May 27

Arms Online

Arms Nintendo Switch

May 5

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Finally Got Ancient Armor!)


May 5

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Cauldron ZETA RHO XI)


May 5

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Ending)


May 5

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (GAIA Prime)


May 5

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (The Heart of the Nora)


May 2

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Deep Secret of the Earth / Terror of the Sun)


May 1

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Grave-Hoard)


Apr 30

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Ted Faro's Office)


Apr 28

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Cauldron SIGMA)


Apr 25

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (Mother's Heart)


Apr 24

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Horizon Zero Dawn (1st Hour)


Apr 21

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Dragon Quest Heroes II

Jaime Choy playing the latest DQ Heros II, coming out next week

Apr 9

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Mafia III

Apr 6

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Dishonored 2

Brand new unreleased title, free play this weekend! :)

Mar 26

Jarvis Resident Evil 7 PSVR

Experiencing the most Scary game of all time

Mar 26

Jason M3/Jarvis Drive Club PSVR

Jason M3 cannot complete 1 lap before giving up

Mar 26

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Jarvis Drive Club PSVR 3 laps without throwing up

Completed 3 laps without throwing up

Mar 21

The Legend of Zelda 1986

Attempting to live stream the very original Zelda, encoder not fast enough! damn it...

Mar 13

Dizzy! Cyril experiencing DriveClub VR

Super Dizzy Experience

Mar 13

The Choy's having fun with Playroom VR

Sony Playroom VR

Mar 3

Nintendo Switch

Switch Launch, not easy to score one! it's an nVidia Shield!

Feb 6

Scary! Resident Evil 7 with Playstation VR

The most immersive and dizzy experience

Jan 24

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Resident EVIL 7 biohazard (Finding Mia)

Jan 21

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: 仁王

Jan 18

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Watch Dogs 2

Jan 11


Jason Cayman is 剪神8888 :)

Jan 11

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: The Last Guardian (Final Chapter / Ending)

Jan 11

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: The Last Guardian (Trico Fight / White Tower)

Jan 11

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: The Last Guardian (Elevator / Mine Shaft)

Jan 11

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: The Last Guardian (Towers / Arena / Underwater)


Jul 15

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Insane! The Division Incursion Falcon Lost Completed!

These guys are good!

Jun 27

Tom Clancy's The Division

These days I have been pulled into this virtual Division Manhattan world getting burnt every night

Jun 21

Upgrading PS4 with 4TB HD

While each new game installation takes freakin 50Gb now a days (and you still can't play it until you have enough room to download another 20Gb update) I'm getting sick and tired of constantly running out of space on the original 500Gb hard drive, and finally today I'm going 4TB SSHD

May 31

toorima's PS4 Broadcast: Uncharted 4 Ending


Nov 28

Black Friday Shopping Frenzy: XBox One

Saw Rusticred keep playing Forza 6 and stuff, someone must have caught some awesome Black Friday console deals :) So we are joining the club

Jun 19

E3 2015

What's your favorite game from this year of E3?


Nov 29

Sony PS4, PSVita and PlaystationTV

Got a new console today, but no interesting games yet, sitting in my living room waiting for a block buster title...

Oct 1

Nintendo Wii U

Got a Wii U today, can play Mario now :)

Jun 11

E3 2014

A great year with lots of new great games @ LA convention center


Dec 30

Retro Games Craze with OpenEmu

Earlier this year I have gotten an iCade for the iPad and started a "Retro Gaming Craze", but with the new iOS7, it's not as easy for the general user to figure out how to install iMame and load rom without jailbreaking anymore. This time, I'm digging out even more retro games, and this time, it's not only MAME emulator only

Dec 11

Gran Turismo 6

GT6 is a VERY boring game without money, I gave up after driving the stupid Honda Fit for 3 laps already... lolz

Apr 6

00後 Discovering 70後 Gaming

Jaime's whole life has been playing video games on Touch Screen and Kinects, she has never use a STICK for gaming

Apr 3

iPhone + MAME4iOS + WiiMote + AppleTV AirPlay

Lots of possibililties to play some of your old school favourites


Oct 29

XBOX 360 RROD 2012

I would never imagine I would have to do this again, so stupid! It's almost 2013 for god sake.

Jun 6

E3 2012

Another great year of E3 @ LA Convension Center, this year with Wii U and lots of controllers, and many more great titles!


Nov 12

Galen playing Super Dizzy 3D Uncharted 3

Dizzy + Dizzy: 3D Uncharted 3 + Rough Sea Chapter, vomit blood

Nov 7

Uncharted 3: The Buggiest Game I have ever played

Besides the stupidly long loading time, Uncharted 3 crashes at the beginning of EVERY single chapter cutscene, with lots of characters go nuts bugs like this.

Nov 7

Uncharted 3 Ridiculously Long 4.5 minutes Loading Time

GT4 was bad, and now there's a king of a hill long loading time game.

