, it's basically just a heat coil with a thermometer control

and the outer casing is just a shell to isolate the heat

Tonight let's make this! :) Tonkatsu :D

I'm cooking hehe making daikon

hammering the pork chop

getting the setup ready, I made this before with real fire before, and have to control the fire turning it on and off reading the thermometer constantly

now finally don't have to manually control the fire. :)

but damn, pour the whole bucket of oil inside and barely reached the MINIMUM line lolz

this thing uses so much oil!

after reaching the minimum line, there are about 2 inches of oil left in this bucket, might as well just pour the rest in

There, using the whole bucket of oil, let's set the temperature to 350F

showing current tempaerature

Oil is moving with a pattern inside


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