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Album Index Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on 2017 E300
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Today we got another CAR!?

the very LIGHT key of the Brand new E300, now in a different shape

the chrome is very easy to scratch

Today we got another car TO DRIVE jer :) Rusnak car

number 38

2017 E300 with Premium package 1

German Taxi is back!

the headlight now says Mercedes Benz

Let's 88 inside

Emily screams: VERY BIG SCREEN! Yes, this is a 12.3 inch display, finally matching BMW and S Class very LONG display

and the interior blue mood is very YING, I want this in my car too haha later we will see how YING it is at night

the fake leather seat is very comfy. Yes, now a days even E Class give you fake leather

and of course, fake wood trim. Now a days, only the top of the line S class with special designo edition will give you good quality Italian leather seats

very wide display in the middle

and usable navigation. Now, you have to link up MercedsMe app and send the address to the navigation, then it's 'usable' otherwise, inputting address into the system is STILL vomit blood

because, such a beautiful screen, is STILL NOT a touch screen arggggggh!!!! soooo frustrated

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