Dec 15

John's Hack Day Project: Bluetooth Humidity Temperature Sensor

Checking out John's DIY Humidity and Temperature sensor module that has bluetooth connectivity

Dec 15

TMobile CellSpot V2

Tmobile released a new edition of their in home private cell tower. Now our in house cell signal is -56dBm!

Dec 15

Digital 八達通 Octopus Card

Samsung Pay x Octopus just launched! now I can literally 自我增值!

Dec 15

Mission Paperless 2017

5 years ago, we have gotten a Fujitsu Scansnap document scanner and I have turned years of paper into digital files. 5 yaers later, we are upgrading our scanner

Nov 29

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is on sale this Black Friday, and it's basically free: $29 bucks with $25 Walmart GC, did you score one? I can do Alexa talking to OK Google talking to Alexa talking to OK google now...

Nov 28

LaCrosse Weather Station

Replacing our old weather station that could only tell Indoor and Outdoor temp and humidity, with this new one that measures wind speed / gust as well as rain fall, with Wifi connection and shows NWS forecasting data too

Nov 28

Olympus Tough TG-5

Replacing my completely beatup Panasonic TS-5, this time I'm wrapping this new Oly Rugged camera really good with multiple layers of protection for some serious MTB crashing

Nov 26

Huawei Watch 2

My first Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatch, with Always on Display, constant heartbeat sensor, build-in GPS, and a VERY loud speaker

Nov 26

Ninebot Segway MiniPRO

The Black Friday junks starts arriving, today Emily is unboxing the American version of Segway Mini

Nov 24

Black Friday MTB 2017 @ JPL El Prieto

While everybody is online shopping and going to the mall, today we went out to the trail and it's empty

Nov 22

Sony WX-1000F Wireless Earbuds

Replacing my Chun Li helmet mounting mini speaker, the new Sony noise cancellation and hearing aid looking completely wireless earbud stands out among the other competitors like Bose B&O Jabra

Nov 9


Apple's new Clips going back to Hong Kong

Nov 9

咯咯雞 X 肥豬豬 Karaoke

Animoji is fun :)

Nov 6

Segway Fun (after couple of Beers...)

The ultimate drunk test, riding Ninebot Segway

Nov 4

Apple iPhone X

iPhone X is out, and no, I'm not going to use one myself, and I'm happy with my Note 8. Emily unboxing the iPhone X

Oct 28

Playing with Samsung Smart Fridge

Playing with the new Samsung Smart Fridge 2017 with the huge display

Oct 21

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Short Lived S8, flagship Note 8

Sep 17

Sous Vide Pork Chop

After Sous Vide Tritip, Sous Vide Hainan Chicken Rice, tonight I'm trying Sous Vide Pork Chop, 2 flavors of super simple and fast

Sep 15

War Against Bugs (Mosquitos and Flies)

This summer, probably due to our newly installed smart lawn irrigation system, we have created a perfect nice and moist backyard for mosquitos to spawn... and we are starting to have mosquito problem and getting bite everyday even we tried our best to keep our windows and door shut, mosquitos keep finding their way to get inside the house! so we have to do something about it

Aug 29

Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 PRO

凸眼 Ultrawide lens for my m4/3 system

Aug 25

Samsung DeX Station

It would probably take Apple until at least iPhone 12 to catch up with Samsung, running a full desktop from a phone

Aug 6

Garden Bistro 360

Galen's new Samsung Gear 360 gadget shooting timelapse of us eating lunch @ Garden Bistro, man, in order to view this in Samsung Gear VR, you need to use "Samsung Internet VR" app, log into youtube using the browser, and search the video and watch it once, THEN, the video will show up in your Video HISTORY. From THERE, then you can watch this video in VR aspect. It still takes like half a minute to buffer right and sharpen up, but still very blurry.

Aug 2

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on 2017 E300

Got a chance to mess with the new Android Auto and Apple CarPlay today, finally coming to this year's Mercedes E class lineup

Jul 9

RainMachine Smart Irrigation System

The story goes like this: It's summer time, and it's damn hot out there, 90 to 100F everyday. about a month ago, all of a sudden we discovered that all of our lawn/grass are TOASTED, simply TOASTED like dry hay (that's probably why our rabbit came over, cause they love eating dry grass, I realized) and we realized someone TURNED our sprinkler system OFF and it wasn't watering for who knows how long, almost desTroyed our entire lawn. Either our gardener, or someone in the house (except me of course, cause I never touched the watering system) turned it off cause Spring was raining pretty heavily and our grass were overgrown for the Spring months, and never remembered to turn it back on etc... So, I decided to upgrade our sprinkler control system to something more 2017

Jul 3

DJI Spark

Ken got his Spark! Fresh off the Boat from Shenzhen, and he's coming over to do his unboxing! now he's a certified DJI drone pilot, yep! he flew it, and he crashed it! stay tuned for his virgin flight video and crash video!

Jun 26

Anker ROAV Dashcam

Got another Dashcam today, same Sony Exmor IX323 sensor as my Mijia dashcam, with a low profile design, and the best part is, only cost 10 buck more than my Mijia

Jun 26

Water Quality Test

屎忽痕 and got a water quality test probe to prove that our drinking water filter is basically doing NOTHING to our water lolz

Jun 23

The Choys In VR

Playing with Samsung Gear VR 2017 with controller tonight, watching 千王之王 in Kodi lolz

Jun 19

Samsung Gear VR 2017

Got my latest iteration of 2017 Gear VR. Let's see if this is going to set my Galaxy S8 on fire this time

Jun 10

Netgear Orbi Mesh Network

Upgrading our network today, going Mesh with AC3000 + AC3000

Jun 9

60x High Magification Phone Macro Lens

After playing with my coworker's phone lens shooting Mosquito Larvae photos, I've gotta get one of these. :)

May 31

Turning our Dumb Fridge into a Smart Fridge

We had a problem with our refrigerator: The girls at home has been FORGETTING to close the fridge door and either went to bed, and went out, leaving the food inside spoiled. And I have came up with this new solution to solve this problem.

May 20

Samsung Galaxy S8

Upgrading my phone, to the even bigger screen, even smaller footprint S8

May 20

Selling my Junk on eBay 2017

Got couple phones and apple watch and a lot of other junk to sell on eBay

May 14

米家 Mijia Gadgets: PM2.5 AQI sensor and Dashcam

FOB (Fresh off the Boat) from China! Emily brought back some 米家 gadgets

Apr 20

Hightech Slot Car: Anki Overdrive

Playing with this high tech optical and AI slot car

Mar 31

Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa

Alexa is dominating the Home Automation market in 2017 due to it's large library of 3rd party skills, but yet, still doesn't do simple commands that I need: Play my last watched TVB episode on my kitchen TV

Mar 31

Alex iMac SSD Operation

Thought this would be interested to show, my coworker Alex Kim is doing a big iMac operation today, and he sent me these pictures: He's opening his 4K 21 inch iMac to replace a spinning hard drive to an SSD

Mar 3

Nintendo Switch

Switch Launch, not easy to score one! it's an nVidia Shield!

Feb 6

Scary! Resident Evil 7 with Playstation VR

The most immersive and dizzy experience

Feb 6

ToORiMa Mobile Karaoke 2017

Finally got a portable KTV mic, the dual speaker Micgeek Q9, pairing with a damn loud Beat Pill bluetooth speaker, now I'm finally catching up with the latest KTV technology

Jan 22

VIP Tsang flying Anker Metakoo Mini Drone

Big Kid having fun

Jan 12

Ring Door Bell

Installing a new smart doorbell @ the office today


Dec 20

Yi Dome Camera 1080p

Yi home security camera that cost 1/4 of what Nestcam is asking for, and it turns 360 to look around the house too!

Dec 7

Office Segway Fun

Rode my Ninebot Segway to work today, guys having fun rolling around the office

Dec 5

Ninebot Segway Mini

Rolling on the 小米九號平衡車

Nov 8

GoPro Hero 5 Session

New mini GoPro, for helmet mount

Nov 4

DJI Mavic Pro Active Tracking MTB... Failed

Does Mavic Pro active track works on tracking a bike ride? um... I can't get it to work...

Oct 31

The Soul of our Company has Arrived!

Our Conference Room TV has arrived. How many Engineers does it take to mount a TV?

