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Upgrading our network today: Netgear Orbi

This is designed like a Mesh like network, but not a true Mesh network (with stock firmware). Satellite does not jump over other satellites to talk to the main hub, so theoretically not a true Mesh yet, but already sufficient for our need. now a days, all these router maker release their products before they even finish writing the firmware and get everything to work. There are several things on this router that still doesn't work yet, there are hardware inside, but the software doesn't do anything with it, for example, this thing has Bluetooth and USB port, and they both doesn't have full functionality yet

with our small house, we only need the 2 pieces, don't even need 3 pieces. 1 piece is suppose to give really good coverages for 2000ft already

Big Blue Box unboxing

this is a BIG device!

compare to all these other Mesh network, Orbi is rated the best so far, but still not perfect

2 huge power supply

12V x 3.5A each, these things are power hungry

they sell 2 packs, and 3 packs. Our small house only need 2 packs, 1 Router, and 1 satellite

what makes this router stands out is it has all the "nerd needs" things, like lots of gigabit port, and USB port (for airprint printers and media sharing etc, but still doesn't fully work yet, and need to wait for firmware update)

the bottom

it's HUGE! it has 3 sets of antnnas in EACH of these units, 2.4Ghz, 2x2 5Ghz and 3x3 5Ghz, so each piece is AC3000 (compare to Google Wifi, each piece is only AC1200)

yes, even the satellite has 4 gigabit ports, so you can connect over the air to the other GIgabit connected device, and yes, at full speed. This is why Orbi is WAY better than Google Wifi, and each of these satellite is twice as fast as Google Wifi

Let's set it up

has easy mode, or advance mode

Takes a long time to connect to the satellites, but I don't need to press anything, does it all by itself

setting up the password

all access point and all 2.4 and 5Ghz wifi has 1 single SSID

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