Dec 2

Monroe Truck Trail Mystic Canyon MTB

Riding Monroe this morning with low 60F beautiful weather, and this time trying to decent via Mystic Canyon Trail

Nov 24

Black Friday MTB 2017 @ JPL El Prieto

While everybody is online shopping and going to the mall, today we went out to the trail and it's empty

Nov 12

衝出Hacienda Heights! Marshall Canyon MTB with Wayne

Wayne finally got his brand new MTB support vehicle and no longer stuck riding Turnbull Canyon, finally 衝出 Hacienda Heights! Bringing him to experience some new fun trail today starting with Marshall Canyon

Nov 4

Santa Cruz Bronson Rear Triangle Fix

My MTB buddies has been asking me: When will you be getting back on the trails? After dealing with Santa Cruz and bike shops for 2 weeks and running out of options, I finally found a way to repair the rear triangle

Sep 23

Santa Cruz Cracked Triangle @ JPL Gabrielino MTB

Yike! I must have hit a granite rock (and I didn't even realize until washing the bike afterwards) when I was doing a ride today @ JPL Gabrielino, I guess Carbon Fiber aren't that strong afterall! (this time it breaks before my bone does)

Aug 13

Santiago Oaks MTB

The Santa Cruz MTB gang bringing me to a new trail that I have never been to, Epic Ride, Epic Day, with a completely lost in the Jungle totally dehydrated hot summer 90F day, with Ken's very painful crash, and also brought back a lot of great Drone footage, would definitely be a ride that I would remember for years to come

Jul 20

Oregon MTB and Beer

This weekend, we are going to Oregon to experience the trails out there in the Oregon Volcanos and Oregon Forests, while spending time around Portland visiting Wineries and Breweries, and Coffee Roasters

Jul 4

July 4th JPL El Prieto MTB with lots of Gadgets

An interesting holiday ride today starting out with Tom Bill and Ethan, and ending the ride with Ken Doug Grace, with lots of gadgets like Flying the DJI Spark drone and rolling around on Segway, while bombing down El Prieto with style

Jun 25

Big Bear Snow Summit MTB 2017

Another Year of our annual, or maybe bi-annual, Big Bear MTB ride. And it's 91F up there at 8000ft! damn hot today!

May 13

Turnbull Canyon Rattlesnake MTB 2017

Bringing Alex to experience Turnbull Canyon, and bringing them to try Rattlesnake Trail, which I haven't been for years.

Apr 27

MTB Fox Fork Oil Change

Today, I'm bringing my bike to Tom's bike shop for an oil change. You might wonder: Ha!? even MTB needs OIL CHANGE!? hahah yep, seriously!

Apr 22

Monroe Truck Trail MTB with Tom 2017

Bringing Tom to ride Monroe for the 1st time, while I haven't been back here for over 3 years!

Apr 15

Turnbull Canyon MTB with Wayne's New Fatbike

Turning an old time friends that I have known for 20 yrs into a new MTB buddy

Mar 19

Cyril 1st Time MTB @ JPL Gabrielino

Cyril Choy 1st MTB experience, woo hoo :D

Mar 11

Fullerton Loop 2017 MTB with Tom's New Pivot Switchblade

Bringing the SSAI MTB gang to experience Fullerton loop in this hot summer weather, and first time seeing Tom's brand new 2017 Pivot Switchblade

Feb 4

Space Mountain Again MTB 2017

Our last weekend Space Mountain ride didn't go so well due to Tire Problem, this week I'm going back again to complete the ride

Jan 29

新春行大運 MTB: Space Mountain 2017

Super nice and warm beautiful day, drove all the way to Thousand Oaks to ride our 行大運 MTB

Jan 14

Raging Water MTB: JPL Gabrielino

After all these rain in California, today's ride @ our usual trail is like Water Rafting


Nov 18

Bali 2016

Spending a week in Bali Indonesia, with Rodney Collins Kealen, and Cyril Ah Bao Jaime Choy

Nov 12

JPL Gabrielino MTB with Harmon

This weekend ride we have a new MTBer joining us, our Art Director Harmon, along with Alex Tom and Shelby

Nov 4

DJI Mavic Pro Active Tracking MTB... Failed

Does Mavic Pro active track works on tracking a bike ride? um... I can't get it to work...