Oct 30

Bringing a Drone on an MTB Ride (and not look stupid)

With the small footprint and weight of the new DJI Mavic Pro, finally it's now possible to bring a drone to a MTB mountain bike ride, where weight is essential (on uphill climbs) and size has to be small (so you don't look like carrying a Ninja Turtle Shell). Fits inside your hydration pack just like a tool pouch. The key is to pack it real tight so propellers and gimbal won't rock around during violent downhill runs and even crashes.

Oct 25

DJI Mavic Pro

The Drone that killed GoPro Karma before it was even shipped, has arrived!

Sep 19

iPhone 7 Launch

Janice and Emily's new iPhone

Aug 4

Watching Olympics 2016 with Gear VR

This year Olympics we don't have 8K broadcasting like NHK Japan, but we've got some VR coverage :) Getting ready to watch the Opening ceremony with Samsung Gear VR

Jul 25

Olympus E-M5 Mark II Titanium Edition

Upgrading my Olympus E-M5

Jul 14

Deep Learning Photo Colorization Algorithm

Today I read about this magicial Deep Learning photo colorization algorithm, let me play with it and turn Ben Ma's 1965 black and white photos from 51 years ago into full color

Jul 14

小蟻2 Yi 2 4K Camera

I have been saying GoPro Sucks for years since GoPro 1, and finally 強國 has made a quality product that made GoPro cry. 馬雲 is right, 很多假貨做得比真品好

Jul 6

Selling my Junk on eBay 2016

It's time of the year where I dug out all the junk that has been sitting around the house collecting dust and help them find a 2nd life. Let's see how much these junk can fetch on eBay

Jul 2

DJI Rodney

Rodney is now a DJI pilot

Jul 1

WD MyPassport Wireless Pro

Got the hottest hard drive in the market in hand! The new edition of MyPassport Wireless, sold out of stock everywhere and street price is $100 over MSRP

Jun 27

Tom Clancy's The Division

These days I have been pulled into this virtual Division Manhattan world getting burnt every night

Jun 21

Upgrading PS4 with 4TB HD

While each new game installation takes freakin 50Gb now a days (and you still can't play it until you have enough room to download another 20Gb update) I'm getting sick and tired of constantly running out of space on the original 500Gb hard drive, and finally today I'm going 4TB SSHD

Jun 21


Trying the "too good to be true" very tricky FreedomPop free cell phone plans

Jun 6

Private LTE Cell Tower: T-mobile CellSpot

For those of you who have been to our house, there's 0 cell phone signal, for ALL carriers :) We used to have AT&T and have been using the AT&T Microcell, but after we switched carrier, I have been living on and off with Wifi Calling and Google Hangout. Today I'm installing our own LTE Cell Tower

Jun 2

Emily is a (學神) DJI Pilot

Emily is now a DJI Pilot! 跟住呢??? 跟住呢??? :D

May 30

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Ed So's new toy, DJI phantom vs Doodle and Bobe!

May 28


Showing those who want to use Chromecast to setup their new house video and audio streaming as well as singing ToORiMa Karaoke with Chromecast, on the cheap! they are on sale this weekend, 30 bucks only! Get one for each room!

May 25

Dlink DIR-885L AC3150 Spaceship Router

Completing my whole house 802.11ac coverage, adding the 3rd AC access point with 4x4 MU-MIMO router

May 17

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

New Smart Watch, got the stainless steal version of Galaxy S2, running Titan OS

May 6

My Attempt to Unlock Qualcomm LTE Band

Today I'm attempting to unlock some LTE band on my Mi4i. My Mi4i from China, and I'm reading some forum telling people how to flash the Qualcomm radio NVRAM to unlock more LTE bands

Apr 20

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Another 土豪金 device, my new phone

Apr 12

12.9 inch iPad Pro

My first 土豪金 Gold Apple gadget, gigantic iPad that's even bigger than Surface Pro 4

Apr 1

End of Life Cycle Macbook Pro

Got a "New" MBP from work along with some new gears, but Apple has been so outdated on computer hardware and technology now a days that they are still selling computers and laptops that are just as fast as 3 yrs ago for over $3K each, and this is their top of the line model already

Feb 26

Canon 100-400mm f4-5.6L IS USM

New Coffee Mug :) Completing my long range telephoto collection for Canon


Nov 28

Black Friday Shopping Frenzy: XBox One

Saw Rusticred keep playing Forza 6 and stuff, someone must have caught some awesome Black Friday console deals :) So we are joining the club

Nov 22

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Nope, no new iPad Pro this time around, Surface Pro is awesome!

Nov 15

我又玩 sLog2 Gamma :)

個結論係,我係唔識玩Color Grading既! :P 越整越差! lolz

Nov 12

AT&T Wifi Calling

AT&T finally supports Wifi Calling (T-Mobile had that for almost a year, and even Ben Ma was using it in our house since last year) as well as Number Sync, and we can finally decommission our microCell

Nov 2

Sony a7R II

New Full Frame body, catching up with technology

Oct 30

Poor man's Surface: Kangaroo mini PC

Got a new "Surface" today, for only $99 bucks :)

Oct 20

Rode VideoMic Pro

After shooting 18 episodes of 兩個小生去旅行 in New Zealand plus many more episodes of Down Under travel show, I realized that when travelling at these high wind location, all the audio are soooooo messed up that the audio recorded are literally unusable. So, I have to improve my audio capturing :) and get a Rode mic :D

Sep 2

Microsoft Surface 3

Got a new tablet today, the new Surface 3

Jul 23

Smart Garage Door: Garageio

Turning our Dumb Garage Door into a slightly smarter garage door, and our Apple Watches into Garage Door Opener

Jul 16

GoPro 4 Session

Alex Kim got the brand new GoPro 4 session, and we are doing unboxing today

Jul 2

Emily 中毒太深: Fallout Shelter

The latest hit game that crushed the earning of Candy Crush in 2 days, are you playing it yet?

Jul 2

Olympus 60mm f2.8 Macro

Great super portable macro lens for m4/3

Jun 19

E3 2015

What's your favorite game from this year of E3?

Jun 16

XiaoMi 4i

Got a new toy today, the latest XiaoMi 4i

May 3

4D Experience: Avengers 2 Age of Ultron

First 4D movie experience, beyond all those 15 minutes Disneyland kids stuff, after 2.5 full hours of rocking on the 4DX chair, getting dizzy yet?

Apr 28

Apple Watch: Sending Each Other Heartbeats

Today we've got 2 Apple Watches to play with, sending each other Heartbeats lolz

Apr 27

Apple Watch

Got the Watch today!

Apr 24

Panasonic Leica 15mm f1.7

New Lens from Japan with Radiation, brought back by Andy

Apr 21

GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Finally GoPro 4 is on Sale, that means the Cube size GoPro 5 is coming out soon lolz Time to Upgrade

Feb 18

New Nintendo 3DS XL

The New 3DS is finally launched in the US, with new head and eye tracking 3D display

Jan 11

MX Android TV Box

Got a new MX3/MXQ Generic Android TV Box, with Cortex-A9 CPU, for streaming TV from China and Singing Karaoke


Dec 12

Garage Door Programming Nightmare

Everytime we got new cars, the worst nightmare is to program the damn garage opener! Why do they make this so difficult?

Nov 29

Sony PS4, PSVita and PlaystationTV

Got a new console today, but no interesting games yet, sitting in my living room waiting for a block buster title...

Oct 18

Which is faster? Ethernet vs Wifi

Is Wired Ethernet network connection faster or Wifi faster now a days in 2014? The answer may surprise you :) Testing out my new AC Dlink access point

Oct 1

Nintendo Wii U

Got a Wii U today, can play Mario now :)

Sep 28

Mi Note vs iPhone 6 Plus

Today I finally got my hands on Cyril's new phone, the RedMi NOTE!