Oct 15

Gears Of War 3 Party

GOW3 is out! For those of you who are reading this with a screaming baby that used to play GOW3 with us, GO Pickup a copy and get online to play!

Jul 2

Good Exercise! Wipeout Kinect XBOX360

James and Sau E doing exercise tonight, run! run! run! jump!

Jun 19

3D SOCOM4 with Playstation Move

After half an hour of setting up and calibration, making SOCOM 4 even more Dizzy

Jun 7

E3 2011

Wii U Control and New Console, PS Vita, and lots of Booth Babes!

Apr 6

Ion Rocker X360 Drum Module

Finally gotten all the pieces and cables together to hook up my Alesis DM6 to XBOX 360, playing Rock Band 3 is now an exercise, even more tired than Kinect!

Mar 6

Para Para 2011: Emily + ToORiMa

Having fun with Dance Masters for Xbox360 Kinect

Feb 22

Para Para is Back!

10 years after Para Para Craze 2001, in 2011, we have Para Para Kinect!

Jan 8

PS3 Signed CFW Jailbreak

If you have a PS3, read this. We have tried the $7 dollar PS3 USB mod stick, but this is the brand new super easy jailbreaking way, with Signed Custom Firmware, yes, no MODstick required! as easy as just updating your PS3 firmware!


Dec 27

Kinect 耍太極

耍太極? Yes! This is actually the Your Fitness Game, with Taichi lesson inside

Dec 22

PS3 Jailbreak

Jason RDX scored a PS3 USB Jailbreak chip for $7 bucks! Tonight we are going to give this a try :)

Dec 7

Jason Cayman Cutting Hair! Busy Scissors Wii

Hahah This is awesome, the 1st Hair Cutting game! Of course Jason Cayman is playing la! For those of you who doesn't know Jason, he's a real Hair Stylist BTW! :)

Dec 2

Gran Turismo 5

1 whole week after launch date, I finally received my copy of GT5 that I pre-ordered it over a MONTH ago, from Dell. Here is our VERY bad impression of this totally Beta game

Nov 18

No Kinect Injury yet

Minority Report GUI is finally a reality, but playing kinect is not only dangerous and have great chance of smacking your family, you really have to remove all your furniture too.

Nov 3

Game Dev Story is fun!

Been playing a pretty awesome sim game lately, Game Dev Story. You run a little Game development studio, hiring people, going to E3, launching your own game etc.

Aug 19

The Most Expensive Ping Pong Table

In 2010, this is how you can play Ping Pong: Left hand vs Right hand! :) Don't laugh, this is actually VERY HARD!

Jun 17

E3 2010

Another year of E3! This year, the ORIGINAL E3 is BACK! So much to see, so many new games, and most importantly, so many boothbabes!

Jun 1

Walk It Out - The Most Stupid game on Wii

I can't believe kids now a days enjoy these retard game, and would keep walking (on the same spot!) for HOURS facing the TV, chee L sin...

Mar 20

God of War 3 makes PS3 fan spins like crazy

GOW3 really pushing PS3 to the limit, fan spins like as loud as X360!

Jan 13

Why do Kids like to use 2 Wiimote now a days?

in 2010, Kids loves to use 2 Wiimote... in 2030, no difference.


Nov 11

DIE! DIE! DIE! Modern Warfare 2

One of the biggest game of the year, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Jason is killing, while I'm too dizzy to play! haha!

Aug 6

Boot Wii ISO from HD

Booting Wii ISO from HD *looks* cool, but is it really cool / fast / save time? I gave it a try... and wasn't too excited about it. Wasted my time.

Jun 3

E3 2009

This year E3 is back! The sad thing is I'm going to E3 alone this year, no Victor Tam. Enjoy my coverage!

Jan 17

Gears of War 2 Night with Ah Wai

Our usual 10pm GOW2 Saturday night with Rodney / Edward / Ah Sam / Zack / Kevin, and tonight on my side, we have a new Guest, playing GOW2 for the first time, and start finding it ADDICTING :)


Apr 18

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Gran Turismo is out again, and according to tradition, I gotta snap some first hand pix :) This time, it's basically a $40 bucks demo, is it a rip off? well, you decide.


Dec 26

Dad Senior Wii Action

Lo Dau playing Wii for the first time against Margaret, playing sit down tennis / sit down bowling / sit down golf all the way haha

Sep 10

Dead PS3

Besides the Xbox360 red ring of death nightmare, my PS3 is Dead as well. Don't think I play too much video game, this PS3 has at most gone through 20 times of that damn FIRMWARE upgrading and it's already dead. I didn't even really buy any games yet besides ResistanceFall of Men. PS3 sucks!

Jun 24

XBOX360 Three Rings of Death

All XBOX360 has major design flaws, 10 out of 10 will eventually end up with the famous 3ROD: Three Rings of Death. Here is our attempt to fix it.