Oct 29

Climb to Inspiration Point MTB 2016

I have done it! I'm joining the 3500ft Club! Climbed to Inspiration Point, and Downhill via insanely RAW and Rampage style Upper Sam Merrell Trail and Sunset Trail

Oct 22

Chilao / Mt Hillyer Loop MTB

It's LATE October and it's still freakin 90F hot everyday down here in the Valleys. Today Tom is bringing me to ride MTB @ 6000ft to escape the heat

Oct 8

阿差 MTB @ JPL Gabrielino 2016

Today a new MTB rider is joining us, and he is our new coworker Ashwin

Oct 1

Big Bear Snow Summit Xtreme MTB 2016 with Fall Color Leaves

All the trails are now opened! Fall is the best time of the year to go to Big Bear, watching the beautiful fall color leaves.

Sep 17

New MTB Buddy Shelby @ JPL Gabrielino

Meet my new MTB buddy, Tom's new Golden Retriever Shelby! She's 9 months old!

Aug 13

Marshall Canyon MTB 2016 with Tom

Tom's first time riding Marshall Canyon, but this time it's my turn to pop my tires :P

Jul 31

Crystal Cove El Moro Canyon MTB 2016

Our attempt to escape the 100F heat, riding in Laguna Beach area today, still high 80s and so damn hot, almost fainted!

Jul 22

Tom's New Fat Bike: Gabrielino Nightride MTB (Hyperlapse Edition)

Re-Encode our Gabrielino Nightride with Microsoft Hyperlapse using Core i7 with 8 Cores, still took almost 5 hours to render, but the result is simply amazing! especially the video was shot in such low light condition

Jul 19

Tom's New Fat Bike Ride: JPL Gabrielino Nightride MTB

Field testing Tom's new toy Trek Farley Fat Bike, as well as my Yi 2 action cam tonight, 1st night ride of the year, very fun!

Jul 9

Alex @ JPL El Prieto MTB 2016

Welcome Alex to the 1200ft and El Prieto Club

Jul 2

July 4th Weekend Cherry Canyon MTB 2016

Hot summer, trying to finish the ride before it hits 80F and still damn hot. With Tom and Alex and his kid

Jun 18

Big Bear Snow Summit Xtreme MTB 2016

This year just happened that we are visiting Snow Summit during a racing weekend, with multiple racing events going on here in Big Bear, experiencing some Downhill and Enduro race courses

May 28

Memorial Weekend Cherry Canyon MTB 2016

Yet another gloomy weekend cool morning, exploring some new trails that I haven't been to before @ Cherry Canyon with Tom

May 14

JPL Ken Burton Trail MTB 2016

Riding the new JPL Upper Brown and Ken Burton loop after they reopens, so tired!

Apr 30

春雨後的 Cherry Canyon MTB with Tom

It's almost May, and yes, it is still Spring. Every weekend, we somehow get some Spring rain for the whole April. Today, it's Tom's first time experiencing Cherry Canyon

Apr 23

JPL El Prieto with Tom MTB 2016

This weekend MTB ride is only me and Tom, we can go to El Prieto :) Tom is shredding the trail too hard, and pop his back tire

Apr 16

Daeyoung Marshall Canyon MTB 2016

My first ride riding with Daeyoung after his MTB got a make over, with new tires, new front shocks, and new saddle, bringigng him to ride Marshall Canyon for the first time

Mar 26

Andy Lau 1st MTB Ride @ JPL Gabrielino Trail

Today I'm recruiting yet another potential MTB rider, Andy Lau, bringing him to experience JPL Gabrielino Trail with Alex and his 2 kids, and Tom

Feb 15

Alex JPL Gabrielino MTB 2016

Our "Get Back In Shape" ride for the season

Feb 7

Powder Canyon MTB with Drones 2016

1st MTB warm up ride of the season @ Powder Canyon, with Drone coverage by Wing!


Dec 25

Xmas Turnbull Canyon MTB Ride 2015

Revisiting Turnbull Canyon after 1.5 yrs, it's a completely different trail now

Dec 19

Jason Cayman @ Cherry Canyon MTB 2015

Bringing MTB noob Jason Cayman to experience Cherry Canyon this morning

Dec 13

Tom & Doug Recovery Ride @ JPL El Prieto

The 2 big injuries MTBers, Tom with a 6 months broken ankle, and Doug with 28 stitches cut, are back on the bike, riding El Prieto for a warmup...