Sep 9

iPhone 6 Launch

lolz! iPhone 6 announced yesterday, and Emily have been building iPhone 6 prototypes debating which version to buy

Sep 4

國產 Carbon Fiber Q-666c Tripod

Made in China Carbon Fiber light weight travel (Tourism :) Tripod

Jul 15

Olympus 45mm f1.8

A must have great m4/3 lens that I never bought until today, Olympus 45mm f1.8

Jul 10

超級大尿袋: Anker Astro Pro2 20000mAh Battery

Last time we have 超級尿袋, this time we have 超級大尿袋! Freakin 20000mAh Pee Bag

Jul 6

GoPro Knockoff: WooW! Freedom Action Cam

Action Cam is a dime a dozen now a days, after Emily's Kodak action cam, today we've got our hands on this WooW Freedom Action Cam. See how Made in China IPO GoPro vs Made in China WooW cam compares

Jun 18

My first 4K Display: Samsung U28D590D

Upgrading my display to 4K, my wrinkles are SO SHARP now

Jun 11

E3 2014

A great year with lots of new great games @ LA convention center

May 30

Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art

After half a year of waiting since announcement, Sigma finally ships their brand new highend 50mm Art series lens

May 2

New Samsung EVO 840 SSD

Upgrading toorima.com mac mini server from a "slower" SSD to an even faster one, and more than triple the capacity

Apr 3

Canon Pixma PRO-100

Got a HUGE ass printer today, Canon professional series printer

Mar 20

Macro Ring LED Light

Like my "rabbit" moth pix? yep, that pix is shot with this new "bug studio light"

Feb 26

Piece of Shit TVPad 3

So Dad is here, and he cannot survive without TV, so this time around, Emily bought the TVPad3 to entertain her Dad

Feb 16

RetroPie Project

Another Raspberry Pie project, turning the Pi into an All in one Gaming console

Jan 24

ToORiMa Karaoke 家徒四壁 Edition

ToORiMa Karaoke works even when there's no Mic, no AV equipment, all you need is your VOICE


Dec 30

Retro Games Craze with OpenEmu

Earlier this year I have gotten an iCade for the iPad and started a "Retro Gaming Craze", but with the new iOS7, it's not as easy for the general user to figure out how to install iMame and load rom without jailbreaking anymore. This time, I'm digging out even more retro games, and this time, it's not only MAME emulator only

Dec 27

$35 Bucks DJI Phantom: Syma S107C Camera Chopper

First flight test of this completely out of control drone, cannot stay up in the air for more than 15 seconds then BAM! hahah

Dec 11

Gran Turismo 6

GT6 is a VERY boring game without money, I gave up after driving the stupid Honda Fit for 3 laps already... lolz

Dec 7

Sony a7 Full Frame Mirrorless

Janice is back from HK! and She's bringing back some of the latest camera gear, this one is for Galen

Dec 7

Panasonic Lumix GM1

Janice is back from HK! bringing back this Asia exclusive Orange bang Hermes color GM1

Dec 6

Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 Pro

Just released, brand new Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 Pro lens, extremely well built and high quality

Nov 29

DJ ToORiMa 2013: DDJ-SX

New Toy, upgrading my DJ mixer, Pioneer DDJ-SX quad deck mixing, so complicated, so much fun

Nov 22

Selling my Junk on eBay 2013

年近歲晚大掃除 This month we have been busy digging out all these junk laying around selling them all on eBay

Nov 13

ToORiMa Karaoke Server On Raspberry Pi

Got a new toy today: mini business card size computer Raspberry Pi, and turning it into a super portable and cheap ToORiMa Karaoke Server solution

Nov 10

High Tech Gas Meter

Today a Gas dude came install a new gas meter that communicates with the cell phone tower, no more Gas Reading finally, in 2013

Nov 7

超級尿袋: IOGear MediaShair

This 超級尿袋 does everything else too besides charging your phone, 點止尿袋咁間單

Nov 4

iPad Air

iPad Air is here, cost almost as much as a Macbook Air, chee sin!

Oct 30

2013 Crystalwell Macbook Pro

After Janice got her Haswell iMac, this time is my turn to get a Haswell CPU: the all new Crystalwell Macbook Pro update.

Oct 25

Panasonic Lumix TS5

Our waterproof little camera Sony TX10 completely dead in the water in Oahu Hawaii, replacing that with a more rugged point and shoot.

Oct 16

iPhone 5S vs GoPro Hero 3 120fps

120fps head to head, which one do you like?

Oct 9

Janice's new 27 inch Haswell iMac

Upgrading Janice's workstation with a power house, have been waiting for Apple to use Haswell CPU for more than a YEAR after Intel's launch

Aug 9

Canon 24-70mm f2.8L II

Upgrading my most used most travelled standard zoom lens

Jul 25

Mission Paperless

Ever since I was in College, I wanted to go entirely Digital/Paperless 15+ years ago. I have waited years and years and years for scanner technology to catch up, and finally in 2013, scanner technology is so much better now a days, I can finally fulfill my Mission Paperless

Jul 3

No More DirecTV

Finally we are quitting DirecTV, sorry VicTam, we are not paying for your sushi anymore.

Jun 5

蠱蠱惑惑 AT&T

This actually happen not only for AT&T, but all the carriers out there including Sprint and Verizon, except Tmobile

Jun 2

ToORiMa Karaoke @ Ken

Beryl, Grace and Ken enjoying the afternoon jaming

May 10

Samsung 60 inch 3DTV

Upgrading our gaming display today, from 55 inch 3DTV to 60 inch 3DTV

May 4

Helmet Bluetooth Speakers

Today I got a new toy for my biking helmet, a very lightweight (only 4 oz) completely wireless bluetooth speakers, now I can Jam some tunes when I'm MTB-ing (without losing my phone) and answer calls while biking

Apr 19

Beat Beat Beat

Lots of Beats Products Unboxing

Apr 6

00後 Discovering 70後 Gaming

Jaime's whole life has been playing video games on Touch Screen and Kinects, she has never use a STICK for gaming

Apr 3

iPhone + MAME4iOS + WiiMote + AppleTV AirPlay

Lots of possibililties to play some of your old school favourites

Apr 1

iCade Core

After I posted a video of Cyril having fun with this iCade @ ToORiMa Arcade, a lot of you asked me what the hell is this thing. This is the iCade Core, made by ion, brings back so much memories for all you 70後 80後 90後, buy one NOW and get your KIDS to live your childhood legend!

Feb 7

Prism Photography

Latest Hit: Prism Photography, Petapixel published a photographer Sam Hurd's blog using a low cost Prism for creating optical effects for neat pictures, then Gizmodo start copying the post, then DigitalRev starts copying the post and made a youtube video

Feb 1

ToORiMa + Perceptor Karaoke Night 2013

Laugh Die KTV night

Jan 24

iPhone 5 Unlocking 2013

News all over today promoting iPhone Unlock, have you done yours today?

Jan 9

Latest Canon New Gears

Tonight I got a chance to play with some of the latest Canon New products, including the MO DIK zoom lens 24-70mm f2.8L II and the 600EX flash


Dec 24

Canon 5D Mark III

Santa is here (UPS) and delivered my 5D Mark III right before Xmas haha

Dec 22

GoPro Hero 3

Finally GoPro has shipped their Hero 3 black edition, 1 month after release.

Nov 12

iPad Mini

Ordering the iPad Mini 20 minutes after 12am really delay the shipment for 1 month, everybody wants the cheapest possible white iPad

Nov 3

PS3 Rogero New v4.30 CFW

Recently, some China hackers leaked the root key of the PS3, again. This is a very good news for you gamers out there :) not only that you will be able to play some of the latest PS3 games requiring new firmware and won't be stuck on v3.55 anymore, Sony will be force to launch their PS4 sooner! :)

Oct 29

XBOX 360 RROD 2012

I would never imagine I would have to do this again, so stupid! It's almost 2013 for god sake.

Sep 30

ToORiMa Karaoke 之 Gangnam Style

See 大肚腩 Gangnam Style, 正!

Sep 15

Manga Camera

The #1 hit app in Japan iTune app store, Manga Camera, start turning stuff around you into Manga!

Sep 13

IPhone 5 Launch

Another generation of iPhone launched, as usual I'm documenting how we bought iphones since iphone, this time around, only took 6 minutes. (remember, we had to stand in LINES in front of apple store before!)

Aug 31

Panasonic Lumix 100-300mm

A Super long range telephoto lens, reaching 600mm @ f5.6

Aug 23

New Arcade Joystick

I don't even remember when was the last time I bought a Joystick? Going Retro again in 2012

Aug 16

PayPal Here

Paypal finally has this credit card reader thing like Square, now they will send you one of these thing for free

Aug 9

Olympus E-M5

This camera is one of the camera that has been announced by the Japanese and was never able to deliver, read my story of how we got our hands on this new toy

Aug 3

Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4

This is probaby the cheapest Leica DG Summilux out there

Jul 30

ToORiMa Karaoke running on a Watch

The Cuttest ToORiMa Karaoke ever, on a 1.6" Watch display

Jul 28

MotoACTV Smart Android Watch

The Future is here! 2002, I had my 1st Smart Phone, Sony Ericsson P800, and 10 years later in 2012, I got my 1st Smart WATCH! The Era of Dick Tracy Smart Watch is finally here! See the Motorola MotoACTV Android Watch running app with 600Mhz CPU and 256Meg RAM and 8Gb Storage

Jul 13

iPhone 4 Unlocking

We have always unlock iPhones someway or another, but authorized Unlocking iPhone, that's a first :)

Jun 24

New Camera Junks 2012

It's time of the year where I got a whole bunch of Camera Junks again...

