Dec 3

Steam Pot 2017

Winter is here, time to eat Steam pot!

Nov 23

Thanksgiving 2017

Making Sous Vide Turkey Drumstick this year

Sep 25

自家製月餅餡 Halfway Mooncake

Emily did all these work grinding fresh lotus attempting to make mooncake this year, end up in the trash. Failed

Sep 17

Sous Vide Pork Chop

After Sous Vide Tritip, Sous Vide Hainan Chicken Rice, tonight I'm trying Sous Vide Pork Chop, 2 flavors of super simple and fast

Sep 11

海南雞飯 Hainan Chicken Rice

Making Hainan Chicken Rice with Sous Vide stick, WAYYYYY better than the worst Hainan Chicken Rice SideChick la!

Sep 4

Labor Day 2017 Sous Vide Tri-tip Steak

Got a smart Sous Vide stick and making Tri-ip steak tonight

Aug 12

Tempura Night

Making a 12 courses Tempura meal tonight

Aug 9

Souffle Pancake

Emily is making something new this morning

Jul 30

Summer BBQ 2017

Finally the nights are getting a BIT cooler and we don't have to sweat BBQ-ing

Jul 1

Ventura Jolly Oyster BBQ 2017

4th of July weekend, this year we are going to Ventura to escape the heat, and eat some awesome Oysters

Jun 4


I'm making Tonkatsu tonight, with our new Fryer

May 28

Memorial Day Weekend BBQ 2017

Trying Korean BBQ this year

May 14

Mothers Day 2017 with Prime Ribs

We've got 3 mothers tonight, cooking Prime Ribs tonight

Jan 28

Chinese New Year 2017

恭喜發財 Celebrating CNY with lots of people and food

Jan 22

Bumbu Bali: Indonesian Night

Making Indonesian dinner tonight, we've got Bumbu Bali Ayam, Sup Buntut, Nasi Goreng


Nov 13

Ben Ma Birthday 2016 with Sauna Pot & Chestnut Cake

Celebraing Ben Ma's bday this year with Sauna Steam Hot Pot and Home made Chestnut cake and black sugar mochi

Oct 9

比你玩死! Emergency BBQ

Setup a BBQ within 15 minutes, no problem!

Oct 2

Date Tree Harvest 2016 and BBQ

Autumn is here, and it's time to harveset our Date Jujube tree

Sep 9

Making Mooncake 2016

Emily's 1st attempt making Mooncake this year! let's see how it would taste like?

Jun 10

Xinjiang Night 新疆羊肉大鍋抓飯 + 烤羊肉串

Tonight we are making Xinjiang Cuisine

May 19

Penis Boned In Rib Eye

Look what've we got tonight lolz!

Mar 19

Yakiniku Night

Having Yakiniku tonight, Doodle wants some :)

Feb 7

Chinese New Year Tuen Nin Dinner 2016

With lots of scary looking dishes tonight


Dec 27

阿包 Experiencing Swimming in Duck Fat

The Choy's @ Sun Ha Jang, Korean Duck Duck BBQ, with 隔油紙 :)

Dec 25

Merry Xmas 2015

Our Xmas Dinner tonight

Nov 26

Thanksgiving 2015

Our 8.5lb Thanksgiving Turkey

Oct 25

秋?味: Sauna Hot Pot 2015

Autumn is here, having a wonderful evening with Sauna Hot Pot pairing with Pumpkin Blue Moon Ale

Sep 6

Labor Day Weekend BBQ 2015

Labor Day eating Moon Cake

Aug 2

Jolly Oyster 2015 Round 2

Summer Picnic and BBQ in Ventura with lots of pepople eating lots of oysters

Jul 2

Making Cold Brew Coffee

Cyril 教你整 Cold Brew Coffee

Jun 25

包記撞豆花 Hong Kong Style Tofu Fa Pudding

包師奶教你撞豆腐花 How to make Hong Kong Chinese Style Tofu Pudding Bean Curd

Jun 8

端午節2015: 包記靚粽

Ah Bao wrapping Chinese Tamales

Apr 26

Sauna Hot Pot 中山桑拿鍋

Unique way of making Chinese Steaming Hot Pot, from Zhong Shan

Apr 19

Ventura Jolly Oyster BBQ 2015

Time for some fresh oysters and clams @ the Beach!

Apr 12

Malaysian Night

Tonight we are in Malaysia :) making Bak Kut Teh and Asam Ikan :)

Mar 21

Edward So Birthday 2015

Celebrating Ed So's Bday tonight

Feb 22


It's the year of the Ram / Goat / Sheep / Lamb whatever, what's better than celebrating with eating Lamb Skewers?