Nov 26

Thanksgiving MTB @ Marshall Canyon with Jason Cayman

Thanksgiving theme MTB ride today, everywhere is red and yellow and orange fallen leaves, bringing Jason Cayman to go try out his new Kona Fire Mountain MTB

Nov 22

Jason Cayman's New MTB: 2016 Kona Fire Mountain 27.5

After his first crash on his REI Norava 29er, Jason realized that his bike sucks, and gave up on that bike and got another one :)

Nov 21

Jason Cayman 1st MTB Ride @ JPL Gabrielino Trail

Everybody has their first, this time it's Jason Cayman expieriencing MTB-ing and his first crash

Nov 11

Jason Cayman joining the MTB Club

Someone is joining the MTB club, and it's not my fault :)

Nov 8

Mt Wilson Downhill MTB 2015

Today Janice is bringing the Santa Cruz Team up to Mt Wilson to decent from 5500ft to 1500ft for an epic Downhill Ride through various trails including Mt Lowe, Sunset, visiting Inspiration Point and Echo Mountain, and ending the day in Arcadia ER with Doug's 28 stitches cut

Oct 18

Potato Mountain MTB

3000ft hike-a-bike steep climb, spent a total of 7 hours to complete this insane trail with everybody having cramps, 經脈盡斷

Sep 4

JPL Lower Brown Mountain MTB with Daeyoung 2015

Nice and cool evening ride with Daeyoung tonight, first time for Daeyoung to make it up 4 miles of non stop climbing (with some pushing bikes) of 1200 ft

Aug 22

Daeyoung's MTB Crashing Course 101: Fullerton Loop 2015

Bringing Daeyoung to meet our 魔鬼教練Ken師父, taking MTB Crashing 101

Aug 8

Malibu Backbone Trail MTB 2015

This morning we are driving out here to Malibu meeting up with Alex to ride Backbone trail, with low 60Fs temperature with ocean breeze, beautiful!

Jul 26

Big Bear Snow Summit Xtreme MTB 2015

Another year of Big Bear Downhill Fun, this year with 5 Santa Cruz bikes and TVBuddy Newbie Jerry

Jul 17

Cherry Canyon MTB 2015 with Korean Fried Chicken

Nice evening ride bringing Alex to Cherry Canyon for the 1st time testing his new GoPro 4 Session, with Korean Fried Chicken afterwards :)

Jul 12

Fox CTD is kewl :)

messing with the Climb/Trail/Decend switch

Jul 10

La Tuna Canyon MTB with GLOBE Team

Daeyoung Alex Bryan riding 10 miles with 1500 ft climb

Jul 9

JPL MTB 2015: El Prieto Extreme Night Ride

Tonight with MTBer Doug and Ken and Marathon Runner Grace, we are hitting the super scary El Prieto Trail during the night, pitch dark MTBing!

Jul 5

Marshall Canyon MTB 2015 with Charles

After the July 4th BBQ party hang over, leaving only Me and Doug able to ride this morning :D

Jul 3

Alex Daeyoung JPL Brown Mountain MTB

This humid morning with 80% humidity, Team Korea Alex and Daeyoung are riding JPL Brown Mountain

Jun 28

JPL MTB x Marathon Training

Hot and Humid Gloomy Day, riding MTB with Iron man and Iron woman running all over JPL Trails

Jun 7

Cherry Canyon MTB 2015 w/ Daeyoung

Welcome Daeyoung to join the 1000 ft club

May 30

Daeyoung DH Run @ Gabrielino 2015

Riding with Daeyoung @ JPL

May 30

Bell Super 2R

Got my new MTB helmet today, the new full face MTB helmet with detachable chin

May 29

Discovering Bailey Canyon Trail

Discovering a trail next to our house that we never know about since we moved here

May 24

Breaking: Tom's MTB Crash

Riding @ JPL Gabrielino Trail with Tom and Daeyoung today, Tom busted his right ankle in a crash, Detail Follows

May 23

JPL Gabrielino Trail MTB 2015

Beautiful Cloudy Day today, this week ride is at JPL Gabrielino Trail, a trail that I have never been to, with the GLOBE folks

May 17

Cherry Canyon MTB 2015

Beautiful Groomy Day after hard rain 2 days ago, low 60s with thick cloud cover, what's better to do than riding MTB!?