Jun 24

Mini iPad Laptop

With this awesome Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard, who needs Microsoft Surface?

Jun 15

Canon 35mm f1.4L

My 35mm prime lens is here!

Jun 6

E3 2012

Another great year of E3 @ LA Convension Center, this year with Wii U and lots of controllers, and many more great titles!

Jun 6

ToORiMa Karaoke New Equipment

Got some new gear for ToORiMa Karaoke again, this time, replacing my wireless mic and adding some Lightings

May 16

ToORiMa Karaoke: Behind The Scene

May 15

ToORiMa Karaoke 之: 湊仔KTV

Andy and Susanna are over tonight to test out ToORiMa Karaoke, beta testing to see if they can manage to sing KTV while taking care of 2 kids

May 13

Emily Cooking shot with HTC One S

The 1080p clip shot with HTC One S f2.0 lens with amazing quality

May 13

Ah Bao's New Phone: HTC One S

You have seen our latest "Edward New Galaxy S2" video (with so bad quality shot with iPad), tonight we are messing with Ah Bao's new HTC One S, with a f2.0 lens that creates stunning video quality, IMO even better than Sony point and shoot. All these non-iPhone came from Cell Phone Andy, BTW.

May 13

A Very Lonely Lens...

A very expensive Panasonic 7-14 lens with no*body* to attach to, no it doesn't belong to me.

May 9

Edward New Galaxy S2

Galaxy S3 is coming, still buying Galaxy S2?

Apr 29

ToORiMa Karaoke: 粵語殘片 1960s Edition

Generation Last Ben Ma singing ToORiMa Karaoke

Apr 29

ToORiMa Karaoke: BB KTV Edition

Generation Next singing ToORiMa Karaoke

Mar 23

ToORiMa Karaoke running on iOS and AppleTV

The beginning of a new era, ToORiMa Karaoke can nowrun ENTIRELY off your iOS devices including iPhone and iPads, and stream video diretly to AppleTV for big screen singing, ALL without the need of a computer!!

Mar 16

The New iPad and AppleTV

How good is the new iPad and the new AppleTV? The most exciting feature for me is actually the new 1080p AirPlay mirroring

Feb 20

Panasonic Lumix 14-42mm X-Lens

The LONG awaited (4 months!) 14-42mm X lens is finally here! (and NOT from Panasonic!)

Jan 27

Emily + Sewing Machine = So-ing Machine

Emily CHER-ing something

Jan 10

40 Bucks Manfrotto Tripod

Costco.com is selling an Authentic Manfrotto tripod for $39.99 only, high quality 4 sections aluminum tripod WITH ball head AND Manfrotto bag, simply amazing!


Dec 28

Sau E iPhone 4S Connection Problem

Sau E's iPhone is not connecting right

Dec 11

Galen Panasonic Lumix GX1 Unboxing @ n/naka

Mr. Ma is a happy man, with a new Countryman, new Born Baby coming in 2 weeks, newest m4/3 body GX1, and enjoying a 4 hours Kaiseki Ryuri dining experience with us tonight

Dec 9

DirecTV Latest DVR HR24

Emily got a the latest DTV DVR

Dec 6

Cullmann Mini Tripod

Checkout my new Germany mini tripod I got from Hong Kong, and my new mini "milkyway Galaxy shooter" setup

Dec 4

Canon 100mm f2.8L IS Macro

"Hong Kong Shopping" aftermath: Everything I want to buy in Hong Kong, end up it's so much cheaper online in the U.S. I have been eyeing this Macro lens for years since it came out, and finially it drop back to the launch price

Dec 4

Panasonic Lumix 8mm f3.5 Fisheye

Fisheye for micro 4/3s

Dec 4

Sony TX10 Underwater Point and Shoot

Janice have been wanting this compact point and shoot, and finally reached a great price on Black Friday sale

Nov 7

Uncharted 3: The Buggiest Game I have ever played

Besides the stupidly long loading time, Uncharted 3 crashes at the beginning of EVERY single chapter cutscene, with lots of characters go nuts bugs like this.

Oct 28

Jason's Nikon V1 vs GF3

Tonight I got to hands-on Jason RDX's brand new Nikon Mirrorless camera

Oct 15

Gears Of War 3 Party

GOW3 is out! For those of you who are reading this with a screaming baby that used to play GOW3 with us, GO Pickup a copy and get online to play!

Oct 5

Raytheon New Laptop

For those of you who haven't heard, I am back working @ Raytheon. This week, they have given me a brand new state of the art Raytheon HP Laptop

Oct 4

iPhone 4S launch

iPhone 4S launching, all the owners of 3GS like Janice Sau E Jason M3 VicTam are all due for a renewal.

Sep 24

Apple 27" Thunderbolt Display

After waiting over 3 MONTHS, the Apple Thunderbolt Display finally arrived!

Sep 11

Emily Coffee Macbook Pro

Emily spilled Coffee onto her Macbook Pro, totalled!

Aug 14

Rechargable 烏蠅拍 Unboxing

Today we got a high tech rechargable 烏蠅拍 with built in flash light, let's do unboxing!

Aug 3

Panasonic Lumix GF3

Such a light and tiny camera! Yet so powerful and fast!

Jul 27

Intel Lightpeak Apple Thunderbolt technology: Promise Pegasus R4 RAID array

toorima.com is going through a major hardware upgrade, today I got the Promise Peagaus R4 Thunderbolt RAID 5 array, and finally, Gigabit Network seems to be SLOW! ahhaha

Jul 20

OS X Lion and New Macs

Today Apple waited until after their quarterly report before launching new products cause they earn way too much money, and of course, consumers like us are spending way too much money for apple products.

Jul 13

Emily's New Toy: Leica M7 + 50mm f2.5

Emily got new toy! Check out her Leica M7 35mm film camera, Lumix GF2, and 50mm f2.5 Leica lens

Jul 2

Good Exercise! Wipeout Kinect XBOX360

James and Sau E doing exercise tonight, run! run! run! jump!

Jul 2

The Day is Finally Here! iPad 2 PDF jailbreak

After months and months and months of waiting, iPad 2 is finally jailbreakable

Jun 26

Canon 5D MkII Cake

Thanks Galen for the full frame cake!

Jun 19

3D SOCOM4 with Playstation Move

After half an hour of setting up and calibration, making SOCOM 4 even more Dizzy

Jun 7

E3 2011

Wii U Control and New Console, PS Vita, and lots of Booth Babes!

Apr 22

Carbon Fiber Manfrotto Tripod

My 1st Carbon Fiber tripod

Apr 15

Super Macro: Raynox DCR-250 Macro Lens

Got a new toy lens today, a 2.5x Macro Magnifier, adding Macro capability to all my m4/3s lens and archiving super macro when putting onto my 50mm f3.5 macro

Apr 14

Intel Series 320 Gen3 25nm SSD

Upgrading our iMac with the latest Intel 25nm SSD

Apr 10

Ken Choi iPad 2 Unboxing

Why can't people ORDER their own iPads, and like to TAKE people's iPad 2?

Apr 8

Ken Choi iPhone Jailbreak Night

Introducing the wonderful world of iPhone jailbreaking to Ken

Apr 7

Glif: Smart iPhone 4 Stand

I have been waiting for so long for China manufacturer to clone this simple piece of plastic for cheap and it never happened. Finally gotten the real one in hand.

Apr 6

Ion Rocker X360 Drum Module

Finally gotten all the pieces and cables together to hook up my Alesis DM6 to XBOX 360, playing Rock Band 3 is now an exercise, even more tired than Kinect!

Mar 25

Emily iPhone 4 開花

Obviously too much Angry Bird

Mar 16

Apple iPad 2

Our iPad 2 finally arrived directly from ShenZhen, Aloha Unboxing tonight!

Mar 6

Para Para 2011: Emily + ToORiMa

Having fun with Dance Masters for Xbox360 Kinect

Jan 28

Panasonic Lumix 45-200mm Lens

New lens addition to my m4/3 collection, the Panasonic Lumix 45-200mm lens is one of the greatest portable mid to long range telephoto lens

Jan 14

Toilet AirPlay Speakers

Today we are installing Toilet AirPlay In-Ceiling Speakers! From now on, OR C-ing @ ToORiMa's house is going to be LOUD!