Feb 14

新年整蘿蔔糕 CNY 2015 Making Turnip Cake

Chinese New Year is around the corner, making traditional Chinese Lor Bak Go


Dec 31

2015 Count Down

Having Coca Cola 7-Bone and MJ counting down to 2015, Happy New Year

Dec 14

順德家鄉菜 Sauna Hot Pot

Tonight we are bringing what we learned from Zhong Shan China and recreate this 順德 style steaming sauna hot pot right here at home

Dec 3

Mini 雞蛋仔 Maker

We've got a new and better Hong Kong egg waffle (Gai Dan Jai) maker from HK, Emily is testing it today

Nov 27

Thanksgiving Turkey 2014

Emily is baking a 14 lbs big bird tonight

Oct 19

雲丹 Uni

Tonight Janice is making Sea Urchin :)

Oct 5

七輪碳火燒 Table Top Shichirin Charcoal Grill

Our turn to beta test our new Table Top charcoal grill tonight

Sep 21

iPhone 6 Plus 240fps 啄豬肉

Shot by iPhone 6 Plus, edit by iMovie, 240fps 啄豬肉!

Sep 14

Bao Choy Hello Kitty Musubi

LA Times was showing Roy Choi's Hello Kitty Musubi, tonight we are making Bao Choy Hello Kitty Musubi

Aug 3


Summer is hot! Making some cool dishes tonight

Aug 2


蔡一燒居酒屋 in La Puente, probably the Best Izakaya in Rowland Heights area! ToORiMa Approved!

Jul 4

July 4th 2014 BBQ

This year July 4th BBQ party in our backyard, watching our City exploding

Jun 28

Alaskan King Crab and Seafood Feast 2014

Last year after we came back from Alaska and brought back awesome Alaskan King Crabs and Seafood from Anchorage. This time King of Seafood So Dad is in LA, he got to try it!

May 20

Breville Infuser BES840XL Espresso Machine

Our Espresso Machine exploded last week, and this week Breville sends us a new one

Apr 21

Ad Hoc Chicken X 豉油雞 Crossover

Tonight we are making Thomas Keller Adhoc Chicken with Emily 豉油雞

Apr 9

Coffee Beans Omasake

We started an interesting Coffee Beans subscription service, that ship us different beans from different part of the world randomly every 2 weeks


Dec 25

Emily Baking Holiday Cookies

Trying something new this year, Emily is making some big and some tiny Holiday Cookies for X'mas

Nov 10

Hawaiian making Hawaiian Shave Ice

Hawaiian Choys is making Hawaiian shave ice tonight

Nov 7

Instant Apple Popsicle

Emily got a new Kitchen Toy, turning a fresh apple into popsicle within 6 minutes, so sweet and so fresh

Sep 15

Mooncake Festival 2013

Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival with Ben Ma and two pregnent aunties tonight

Aug 27

Emily Baking Experiment: Green Tea Mousse Cake

Checkout Emily's latest baking experiment

Jul 31

Handmade Fresh Pasta

Tonight we are making Pasta, crank crank crank crank crank ...

Jul 7

Baja Ranch Mexican Night

Eating Burrito tonight with the Choys

Jun 16

Fathers Day 2013 BBQ

BBQ Party @ Jason's with a lot of fathers and a lot of screaming babies

May 26

Memorial Day Weekend BBQ 2013

The Coldest Memorial Weekend BBQ Party ever, 65 degree tonight

May 8


Ah Bao bought us a Vietnam Coffee maker, only $3.39!

Apr 28

Jason 印尼風 BBQ Party

Jason RDX BBQ party with private Indonesian Chef, awesome!

Mar 17

Alaskan King Crab and Seafood Feast

We are back from Alaska! And we brought back a huge box of Alaskan King Crab Legs and other Alaskan Seafood, tonight we are having Alaskan Night, recreating the Taste of Alaska at home!

Feb 25

Italian Night: Homemade Pasta

Making fresh pasta with our pasta machine tonight

Feb 16


aka Red Bean Popsicle

Feb 3

Super Bowl BBQ 2013

Super Bowl Night with Ah Bao Chilli and BBQ

Jan 22

今晚包餃餃 Uncut

Uncut Edition

Jan 22

今晚包餃餃 Director's Cut

Making Dumpling tonight

Jan 18

Making Home Grown Popsicles

Making Popsicles today, how to make Home Grown Popsicles? From Fresh squeeze orange juice picked right from our backyard Orange Tree!