Jun 23

Extreme New Wii Mod

The new batch of Wii modding is.... very Extreme. It requires drilling INTO the DVD drive chipset to expose the modding leads, but my co-worker John has done it!

May 11

Baking a X360 Pie

Ever seen a X360 Pie!? (Yes, Xbox 360!) A DIY for fixing the 3ROD (3 Rings of Death)

Apr 11

Jaime Choy New Wii

Jaime Choy got a new Wii!? No, I *MADE* her a Wii! Check it out! It totally fooled her!

Mar 7

WiiKey Mod

Our WiiKey arrived! We got the first batch of WiiKey, the 2nd generation Wii Modchip


Dec 22

Playstation 3 and Gran Turismo HD Concept

We finally scored a Playstation 3 for real this time! According to Bestbuy, each store got allocated with 40 units, and thanks to Marcos, he got the news and immediate brought us to score one! My living room is now completed with Next Gen system!

Dec 13

Gears Of War Xbox360 Party

Haven't had a big Xbox party for a long time, we can't wait for Halo3, so let's play Gears of War

Nov 22

Nintendo Wii

Less than 1 week after launch, we scored a Wii! Thanks to Sam and Edward! Let's see how DANGEROUS this console plays!

Aug 25

X360 Workshop

X360 Firmware Flashing Workshop, 4 of us are suppose to bring their X360 today for modding, only Alex and Marcos shows up, the other 2 gutted out

Jun 19

Xbox 360 Mod

After doing research for couple weeks after the mod has been released by the famous C4E, I finally decided to try it.

Jun 14

Nintendo DS Lite and Movie Player

Got my DS lite and some tools: Movie Player and Passkey2, pretty damn complicated to get it to work...

May 12

E3 2006 Alex Day 2 Coverage

Alex Kim went to E3 over the last few hours of Day 1 and first few hours of Day 2, here is his coverage. He did see something that we didn't see.

May 10

E3 2006

The Tradition Continues!!! Me, Victor, and Alex covering E3 for the 7th year, and this year was a BLAST! All PS3 playable! but the ONLY things that sucks was we couldn't get into the Nintendo Wii booth

Mar 30

DDR + Eyetoy + Guitar Freak + Drumania

Newest DDR Strike with Eyetoy, and Guitar Freak V + Drumania V in 2006


Sep 3

Eye Toy 2

Eye Toy Play 2 Chaos

May 20

Gamecube Booting from SD

Booting Gamecube from SD Card Demo

May 19

E3 2005

The BEST year, you can't imagine how many PEOPLE are here this year, with all PS3 / XBOX 360 / GC Revolution / GBA Micro launch, never seen such crowded E3 before!

Mar 4

Gran Turismo 4

After drooling for the Asian version of GT4 @ $70 bucks for 3 months, finally the US version is released! Got it @ full retail price from amazon.com, GT4 is simpily amazing


Nov 25

Thanksgiving Turkey + Halo 2 Party 2004

Thanksgiving Turkey + Halo 2 Party 2K5

Nov 24

XBOX Xecuter 3 Installation

Due to my old xbox keep shutting down on me every 15 minutes, I need a new Xbox. John, the Raytheon LARD雞王 is doing the installation this time, check out the solder work!

Oct 28

Raytheon Halo 2 Party

Awesome weapons! Awesome Vehicles! 7 players Versus Halo 2 Party

May 26

EyeToy Chaos

Got Eyetoy! Feel the fun of Eyetoy Play and Eyetoy Groove

May 12

E3 2004

Our Big Day is HERE! First time using the new tool for merging coverages from 4 digital camera, my V1 + U60, Victor's P8, and Alex's P10


Dec 24

Gamecube Booting ISO

Oct 24

GameCube running ISO

Aug 21

The Feeding Fish Game

May 14

E3 2003

May 14

E3 2003

Apr 5

DOA Beach Volley Nude is REAL

Apr 4

Alex New Toy Gameboy Advance SP

Feb 23

Victor Xbox Xecutor2 Mod


Nov 15

8 Players HALO Party

Oct 15

XBox OpenXBox 2nd Success done at work

Oct 14

XBox Matrix Installation

Oct 14

XBOX Matrix Installation 2002

Sep 25

XBOX OpenXbox installation 2002

Sep 25

Aleggie XBox OpenXBox Installation

Jul 23

Cyril Xtender 1.1 XBox

May 25

E3 2002 Ah Wai Day 2 Blurry Chicks Coverage

May 22

E3 2002 Tri-S85 Coverage

May 22

E3 2002

Mar 11

Neo4 Installation 2002

Mar 11

4 Days NEO 4 Installation Attempt


Jun 16

Gran Turismo 3

May 18

E3 2001

Apr 24

Para Para Paradise 2001



May 1

My Video Game Room and My Friends 1988