Jan 13

DJ Cayman Rocking my House

Tonight featured Guest DJ: DJ Cayman!

Jan 8

PS3 Signed CFW Jailbreak

If you have a PS3, read this. We have tried the $7 dollar PS3 USB mod stick, but this is the brand new super easy jailbreaking way, with Signed Custom Firmware, yes, no MODstick required! as easy as just updating your PS3 firmware!

Jan 3

3D Youtube really works!

I just realized today, Youtube supports 3D channel... and it REALLY works!


Dec 28

New lunjai.com Web Server Behind The Scene

Brand new Synology DS409slim from lunjai.com vs 4 yrs old Netgear ReadyNAS from toorima.com

Dec 27

Kinect 耍太極

耍太極? Yes! This is actually the Your Fitness Game, with Taichi lesson inside

Dec 26

Dr Dre Solo

Got a new stylish headphone today, Dr. Dre Solo

Dec 22

PS3 Jailbreak

Jason RDX scored a PS3 USB Jailbreak chip for $7 bucks! Tonight we are going to give this a try :)

Dec 14

ViewSonic NexTV Network Media Player

For those of you who's always looking for a cheap solution for streaming TVB series around the house, this ViewSonic does everything box is your best solution.Full 1080p HDMI, plays EVERYTHING including you all Chinese concerned rmvb (720p), MKV, and even Bluray ISO. No stupid software to install, stream video over the network via Samba protocol, and can even put a Hard drive inside this thing to stream the video BACK OUT to the network

Dec 11

Emily Modding Macbook Pro - Intel SSD

It's almost 2011, Emily is finally going SSD. This is the new Intel X-25M 120Gb, before they only have 80Gb and 160Gb, and finally fill the gap with a reasonably priced drive.

Dec 10

Upgrading Rockband

Finally decided to sell my PS3 Rockband set where I rarely touched, and got a better set for Xbox :)

Dec 8

Get Your Own iPad! Jaime

Every time for the past few YEARS, Jaime Choy came to our house and she would ask me: Ben 哥哥, Can I play with your iPhone/iPad? iPads are Kid's favorite toys now a days, this X'mas we've got a present for you: Go get your own iPad!

Dec 7

Jason Cayman Cutting Hair! Busy Scissors Wii

Hahah This is awesome, the 1st Hair Cutting game! Of course Jason Cayman is playing la! For those of you who doesn't know Jason, he's a real Hair Stylist BTW! :)

Dec 2

Gran Turismo 5

1 whole week after launch date, I finally received my copy of GT5 that I pre-ordered it over a MONTH ago, from Dell. Here is our VERY bad impression of this totally Beta game

Nov 29

Panasonic Lumix 14mm f2.5

Wow, Almost 1 whole month before official release, I found a shop in NY that has this in stock! (for retail price of course) It's So Damn SMALL!

Nov 18

No Kinect Injury yet

Minority Report GUI is finally a reality, but playing kinect is not only dangerous and have great chance of smacking your family, you really have to remove all your furniture too.

Nov 9

3DTV Experience

Whoaaaaa.... finally I got TWO 3D glasses.... ahahha

Nov 3

Game Dev Story is fun!

Been playing a pretty awesome sim game lately, Game Dev Story. You run a little Game development studio, hiring people, going to E3, launching your own game etc.

Oct 21

Amazon Basics HDMI Cable

Aloha everywon! Haven't done unboxing video for a long time, and today Edward is helping me unbox a new box...

Oct 16

3DTV is Fun! (and Dizzy!)

A week after all these wiring problems and fixes, finally our 3DTV is up and running!

Sep 21

Moving Nightmare: A/V + Gaming Consoles Unwiring

Started packing up to move, one of the biggest nightmare is to unwire all my super dusty wires, took me the whole night!

Sep 17

Our private Cell phone tower: AT&T MicroCell

Our new house basically has 0 AT&T coverage. With 3 iPhones and Janice spent 1 hour COMPLAIN + COMPLAIN + COMPLAIN, we were able to get the AT&T microcell for free :)

Sep 6

1st Ikea Project in new House: Gaming Console Rack

Just did a quick time lapse on building my new Ikea gaming console rack, not from a very good angle

Aug 30

Some new Time Lapse Gear

As you noticed, I have been experimenting with a lot of silly time lapse scene recently

Aug 21

My New Canon 24-105mm f4L IS Lens ...... Mug!

My new Toy! The build quality is soooooo good!

Aug 19

Super Sized iPad 超無聊篤魚蛋

1:1 real world sized 魚蛋! Very tiring 篤篤篤!

Aug 19

Caltech Hightech BloomEnergy Power Server

This summer, Caltech will be installing across campus 20 Bloom Box power server. What are they? Stay tuned to my pix and I will snap pix as they install these amazing future green energy power plants.

Aug 19

iPhone 4 Rubberband Alternative

Today Emily's iPhone finally got a fre case. It really took Apple 1 WHOLE MONTH to ship these free iPhone 4 case. Are these 3rd party case better than the original rubberband? You judge by yourself.

Aug 19

The Most Expensive Ping Pong Table

In 2010, this is how you can play Ping Pong: Left hand vs Right hand! :) Don't laugh, this is actually VERY HARD!

Aug 11

iPhone 4 TVB 劇集 streaming 2010

Technology has finally gotten to a point (here in L.A.) to watch TVB series in the car smoothly in 2010.

Jul 30

iPhone 4 Dead Pixel

iPhone 4 does sucks. It has been very consistance, really 2 out of 3 Apple products I bought has issues, and have to go back to Genius Bar. This time, it's my iPhone 4 starting to show dead pixel. It's really tiny, if you've got an iPhone 4, check your display.

Jul 27

Cyril New Phone Samsung Galaxy S

Cyril got a new Android phone, one of the most popular device now a days against the darkside iPhone 4: TMobile Vibrant Samsung Galaxy S

Jul 3

Anime Expo 2010

This year, Kevin, Ken, Ga Fai Ju, and Jason RDX, are checking out this year's Anime Expo @ LA Convention Center, Day 3

Jul 2

iPhone 4 Reception/Antenna Problem? Install iPhone 4 Rubberband!

Aloha Everyone! Today we are going to Unbox.... uh.... there's no box... :P the iPhone 4 Rubber band

Jun 17

E3 2010

Another year of E3! This year, the ORIGINAL E3 is BACK! So much to see, so many new games, and most importantly, so many boothbabes!

Jun 15

Apple iPhone 4 launch

iPhone 4, one of the most demanding gadget this year! Here is the story of me trying to obtain one

Jun 3

Jason Cayman Aloha Unboxing: Canon T2i

Jason has been eyeing the T2i since our Germany Oktoberfest Trip last year, and finally got his own camera now, Aloha Everywon!

Jun 1

Walk It Out - The Most Stupid game on Wii

I can't believe kids now a days enjoy these retard game, and would keep walking (on the same spot!) for HOURS facing the TV, chee L sin...

Apr 24

Apple iPad

Finally gotten our hands on an Apple iPadPad! Aloha style Unboxing of course!

Apr 19

Samsung TV Unboxing

Alohaevery-won.com knock off unboxing video

Apr 14

Jaime Choy learning iPhone SFIV

Jaime Choy learning how to fight on this 25 years old game: Street Fighter

Mar 22

iPhone TomTom v1.3 is Hilarious

What the hell are these bloody hell British people thinking...??

Mar 20

God of War 3 makes PS3 fan spins like crazy

GOW3 really pushing PS3 to the limit, fan spins like as loud as X360!

Mar 15

Sony HX5V

Brand new! Sony latest top of the line point and shoot, this is the 1st batch, with GPS/Compass/1080/60i stereo ACVHD, and most importantly, Janice friendly Blinking Eyes alert/detection! haha! I'm always a big fan of Sony P&S.

Mar 10

Aloha Style Unboxing 80Gb Intel SSD G2

AlohaEverywon dog cum selling me an SSD

Mar 7

Emily 嘔血 Phone Support

Guess who's on the other end of the line?

Mar 1

Canon 15mm FishEye

Fisheye is FUN! Canon's one and only one Distorted lens on purpose, everything looks fun under this lens!