May 15

Microsoft Hyperlapse Test Fullerton Loop MTB 2015

Test Render of a 2.5 minutes clip of our GoPro footage from last week's ride, took 2+ hours to finish rendering, the result is a pretty low resolution (still output @ 1080p, but still so boxy) @ 8X speed, with a huge logo watermark. It works, but I think we need to start shooting 4K original footage to get sharper pictures, and takes days to render to get something usable and watchable and interesting footage...

May 2

Summer is Here: Fullerton Loop MTB 2015

Summer is hear! and we can Feel the HEAT!

Apr 12

Ken Choi 復出 Ride: Powder Canyon MTB 2015

After breaking his hand and off the bike for 3 months, Ken is finally back, and the Team Santa Cruz is back!

Mar 21

Porter Ranch Limekiln State Park MTB with GLOBE team

Visiting Alex Kim in Porter Ranch, first GLOBE MTB ride with BBQ Party afterwards, did we go positive or negative on calorie?


Dec 7

Chino Hills Carbon Canyon MTB with Ken's New 風火輪 2014

After gaining some FAT (but losing some weight) in Asia, time to get back to shape, putting my Tummy back on the MTB. First time seeing Ken's show bike

Oct 15

Riding To Work

Today I attempt to ride the bike to work, just for fun. I'm actually not a big fan riding bike on the street / road, it's much more dangerous riding with all these Idiot California drivers than trails with cliffs on the mountain, not sure if I would even do this regularly... hahah

Oct 12

Thousand Oaks Space Mountain MTB 2014

Haven't been back riding Space Mountain for over 1.5 yrs, rediscovering the fun trail with a new bike

Sep 28

秋色: JPL Brown Mountain MTB 2014

The fall is here! Beautiful fall color leaves are starting to appear in the woods, riding JPL Brown Mountain without Doug this chill morning

Sep 14

Big Bear Snow Summit Xtreme MTB 2014 Round 2 with Broken Bone

Our MTB Buddy David's FIRST crash during his entire MTB Career, is here @ Big Bear Black Diamond MTB Run Miracle Mile with a broken collar bone, this is gonna give him something to talk about

Sep 8

中秋人月MTB: Powder Canyon


Sep 6

Aliso & Wood MTB Rock It! 2014

Super Hot 100F degree day, today we are here down in Laguna Beach doing our annual Aliso ride, trying out new crazy rocky trail "Rock It" reminds me of Gooseberry Mesa in Utah

Aug 31

今日講呢D TVBuddies Mountain Bike 番外篇

TVBuddies from TVB have aired our Beginner MTB 101 ride footage from Marshalll Canyon

Aug 23

TVBuddy Marshall Canyon MTB Newbies Ride

Joining today are our TVBuddies friend from TVB 今日講呢D, after Ronnie was showing our Big Bear fun 2 weeks ago on 今日講呢D, the hosts want to experience MTB too. Also joining us was Noobs Grace Mak and Ken's coworker Michelangelo

Aug 18

SRAM X01 Chain Ring Swap

Doug's Roadside Bike Shop showing us how to swap to difference size chain ring without removing bottom bracket

Aug 18

TVB USA 今日講呢D Mountain Bike edition

Our footage from Big Bear MTB has Aired on TVB!

Aug 18

Turnbull Canyon Cow Trail MTB

Discovering a new fun trail @ Turnbull Canyon, under Summer extreme heat 95F

Aug 2

Big Bear Snow Summit Xtreme MTB 2014

Another year passed, and this year we are back at Big Bear with all upgraded bikes! Just happened that the summer is so hot, and today there's a gigantic Thunder Cloud following us for the whold day today

Jul 28

2012 Specialized Epic Comp

My Beautiful MTB

Jul 27

Santa Cruz Bronson C X0-1 AM

MTB Shopping today @ Path Bikes, got a new bike for this upcoming Big Bear weekend

Jul 19

Crystal Cove El Moro Canyon MTB

Beautiful 75 degree Cloudy day riding MTB by the Ocean with Ken, Doug and his JPL Coworker Joseph

Jul 6

Hot Summer MTB: Fullerton Loop 2014

94F degree hottest time of the year July 4th weekend MTB ride with frozen pineapple

Apr 20

Easter MTB Ride: Monroe Truck Trail 2014

Short easter Sunday morning ride with Doug

Mar 23

Marshall Canyon Spring MTB 2014

Beautiful Chill Spring Day for MTB, going to breath some clean oxygen @ Marshall Canyon

Mar 9

Doug's Santa Cruz Bronson C

Master Doug's new MTB is awesome!

