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Album Index 60x High Magification Phone Macro Lens
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New Toy today: Let's do Unboxing! After playing with the macro lens from work with mosquito larvae, I have to get one of these ;)

60x magification Macro lens. I have a good collection of macro photography lens and L lenses that cost thousands of dollars, but none of them have such high power magnification

the instruction sheet, it's printed in color, whoa

and the english instruction

tata!!! This is it! and this thing cost like $10 bucks on Amazon (and probably cost a dollar from china, or $0.1 dollar to make... hahaha

And it even have built in LED lights too! it has those cell batteries inside, and it probably cost more to replace the battery than to buy this lens

Currency Detecting!? what does that mean....

this is the clip with padding that clips on your phone

amazing little gadget

screw the lens on the clip, and voila, you are all set

just simply clip it to your phone camera

the screen wont' get scratched because the clilp has rubber on it

and this is your microscope / 60x magification lens

the very bright white LED light

and the blue light. The battery probably never needs to be replaced, if you REMEMBER to turn it off after use

let's test it with Yoshi Yarn

the view looks like this, and you have to pinch to 'zoom' to the middle

Whoa!!! The YARN!!! GING AH! of course it's no where as sharp as my Canon L macro lens, but this thing is pretty amazing

The prints that makes up the color, on the manual

can even see our Caesar Stone counter top

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