Feb 22

New Portable m4/3 Telephoto Solution

Got another new Camera Junk toy again, extending my Vintage Lens collection: Canon FD 135mm f2.8

Feb 18

New Portable m4/3 Macro and Portrait Lens

Got some new Camera Junk today, an awesome Macro and Portrait solution for my GF1

Feb 16

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 X360

Watching Cyril Choy Snowboard-X, Ski Jumping, and Luge

Feb 4

ToORiMa Karaoke Night 2010: Emily + Jason ML

Haven't turn on ToORiMa Karaoke for Years

Jan 13

Why do Kids like to use 2 Wiimote now a days?

in 2010, Kids loves to use 2 Wiimote... in 2030, no difference.


Dec 29

Pentax K2 1975 vs Panasonic GF1 2009

Take a look at 35 years ago, Pentax flagship model K2 that the So's found while throwing their junk away

Dec 23

A Very Big Camera Bag

Got a VERY big camera bag today, because I need to use up some stupid Gift Certificate.

Nov 11

DIE! DIE! DIE! Modern Warfare 2

One of the biggest game of the year, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Jason is killing, while I'm too dizzy to play! haha!

Nov 9

Jason Cheung Modding Macbook

Jason got a brand new 64Gb Kingston V Series SSD, and upgrading his very beat up Macbook. Ever seen a hair stylist fixing a computer? It's not as easy as I thought, you need to use those weird STAR shaped screw drivers, damn Apple.

Nov 5

Janice iPhone 3GS

Janice is going hightech! Upgrading to 3GS

Oct 20

Panasonic Lumix GF1

The hottest toy in photography world, the Girl Friend 1!

Sep 11

Upgrading Mac Mini

Today we are doing Mac Mini operation: upgrading my 3+ years old Mac Mini into a super fast, 2 Gb RAM + 16Gb SSD kitchen and bedroom media player

Sep 1

Fake iPod Touch Mini from Amazon

Bought a Made in China Fake iPod Touch Mini right from Amazon, free shipping and no tax too! Plays straight rmvb, perfect for watching TVB series while driving!

Aug 29

Hysteria Hospital

N years ago during my College Years, Hospital game used to be one of my Favorite game playing overnight with Ah Wai when he was still my roomate! Can't believe N years later there's another new one

Aug 9

Ah Wai goes Mac

Henri is going to school soon, Ah Wai bought a brand new 2.66Ghz Macbook Pro for his school next week

Aug 6

Boot Wii ISO from HD

Booting Wii ISO from HD *looks* cool, but is it really cool / fast / save time? I gave it a try... and wasn't too excited about it. Wasted my time.

Aug 6

New Computing Era: SSD and BD

Doing some hardware upgrades, got my first BD-R burner, and my first Solid State Drive

Jul 24

Canon SX200 IS

New point and shoot, so amazed with point and shoot these days, so compact, yet zoom so far away, and even does 720p video! I guess you guys have all seen my latest youtube HD video post, filmed with this little guy.

Jul 6

Choy's New Panasonic Lumix ZS3

Choy's New Camera with ToORiMa making Coffee

Jun 18

iPhone 3G Tethering

The hottest thing this week: iPhone 3G Tethering, before AT&T turns it on

Jun 17

Iphone OS 3.0

Finally iphone OS 3.0 is launched, while I was in Shanghai China. By the time I am back home to flash it, it's already jailbroken :)

Jun 12

New Camera Junks

Got some new Camera/Photo related accessories these days

Jun 3

E3 2009

This year E3 is back! The sad thing is I'm going to E3 alone this year, no Victor Tam. Enjoy my coverage!

Apr 14

Canon 5D Mk II

My New Toy!!! Canon 5D Mk II, my first full frame body

Jan 17

Gears of War 2 Night with Ah Wai

Our usual 10pm GOW2 Saturday night with Rodney / Edward / Ah Sam / Zack / Kevin, and tonight on my side, we have a new Guest, playing GOW2 for the first time, and start finding it ADDICTING :)


Oct 23

Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L II

2nd Generation of the new 16-35mm f2.8L

Oct 20

New 08 Unibody Macbook Pro

Finally received my Shipped from Shanhai New Unibody Macbook Pro

Oct 20

Canon 50mm f1.8 vs f1.4

Taking advantage of the ebay 30% off, upgrading a lot of crap these days. Here is the latest one, my prime lens, now @ f1.4

Oct 14

Slingbox Pro HD

Latest generation of slingbox that does HD, surprisingly HUGE!

Oct 10

Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L

My new Ultra-wide baby, so sharp!

Sep 18

HTC Diamond Style Touch FLO

Brand new ROM that came out today, the latest HTC TouchFLO interface just like the latest HTC lines of phone, installed on Dopod. Very responsive interface. Also, checkout Alex Kim's unreleased Blackberry Bold Demo unit

Aug 30

Edward Installing GPS on his GTI

Edward got a really neat Made in China dashboard GPS to install on his new ride, never even knew such product exist!

Aug 26

ATT U-verse Fiber Optics IPTV

We just ordered ATT U-verse IPTV service, now we are 100% using this ATT monopoly service including TV cell phone iphone landline phone internet... and the monthly bill is over $300 now

Aug 7

The Macbook that Travel Around the World

Our poor Macbook, has been travelling around the globe for the past few months. Why? Read my story!

Jul 22

Lining Up for iphone 3G

Short line today, me and Angie decided to give it a shot. Line is 1 hour 15 minutes only, but took me 3+ hours to get the phone out of the store. AT&T is really messed up!

Jul 11

iphone 3G launch

Live report from Pasadena apple store, look at the nasty line caused by the activation in store only rule

Jun 3

Sony W300

Got a new point and shoot, comparing to my old W200. A hilarious camera that can MODIFY your face to become a smily face if you are not smiling ahhaha

May 21


After playing so many years of Beatmania, why don't we just play the real thing? Got a DJ Console today! Let's party!

Apr 18

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Gran Turismo is out again, and according to tradition, I gotta snap some first hand pix :) This time, it's basically a $40 bucks demo, is it a rip off? well, you decide.

Apr 16

Upgrading ReadyNAS

My NAS is running out of room! Catching the deal of the cheap 1TB drives, I ordered 4 of them to upgrade my NAS, my first time trying out the HotSwapping capability of ReadyNAS, really awesome!

Apr 10

Shure SE420 Ear Bud

Finally got my Shure ear bud! the ear bud that cost more than your ipod! Does it REALLY sound that great!? See my report...

Mar 24

Janice New iMac

Janice's old white macbook is left in Hong Kong for Janice's mom to use, now she can get a new aluminum iMac

Feb 29

Apple Aperture 2 vs Kodak Ofoto photobook

Side by side comparison of an Apple printed photobook vs Kodak photobook, of my Southern Japan album and Spain album. I made the apple one in 3 hours, while Rodney made the Kodak Spain one, in half a year.

Feb 28

ToORiMa.com Server

Ever wonder how toorima.com server looks like? Tonight I snap some pix


Dec 26

Dad Senior Wii Action

Lo Dau playing Wii for the first time against Margaret, playing sit down tennis / sit down bowling / sit down golf all the way haha

Dec 23

Orb Streaming TVB Series

Orb is COOL! Finally there's a solution that allow streaming / real time encoding of TVB series rmvb to phone / video game console

Nov 2

Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM

My first White lens arrived! finally can experience f2.8 long range!

Oct 2

Slinglink Turbo

It has been a problem with my Kitchen Mac Mini wifi to stream high bitrate video all along, cause the Mac mini wifi is really weak. (Didn't have problem with any of my other devices) Today there's a solution!

Sep 16

Unlocking Iphone

Finally we have a complete / free solution to unlock the iphone! Yes, it's all over the press, but we finally did it ourselves, and proved it working. It's not easy, took us more than 2 hours to do it. And finally, after ALL these, iphone is getting closer to becoming a pocketPC :) with 3rd party application installation. This would get a lot of you who wants an iphone but too cheap to sign 2 years contract and pay for data plan a very good reason to buy one la!

Sep 16

Wired Next Fest 07

Next Fest is in LA this year! If you love robotics like me and Ga Fai Ju, this is a chance for you to checkout the latest in Robotic industry

Sep 10

Dead PS3

Besides the Xbox360 red ring of death nightmare, my PS3 is Dead as well. Don't think I play too much video game, this PS3 has at most gone through 20 times of that damn FIRMWARE upgrading and it's already dead. I didn't even really buy any games yet besides ResistanceFall of Men. PS3 sucks!

Sep 7

2007 iPod Launch

got the first shipment of the new 80 gig iPod Classic and 4 gig iPod Nano, look at how DAMN THIN these things are!

Sep 7

Canon 40D vs 20D

Finally my 20D is retiring, and got my new (2nd) SLR, the brand new first shipment of 40D!

