Jul 28

Someone's Drone Video

DJI loves distributing people's video on SD cards. My drone sent in for repair, and DJI sent me back an SD card containing someone's flight footage. Can you guess where it's shot at? The GPS location actually shows it's shot in Fresno: https://goo.gl/maps/Gbe1yF359hx

Jul 27

Crashed Mavic Pro Repair

My experience with DJI repair, fixing my crashed Mavic Pro

Jul 22

DJI Mavic Pro crash into building footage

Within 2 second after taking off, Mavic suicide and crash itself into a building due to not enough GPS satellites count (app reports 9 satellites but say 'safe to fly green go status') Don't trust the Green Go status in the DJI app, and judge by your common sense, it takes 14 to 15 satellites in a large open area to be really safe to fly

Jul 22

Wilderness - Mt Hood / Oregon Drone Flight 4K

Beautiful Forest

Jul 5

July 4th JPL El Prieto MTB 2017

This year July 4th riding El Prieto fun ride with 2 groups of MTB friends

Jul 5

Our City is Exploding! July 4th Fireworks 2017

I have done a "Our City is Exploding" video 5 years ago in 2013, watching fireworks from our backyard of the San Gabriel Valley. This is my 2017 version with better 4K camera and 4K drone

Jul 5

DJI Spark Brown Mountain Flight

Today the MTB crew brought the (only) 1.5 lb DJI spark up to Brown Mountain to fly

Jul 4

Ken unboxing his new DJI Spark

Ken is now a DJI pilot! Watch his first flight video and first crash video :)

Jul 3

DJI Spark

Ken got his Spark! Fresh off the Boat from Shenzhen, and he's coming over to do his unboxing! now he's a certified DJI drone pilot, yep! he flew it, and he crashed it! stay tuned for his virgin flight video and crash video!

Jul 2

Trying Mavic Pro Dual Controllers with Rodney

Primary controller controlling aircraft flight, while secondary controller controlling the camera settings

Jul 2

Jolly Oysters BBQ 2017

This year 4th of July Weekend we are going to Ventura to escape the heat

Jun 22

Ghost in the Shell: Downtown Los Angeles

Beautiful Downtown LA flight during Dusk, very Ghost in the Shell feel :)

May 29

Beautiful Night View Phantom 3 Standard

Night view shot from Ed So's Phantom 3 standard

Apr 15

Sierra Madre Neighborhood Flight

Beautiful Spring weather flight around my neighborhood with Morning Fog

Mar 5

Beautiful Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (4K Drone Flight)

Mavic Pro drone flight footage of this beautiful French Alps town Chamonix

Mar 2

Lever de soleil sur le Lac Leman (Lake Geneva Sunrise 4K)

Sunrise of Lake Geneva Drone Footage

Feb 22

Rodney's DJI Mavic Pro Flight from Tahoe 2017

Beautiful drone shot in Tahoe

Jan 22

VIP Tsang flying Anker Metakoo Mini Drone

Big Kid having fun


Dec 22

Bali 2016: DJI Mavic Pro Drone Crash

Mavic Pro Drone Crash footage, crashed right after taking off and drone taking control by itself due to a wrong RTH location

Dec 22

Bali 2016: Touring and Flying Bali

Visiting popular tourists spots around Beautiful Bali and flying Mavic Pro

Dec 20

Bali 2016: Visiting Pura (Hindu Temples of Bali)

Visiting various Hindu Temples around Bali

Dec 16

Bali 2016: Kamandalu Ubud 4K Flight Footage

A look at our Beautiful Resort in Ubud from above

Dec 13

中山愛寵基地 赤板錦鯉場 4K Flight Footage

Drone Flight Footage shot in November 2016

Nov 4

DJI Mavic Pro Active Tracking MTB... Failed

Does Mavic Pro active track works on tracking a bike ride? um... I can't get it to work...

Oct 30

Climb to Inspiration Point MTB 2016

Oct 30

Bringing a Drone on an MTB Ride (and not look stupid)

With the small footprint and weight of the new DJI Mavic Pro, finally it's now possible to bring a drone to a MTB mountain bike ride, where weight is essential (on uphill climbs) and size has to be small (so you don't look like carrying a Ninja Turtle Shell). Fits inside your hydration pack just like a tool pouch. The key is to pack it real tight so propellers and gimbal won't rock around during violent downhill runs and even crashes.

Oct 29

Climb to Inspiration Point MTB 2016

I have done it! I'm joining the 3500ft Club! Climbed to Inspiration Point, and Downhill via insanely RAW and Rampage style Upper Sam Merrell Trail and Sunset Trail

Oct 28

DJI Mavic Pro ActiveTracking Doodle... kinda Works!

My 2nd attempt test flight, after learning the behavior of Mavic Pro's ActiveTracking algorithm, better positioning the drone and turn on "backward flying while tracking", this time, it KINDA works! Success!

Oct 26

DJI Mavic Pro Spotlight ActiveTracking Doodle... Failed!

My first attempt using Mavic Pro's Spotlight ActiveTrack! Don't know how to use it! Doodle is too fast! lolz

Oct 25

DJI Mavic Pro

The Drone that killed GoPro Karma before it was even shipped, has arrived!

Jul 2

DJI Rodney

Rodney is now a DJI pilot

Jun 2

Emily is a (學神) DJI Pilot

Emily is now a DJI Pilot! 跟住呢??? 跟住呢??? :D

May 30

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Ed So's new toy, DJI phantom vs Doodle and Bobe!

May 29

Ed So's New Toy: DJI Phantom 3

EdSo got a new toy, tonight it's Doodle vs Phantom 3

May 8

Drone VS 豆腐花

Drone flying on top of 豆腐花 during our Dessert Time

May 8

Mother's Day 2016

Celebraing Mother's Day tonight

Feb 7

"Follow Me Down" - Puente Hills Powder Canyon

Our first MTB video with Drone coverage

Feb 7

The Making Of Powder Canyon MTB 2016 with Drones

Special Thanks to our Drone Pilot following us downhill with a DJI Phantom

Feb 7

Powder Canyon MTB with Drones 2016

1st MTB warm up ride of the season @ Powder Canyon, with Drone coverage by Wing!


Dec 27

$35 Bucks DJI Phantom: Syma S107C Camera Chopper

First flight test of this completely out of control drone, cannot stay up in the air for more than 15 seconds then BAM! hahah