Mar 8

1st Ride of the Season: Turnbull Canyon MTB 2014

Summer is here! Time to get back on my MTB, Starting off the season with Turnbull Canyon, with Doug's brand new Santa Cruz Bronson C


Nov 10

Monroe Truck Trail MTB

Visiting Doug's "Home Trail", one of the toughest MTB trail according to Ken, my first time successfully climbed to the top, so damn tired!

Oct 23

Janice MTB Test Ride

Auntie Janice test riding a new MTB

Oct 23

2014 MTB Worship

Today the MTB believers are @ Incycle Temple to worship some 2014 MTB

Oct 20

JPL Brown Mountain MTB: El Prieto Challenge

Doug is bringing us to one of the most famous / most technical / most xtreme MTB trail of Southern California, the El Prieto

Aug 18

MTB Car Wash

Washing my MTB while Janice Emily and Edward building a pump track in our backyard :)

Aug 18

Aliso & Woods Canyons MTB

The MTB team is bringing me to a beautiful ocean side trail @ Laguna Hills / Aliso Viejo to escape the heat, have a very fun 13 miles ride today

Jul 28

Marshall Canyon 2400ft Gazebo MTB 2013

Back to Muddy Marshall Canyon with the guys and this time got to the Gazebo :) One day I will climb to Potato Mountain Top

Jul 13

Big Bear Snow Summit XTreme MTB 2013

All my MTBer friends have been waiting for the big day today, riding the brand new Snow Summit Adventure Park, with a lot of brand new world class extreme MTB trails

Jul 7

Malibu Backbone Trail MTB

Super tired day riding up and down beautiful California Malibu trail, Ken brought us following this month issue of Mountain Bike Action magazine

Jul 5

Emily Eaton Canyon Mt Wilson Trail MTB

Bringing Emily to experience the extreme hill climb of Eaton Canyon Mt Wilson Trail

Jun 16

火舞紅沙 Utah Canyons 2013

After visiting one of the Coldest Place on Earth this past winter, this summer, we are visiting one of the hottest place on earth: Nevada, Utah, Arizona.

May 24

Vincent MTB 101: Marshall Canyon

Went for a morning MTB ride with Ga Fai Ju today, enjoying this year's Autumn weather like Memorial Weekend

May 5

Climb to the Cloud: Mt Wilson Trail MTB

Going to MTB without master Ken this weekend, Crazy Doug is bringing us to one of the most challenging trail climbing all the way up to the Cloud and Mt Wilson Observatory

Apr 28

ToORiMa Bike Shop

Hehe, I don't have as many bikes as Ken and Doug, but today I finally got a bike stand just like Ken's Bike Shop :) hahaha

Apr 22

雞手鴨腳 Bike Rack Installation

Spending the entire afternoon building this Bike Rack

Apr 5

Post-Easter iPhone Hunt: Carbon Canyon MTB

5 days and nights after my lost iPhone 5 camping in the wilderness, today we have assembled a search and rescue MTB team to do a Post-Easter iPhone Hunt mission, and actually FOUND it!

Mar 31

Easter iPhone Hunt: Carbon Canyon MTB

With all the high tech geolocation technology in 2013, it's really almost impossible to LOSE an iPhone now a days. And our Carbon Canyon MTB ride today became a Easter iPhone Hunt Ride, see the perfect scenario on how a $800 bucks iPhone disappeared.

Feb 10

初一見紅行大運 Cherry Canyon MTB

Riding with the Pasadena Mountain Bike Club today, flew up in the air and PK :P

Feb 3

Hot Winter Turnbull Canyon MTB 2013

Last time Ken brought me here to Turnbull Canyon, I was only able to make it up to the water tower, and complete only half the trail. This time, I was able to complete the whole 10 miles run

Jan 29

Space Mounain 4 miles Downhill Uncut

Ken Solo Downhill @ Space mountain, he wants to see our downhill footage all the way from the top to bottom

Jan 27

Thousand Oaks Space Mountain MTB

Rainy and Wet Muddy days, the MTB crew is going to play Mud today

Jan 21


Special thanks to a funny low resolution video clip filmed by Doug

Jan 20

ToORiMa's MTB riding on Ken's Bike Rack

What is it like riding Ken's Odysee as a Mountain Bike?