Jul 19

Sony W200

Haven't gotten a point and shoot for a long time! Today I got a W200, see how it stacks up with my Canon SD700 IS!

Jun 29

Apple iPhone Launch

The most hyped iphone launched, Emily went to AT&T store and waited 1.5 hours and end up SOLD OUT, but afterwards, she went to Pasadena apple store, PLENTY of stock, NO LINE, and got $1300 worth of iphone.

Jun 24

XBOX360 Three Rings of Death

All XBOX360 has major design flaws, 10 out of 10 will eventually end up with the famous 3ROD: Three Rings of Death. Here is our attempt to fix it.

Jun 23

Extreme New Wii Mod

The new batch of Wii modding is.... very Extreme. It requires drilling INTO the DVD drive chipset to expose the modding leads, but my co-worker John has done it!

Jun 16

Mac Pro Quad Core

Apple is cool! Mac Pro is such a nicely built Server Class machine. Compare to the same class machine built by Dell, (which cost even $300+ more after my research) it's so solid / smooth / quiet / and well designed.

Jun 5

Emily LED Macbook Pro

Apple launched LED Macbook pro today, with Intel Santa Rosa chipset. 4Mb Cache Core 2 Duo, 800Mhz FSB, and nVidia 8600m graphic, let's see how BRIGHT it really is

May 31

Streaming RMVB to PS3 or X360

For those TVB Kack Jap Freaks, YES, it's possible to stream rmvb to your gaming consoles including PS3 and X360 now! Made possible by a software called TVersity, a really buggy / generic real time transcoder that decode rmvb real time and re-encode it back to a streamable format. How does it work!? See my setup!

May 11

Baking a X360 Pie

Ever seen a X360 Pie!? (Yes, Xbox 360!) A DIY for fixing the 3ROD (3 Rings of Death)

Apr 11

Jaime Choy New Wii

Jaime Choy got a new Wii!? No, I *MADE* her a Wii! Check it out! It totally fooled her!

Mar 7

WiiKey Mod

Our WiiKey arrived! We got the first batch of WiiKey, the 2nd generation Wii Modchip

Jan 9

Dopod D810

Apple launched the iphone today, impressed? I'm not! Because I received my 3G Dopod D810 new phone as well! Thanks to Andy buying it for us (Me and Angie) from HK. See my full "press conference" report on the most powerful phone in the market vs my old Dopod 818 Pro.


Dec 22

Playstation 3 and Gran Turismo HD Concept

We finally scored a Playstation 3 for real this time! According to Bestbuy, each store got allocated with 40 units, and thanks to Marcos, he got the news and immediate brought us to score one! My living room is now completed with Next Gen system!

Dec 21

ATI Radeon X1650 XT

Haven't gotten a new video card for a long time, and now is a good time for one: To get Vista Certified, and to play the latest games / BluRay Movies

Dec 13

Gears Of War Xbox360 Party

Haven't had a big Xbox party for a long time, we can't wait for Halo3, so let's play Gears of War

Nov 22

Nintendo Wii

Less than 1 week after launch, we scored a Wii! Thanks to Sam and Edward! Let's see how DANGEROUS this console plays!

Aug 25

X360 Workshop

X360 Firmware Flashing Workshop, 4 of us are suppose to bring their X360 today for modding, only Alex and Marcos shows up, the other 2 gutted out

Aug 18

Nikon D200 vs Canon 20D

Jason rented a D200 from Sammy's Camera for the weekend, I got a chance to play with it tonight

Aug 5

Macbook Sucks

Had this Macbook for 3 months, 2 problems already. First, the hard drive died on me, 2nd, the WHOLE macbook keep shutting down. End up swapping to a brand new version from Genius Bar.

Jun 19

Xbox 360 Mod

After doing research for couple weeks after the mod has been released by the famous C4E, I finally decided to try it.

Jun 14

Nintendo DS Lite and Movie Player

Got my DS lite and some tools: Movie Player and Passkey2, pretty damn complicated to get it to work...

Jun 6

Canon SD700 IS

finally found a camera that can replace both my big Canon S2 IS and the T7: has most feature / quality of the S2, as well as small enough as the T7 with underwater capability

May 26

Boot Camp - Running Windows on Mac

You have seen me running OS X on a Dell, now let's do the reverse: Running Windows on a Mac!

May 25

Macbook + Dopod connecting GPRS

Challenge of the week: Getting Macbook to work with my Dopod GPRS! It is so complicated that it took me 3 nights to figure this out

May 22

Janice New Macbook

Just released! 13 inch Apple Macbook, the most affordable Macbook ever (yes, apple statement is true!) as cheap as Dells, 2.0 Dual Core!

May 20

Mac Mini

Got a new Intel Mac Mini! Mainly for 褒劇集 in my bedroom!

May 12

E3 2006 Alex Day 2 Coverage

Alex Kim went to E3 over the last few hours of Day 1 and first few hours of Day 2, here is his coverage. He did see something that we didn't see.

May 10

E3 2006

The Tradition Continues!!! Me, Victor, and Alex covering E3 for the 7th year, and this year was a BLAST! All PS3 playable! but the ONLY things that sucks was we couldn't get into the Nintendo Wii booth

Apr 26

Tmobile SDA and MDA

Checkout Irina New SDA, and Unlocking Andy MDA

Apr 12

New ToORiMa.com Server

ToORiMa.com has migrated to a new Dell Server! Running Pentium D 930 Dual Core 3.0Ghz with Virutal Server Technology, see my new setup!

Apr 4


My first NAS, Network Attached Storage device, basically a really advance high end external hard drive enclosure. See the features!

Mar 30

DDR + Eyetoy + Guitar Freak + Drumania

Newest DDR Strike with Eyetoy, and Guitar Freak V + Drumania V in 2006

Mar 23

Emily New Sony W50

New Camera on the block, see how Sony new chipset with ISO1000 compares!

Feb 15

Dopod 818 Pro

Have been debating to upgrade my O2 mini to the new Atom or the Dopod 818 Pro for half a year, Cyril Choy finally got my new Toy fresh import from Hong Kong!

Feb 11

Preparing for Winter Olympic and World Cup 2006

Preparing for Winter Olympic and World Cup, I got the FusionHDTV5 PCI tuner and Slingbox!

Feb 6

VoSKY Skype Call Center

Finally it's out! And finally shipped to my door today! A VoIP box for Skype that I have been waiting for! (and I'm sure you skypers out there has been waiting for too!) The description on their website is not so clear on what it can do until I finally receive the unit, see for yourself!

Jan 16

Road To 5 lb Camera

As I'm adding more and more parts to my photo gear, weight of my camera also increasing. Checkout the parts I am adding over time.


Dec 12

Janice Xmas Present TomTom Go

Janice going high tech: TomTom Go GPS for her car, such a nice little device, fast response, huge button (perfect for auntie Janice) and BIG display / words, and even with Cantonese Voice Navigation, goes through bluetooth phone to get updated traffic info too!

Nov 23

OS X x86 Generic Install

The so called "Generic Install" leak of OS X x86, can be installed on ANY Intel PC (with proper hardware support of course, like SSE2 or SSE3)

Nov 17

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 Launch Event

Last time @ Burbank was the MSDN .NET 2.0 Launch, this one is the official Visual Studio 2K5 launch. Free VS2K5 standard edition + SQL Server 2K5

Nov 9

Emily New Phone New Laptop

Someone is getting High Tech, just got a O2 mini and a new G4 laptop

Oct 29

Downgrade PSP 2.0 to 1.5

Successfully downgraded a PSP from 2.0 to 1.5!

Oct 12

Windows Vista Beta 2

My report on Microsoft Windows Vista

Sep 13

Flashing O2 Mini ROM

My O2 mini has been running the factory ROM since I first got it, and I haven't bother fixing those bluetooth connection crashing bug / etc until today: Flashing the newest QTek ROM, inspired by Victor. (Since his new Dopod 828 has to be flashed into a non Chinese ROM because them 竹星 doesn't read Chinese)

Sep 3

Eye Toy 2

Eye Toy Play 2 Chaos

Sep 1

My First DSLR

Road to my First Digital SLR...

