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Aug 18

718 Cayman Experience: Babies Edition

This is how babies experience the 718 Cayman. For those who screams: Tesla 3!!! Sorry, there are other cars in this world that has trunk space in the front too

Aug 17

Alex's 2018 GLE 350

Alex is getting a new car today replacing his ML

Aug 17

Yas Going Away Lunch

Farewell lunch @ The Counters

Aug 17

ToORiMa's PS4 Broadcast: Just Cause 3

幾搞笑?爆到飛起 !

Aug 13

Santiago Oaks MTB

The Santa Cruz MTB gang bringing me to a new trail that I have never been to, Epic Ride, Epic Day, with a completely lost in the Jungle totally dehydrated hot summer 90F day, with Ken's very painful crash, and also brought back a lot of great Drone footage, would definitely be a ride that I would remember for years to come

is also Available.

Aug 13

Aug 12

Andy 718 Cayman Experience

Andy Lau: 個 TURBO 吸氣雪雪聲, 好似食 Spaghetti 咁!

Aug 12

點解兩條麻甩佬買?可以買3個鐘? L.A. Friday Hell Traffic

3 Hours and 20 minutes in Hell Traffic

Aug 12

Tempura Night

Making a 12 courses Tempura meal tonight

Aug 12

Tom's 718 Cayman Experience

Tom taking the new 718 Cayman for a spin

Aug 12

718 Cayman

The new 718 Cayman

Aug 10

ToORiMa's PS4 Broadcast: For Honor

A very complicated and beautiful 三國無雙

Aug 9

Souffle Pancake

Emily is making something new this morning

Aug 9

Porsche 718 Cayman

Photo Updates: Working around German Engineering, hardwiring my Radar Detector to get it to turn on and off with the ignition

Aug 9

Summer Eats 2017

What to eat this hot summer?

Aug 6

Garden Bistro 360

Galen's new Samsung Gear 360 gadget shooting timelapse of us eating lunch @ Garden Bistro, man, in order to view this in Samsung Gear VR, you need to use "Samsung Internet VR" app, log into youtube using the browser, and search the video and watch it once, THEN, the video will show up in your Video HISTORY. From THERE, then you can watch this video in VR aspect. It still takes like half a minute to buffer right and sharpen up, but still very blurry.

Aug 2

C300 Service

Today it's Janice's turn to bring her car into service @ the dealer

Aug 2

Android Auto + Apple CarPlay (Finally) on 2017 E-Class

But without Touchscreen? Seriously?

Aug 2

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on 2017 E300

Got a chance to mess with the new Android Auto and Apple CarPlay today, finally coming to this year's Mercedes E class lineup

Aug 1

Emily's Cayman 1st Drive

Emily 1st time driving the Cayman: F-Type 勁好多喎!

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