Something About ToORiMa: Did you know I prefer Pepsi over Coke?
Jun 26

Water Quality Test

˩ and got a water quality test probe to prove that our drinking water filter is basically doing NOTHING to our water lolz

Jun 26

Anker ROAV Dashcam

Got another Dashcam today, same Sony Exmor IX323 sensor as my Mijia dashcam, with a low profile design, and the best part is, only cost 10 buck more than my Mijia

Jun 26

Jun 26

Jun 26 Finally grow the red tree la! -Rime

Jun 26

Jun 26

Jun 26

Jun 26 Good Times @ Big Bear

Jun 25

Big Bear Snow Summit MTB 2017

Another Year of our annual, or maybe bi-annual, Big Bear MTB ride. And it's 91F up there at 8000ft! damn hot today!

Jun 24

Doodle Hunting Season: BB ¯¨ Bunny Rabbit

BB ¯¨ wander into our backyard = ꦺN ?? (This is the BB of the earlier Mama ¯¨, half as small)

Jun 24

¯¨ Bunny Rabbit

My New Friend ¯¨, visiting us from our front door (so Doodle cannot go after her) but 1 week later, Doodle caught and killed her BB

Jun 23

The Choys In VR

Playing with Samsung Gear VR 2017 with controller tonight, watching d in Kodi lolz

Jun 22

Ghost in the Shell: Downtown Los Angeles

Beautiful Downtown LA flight during Dusk, very Ghost in the Shell feel :)

Jun 21

Jun 21

My Birthday 2017

Janice is bringing me to eat Pasta tonight, and cutting prosciutto birthday cake

Jun 21

ܥ| from inside Janice's Hood


Jun 21

Jason Cayman is now Jason C43 Coupe

Photo Updates: After playing with Jason C43's car, a fully loaded C300 Coupe is very disappointing... hahha

Jun 19

Samsung Gear VR 2017

Got my latest iteration of 2017 Gear VR. Let's see if this is going to set my Galaxy S8 on fire this time

Jun 18 #strawberry

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