Aug 19

Setting up OSx86 and other OSes

Have been circulating on the web, OSX is running on any x86 box. How about my Dual Core? Let's give it a try :)

Aug 19

Canon S2 IS

Have been one of those super back ordered popular camera, everywhere is sold out. I put my order in a month ago on amazon, and they told me shipping date is 2 months later. Finally got it today

Aug 18

MSDN .NET 2.0 Conference

the 3 months of .net studio 2005 launch, Microsoft is hosting events around the country, and Burbank is one of the first city that has this event. Learned a lot of new features that .net framework 2.0 offers

Aug 15

Irina New Tmobile SDA

Irina ordered a new PocketPC Smartphone Edition phone from Andy (My O2 mini is a Phone edition, not SmartPhone edition)

Aug 15

Sony T7

Phasing out my W1 and U60 (my water camera), today I received my new T7

Jul 24

Uniden Bluetooth HomePhone

Got a new phone system, with this, I can REALLY give up Vonage VoIP! Because I have way too much cell phone minute, and this home phone set uses your cell phone (and land line as well) as your line! And we will be using 800 calling card to make even CHEAPER Long D call to Hong Kong

Jul 15

Dell Dual Core 9100

After half a month of waiting, finally got my 24 inch display + the Ultimate machine: Dual Core 3.0 Ghz 9100!!! This thing is using the LATEST technology that I felt like I'm an Idiot, at first I thought it's Dual Core with Hyperthreading, therefore should show 4 CPU graph, but I was wrong, but it can actually run Windows x64-bit!

Jul 2

阿叔 in Winning Eleven 8 Liveware Evolution

Can you believe it!? 阿叔林尚義 in Winning Eleven! Besides him, I heard 阿叻 and 志偉 as well, this is SO FUNNY

Jun 23

PSP HomeBrew Appz No Swap

Released today! PSP KXploit, running Homebrew Application with NO SWAP, STRAIGHT boot into the emulators and applications! ToORiMa testing it with my new v1.50 PSP

May 20

Gamecube Booting from SD

Booting Gamecube from SD Card Demo

May 19

E3 2005

The BEST year, you can't imagine how many PEOPLE are here this year, with all PS3 / XBOX 360 / GC Revolution / GBA Micro launch, never seen such crowded E3 before!

May 4

IBM Deskstar Class Action

The Class Action of these broken IBM hard drive from 2000 finally settled, I have used these 30 gig and 60 gig drives to build my first RAID array back in 2000 and crashed 4 of them.

Apr 29

OS X Tiger Launch Event

Me and Emily went to checkout Pasadena store Apple store Tiger launch event, hoping that we can win a powerbook... haha

Mar 4

Gran Turismo 4

After drooling for the Asian version of GT4 @ $70 bucks for 3 months, finally the US version is released! Got it @ full retail price from amazon.com, GT4 is simpily amazing

Mar 3

Dell Inspiron 700m

My New Centrino Dell Inspiron 700m! Bye Bye TabletPC!

Feb 22

Sau E Karaoke ShoeBox

Sau E and Corrina is building ToORiMa Karaoke in their new house! Checkout their equiptments

Jan 22

Cracking open Emily's iMac

Adding RAM, wonder what's inside an iMac?

Jan 14

O2 Mini

FINALLY found a phone that supress P900! Just came out this month, O2 Mini! What an amazing device! Now Streaming Internet Radio from Hong Kong is made possible in my car!


Dec 11

Emily's New G5 iMac

a New mac in 4 years, Emily is finally doing a system upgrade! from dual 500 Mhz G4 to this new 1.8 Ghz 20" display G5 iMac

Nov 24

XBOX Xecuter 3 Installation

Due to my old xbox keep shutting down on me every 15 minutes, I need a new Xbox. John, the Raytheon LARD雞王 is doing the installation this time, check out the solder work!

Nov 12

Victor Dell Inspiron 700m

Victor First Laptop! Dell Inspiron 770m, really portable 1.6 Ghz Pentium 4M 512 meg 16:9 wide screen built in B/G wireless with $750 off $1500 coupon, $800 bucks SHIPPED, isn't this incredible?

Nov 12

Rumble Roses

First View! 泥漿摔角 with Victor, the FIRST 泥漿摔角 game in History, SO much better than DOA!

Nov 6

Vincent New Dell XPS Gen 3

嘉輝豬全新幻彩 Top of the line Dell XPS Gen 3, showing off with Doom 3, @ 1600x1200 with all graphic option turned on, no SLOW DOWN!

Oct 12

Emily New Phone SE S700i

Emily got a new phone, switching from Cingular -> TMobile to get great deals of course, the ultimate Camera phone, 1.3 mega pixel, let's see some REAL resolution comparison between S700 vs P900

Sep 23

Raytheon Halo Night

After 3 times posponding Alex Kim Halo party, we end up playing Halo @ Raytheon Main Conference Room with projectors after hours.

Aug 26

Sony 60 inch TV Fix

The Lamp of my 60 inch LCD Projector blew out after 4 months of use, called up Sony to send out a guy to fix it

Jul 27

Sony Ericsson K700i

Angie's New free phone, SE K700i, 65K color display, 1280x960 camera

Jul 1

My New Sony F828 vs W1 vs V1

State of the art Sony SLR class DC, 7X optical x 5X Digital, 8 Megapixel 4 Color CCD, 225 mins battery life, versus super fast response W1, versus my old V1

Jun 24

Alex Kim Sony VAIO Z1 operation

Alex Kim's Laptop is having a big operation, being taken ALL apart just to replace a broken battery clip

May 26

EyeToy Chaos

Got Eyetoy! Feel the fun of Eyetoy Play and Eyetoy Groove

May 12

E3 2004

Our Big Day is HERE! First time using the new tool for merging coverages from 4 digital camera, my V1 + U60, Victor's P8, and Alex's P10

Apr 30

TES 150 Nodes Clusters

The Beowolf Clusters that is going to be used to run the ground processing data of my project, very powerful

Apr 9

Sony 60 LCD Projection

My Dream ToORiMa Karaoke setup came true, but it's *NOT* easy to setup at all... look at what I have to go through to get it to work...

Mar 23

New Shoebox Karaoke Client

Building my dream ToORiMa Karaoke setup, first is to build a shoebox size MINI Shuttle

Mar 17

Apple Mini Ipod

The big apple fan Emily finally got her new toy after she has been saying she wants one for 2 years, finally don't have to waste anymore blank CDs

Jan 31

New Model Centrino Acer TabletPC

Angie got the same type of TabletPC as mine from Hong Kong, newer model, newer features

Jan 15

XDA O2 II vs P900

Peggy brought over her brand new PDA O2 II from HK, here is how hers stacks up with my P900


Dec 28

David New 40Gb Zen vs my iPod

Dec 24

Gamecube Booting ISO

Dec 10

Lego MER

Dec 8

4X SATA150 Raid Test

Nov 11

Abit IC7-MAX3 @ 3.37Ghz

Oct 24

GameCube running ISO

Oct 15

Sony New LCD Projection

Sep 21

TMobile Unlimited GPRS and my P800 power

Sep 21

Phones of 2003

Aug 29

Cyril Choy New Nokia 3300

Aug 21

The Feeding Fish Game

Jul 27

Doing Code Review with TabletPC

Jul 10

AMD 64bit Opteron & Sony V1 vs P10

Jul 8

Liteon 1st Divx Player

Jun 19

New Camera Casio Exilim vs Sony V1

May 14

E3 2003

May 14

E3 2003

May 2

new Apple Ipod Launch

Apr 5

DOA Beach Volley Nude is REAL

Apr 4

Alex New Toy Gameboy Advance SP

Feb 23

Victor Xbox Xecutor2 Mod


Dec 13

Cyrano 50 Inch DLP Display

Nov 27

PS2 Broadband Adapter

Nov 15

8 Players HALO Party

Oct 15

XBox OpenXBox 2nd Success done at work

Oct 14

XBox Matrix Installation

Oct 14

XBOX Matrix Installation 2002

Oct 4

800 Million Remote Control Car

Sep 28

Roomba Vacuum Robot 2002

Sep 25

Aleggie XBox OpenXBox Installation

Sep 25

XBOX OpenXbox installation 2002

Aug 19

My New 4 Hard Drives stripe RAID

Jul 23

Cyril Xtender 1.1 XBox

May 25

E3 2002 Ah Wai Day 2 Blurry Chicks Coverage

May 22

E3 2002 Tri-S85 Coverage

May 22

E3 2002

Mar 11

Neo4 Installation 2002

Mar 11

4 Days NEO 4 Installation Attempt

Jan 10

Consumer Electronic Show coverage by Aleggie


Jun 16

Gran Turismo 3

May 18

E3 2001



May 1

My Video Game Room and My Friends 1988