Jan 19

JensonUSA Sycamore Canyon South Trail MTB

Riding MTB in Riverside today, dive into a stream and my chain completely fell off!

Jan 13

Winter MTB Ride Fullerton Loop 2013

1st Winter MTB Ride of the crew today, visiting Fullerton Loop again and finally completing the 12 miles trail


Dec 30

JPL Brown Mountain Biking with Janice

Bringing Janice to try a Winter Riding experience

Nov 18

Riverside Sycamore Canyon Mountain Biking

Sunday MTB-ing today, another beautiful sunny day after rain, Ken is bringing us to a trail that is not muddy with rattle snakes

Nov 10

Chino Hills Carbon Canyon Mountain Biking

After 2 days of rain, smogland is so clean and beautiful! Riding in the morning with chill wind in the low 60s feels so good!

Nov 4

Turnbull Canyon Mountain Biking

Ken is bringing me to a new MTB trail in his neighborhood today, overlooking So Ma's grave in Rose Hill, So Ma's Rose Hill is actually a Mountain Biker Heaven!

Oct 28

Emily 1st MTB Experience: JPL Brown Mountain

Today I'm dragging Emily up to ride some Dirt, ahhaha I'm not the slowest anymore :)

Oct 20

Big Bear Snow Summit Mountain Biking 2012

The best time of the year to come up here to Big Bear, seeing the beautiful fall color with perfect chilly weather

Oct 3

JPL Brown Mountain Night Mountain Biking

JPL, I have been working here for couple years back in the days and never got a chance to discover the JPL Back Country, and Today the MTB Team is bringing me to explore the JPL Back Country: Brown Mountain.

Oct 1

Emily Cannondale Five Evening Test Ride

Emily testing out Janice's new bike, sunset Ride around the neighborhood

Sep 30

Ronnie's New Bike: Specialized Epic Expert Carbon

單車達人Ken 又?人買車...

Sep 30

Whiting Ranch Mountain Biking

This Sunday MTB ride the gang is bringing me to a new location in inland Irvine, Whiting Ranch

Sep 23

My 1st 人車合一 experience: 仆直!

First time wearing a biking shoe with Cleat, have no clue how to unmount. Result? PK!

Sep 23

Janice 1st Mountain Bike Experience: Marshall Canyon

Marshall Canyon is my Beginner Mountain Bike Training ground, of course bringing Janice here to test drive her new Bike la!

Sep 22

Janice Mountain Bike Shopping

Janice is all ready to join our Mountain Bike team!

Sep 18

Emily on a 29er

Emily attempts mountain biking with Doodle

Sep 16

Marshall Canyon Mountain Biking 2012

Today with Ken and his Beginner Mountain Bike class, I'm revisiting Marshall Canyon. The last time I was here was beginning of 2011 January, wow, it has been over 1.5 years

Sep 12

Bike Accessories

Getting a bike is not JUST getting a bike, there are sooooo many accessories out there for pimping up your bike.

Sep 9

Fullerton Loop Mountain Biking

Today I'm bringing my new wheels to LOOK around @ a beginner trails @ Fullerton, with Instructor Ken and his "Beginner Bicycle Class"

Sep 8

Mountain Bike Shopping: Specialized EPIC Comp 29er

September is the best month to shop for a bicycle, where old 2012 bike models are all on sale while 2013 models are rolling out. With 單車達人 Ken Choi's advice, me and Janice are getting bicycles for riding (hopefully, and won't 封塵 in the garage... :P)

Mar 10

Cherry Blossom Biking @ Lake Balboa

Cruising along Lake Balboa with beautiful Cherry Blossom Blooming


Jul 22

Summer Mammoth Fly Fishing and MTB 2011

1st time visiting Mammoth during the summer, experiencing Mammoth in a whole different way. Jason RDX + Sophia + BB, Galen + Amy, Me + Janice, had a fun weekend.

Jan 17

Marshall Canyon Mountain Biking

On a 90F degree Southern California beautiful day, biking guru Ken is taking me to eat some mud.