Jan 18


Today we are having 蠔油蝦子撈麵 for lunch

Jan 17

Aloha Bean Beans: Kona Coffee

Aloha Everyone! Today we received some Bean Beans from Aloha Hawaii! Let's do unboxing

Jan 15

Macaron Perfection

Emily is very happy today :D because she finally found the trick to make Macaron successfully and consistently

Jan 6

Jaime Birthday 2013: Singapore Night

Jaime Choy 10th birthday, and her birthday wish is to play Zombie vs Plants without disruption all day hahah


Dec 24

Morning Coffee

Drink Fresh Coffee, and time to ditch your Capsule Nespresso Machine

Dec 23

Korean Night with the Choys

做冬 in KTown

Nov 12

Emily Baking Xmas Cookies

Emily beta testing the new cookie shitting gun and trail it on some non-colorful butter cookie recipe, will we see some orange pumpkin, green xmas tree and white snowman cookie soon?

Sep 30

Emily making Mille Crepe Cake

20 layers Crepe Cake, took 2 days to prepare

Sep 30

Mooncake Festival 2012

中秋 Party tonight, eat more mooncake! and Emily is making 20 layers crepe cake

Sep 20


Meet the all new Skinny version of Ah Bao, making 五香餃餃牛肉麵 tonight

Sep 16

Baking Macaron Failed: Exploding Volcano

Time Lapse of Emily's Exploding Volcano Macaron

Sep 13

Baking Macaron

Emily has been trying this Macaron experiment for this whole week, baking macaron is one of the most complex culinary experience ever attempted by far

Aug 26

炸雞翼我意食 Buffalo Wings

Attempt to make Buffalo Wings from scratch without buying Buffalo Wings sauce, and became 咕嚕 wings... completely failure :)

Aug 26

Baking 雞蛋仔 HK Egg Waffle

Ever since March 2011, we gave this Williams-Sonoma Hong Kong style egg waffle maker for Edward's Birthday...

Aug 23

夏日炎炎雪糕機 Making Black Sesame Ice Cream

Tonight we are making Ice Cream, Black Sesame Ice Cream, WAY better than 田園前!

Aug 23

Emily 今晚焗葡撻

Emily got a new haircut, Doodle Head

Aug 13

Emily's Cookbook Overflow

Emily organizing her cookbook

Aug 12


Emily is making her 超可愛的缽仔糕 again today, very simple! You can make this at home too!

Jul 26

Baking 蛋撻

Emily baking Hong Kong style Egg Tard today, 翻版奇華蛋撻

Jul 25

I love Mini Mango

Got a bunch of mini Mango from a Vietnamese Exotic Fruit shop, so tiny and sweet!

Jul 8

蘇家二少入廚 2012

Very rare event you don't see very often, probably once every 10 years :)

Jul 4

July 4th 2012 BBQ

BBQ again this year of course!

Jun 24

品味咖啡 Syphon Coffee

I got a Coffee Syphon for my Birthday, really need to watch youtube to learn how to use this thing

Jun 20

做夏 Summer Solstice 2012

Ever wonder why your mom always 做冬 but they never 做夏 and celebrate Summer Solstice?

Jun 2

Delay Memorial Day 2012 BBQ

Hahah we are 1 week late, Memorial Weekend was last weekend! ha!

Apr 20

自家製 Jamba Juice

So Damn Hot today! Summer is here! Emily making Jamba Juice

Apr 13

Will It Blend?

New Blender, can start making Jamba Juice at home!

Apr 8

Easter Party 2012

Tonight we are making lots of food, Meat, Meat, and Meat!

Apr 2

Absolut 西瓜汁

Emily messing with 果碌野 again, tonight, mixing 西瓜汁

Apr 1

Aloha Everyone! Hawaiian Night 2012

Tonight we are having Aloha Hawaiian Night party

Mar 28

Sau E Big Catch Birthday 2012

Sau E and James went fishing with Big Catch + Birthday Celebration

Feb 26

Woo Sir Sir High Tea-ing

Very English Spirit these days, 晨早留留 High Tea-ing

Feb 5

(Nobody Cares About) Super Bowl BBQ Party 2012

Superbowl Sunday! and it's a nice warm 75F degree California afternoon, perfect to throw a Super Bowl BBQ Party today

Jan 22

Chinese New Year Tuen Nin Dinner 2012

Doing our yearly Tuen Nin Dinner with lots of Chinese food

Jan 17

Making 年糕+蘿蔔糕 2012

It's Chinese New Year! Emily making my favorite GO GO

Jan 15

Another Ugly Crab

In 2010, we ate an Ugly Crab. Now in 2012, we found an even MORE ugly crab!

Jan 4

Peel a Garlic in 10 Sec? 得唔得??

Saw a youtube video showing you how to peel a garlic in 10 secs, hahah does it really work? Try it yourself

Jan 1

2012 New Year Turkey

Happy new year 2012! Last year we didn't eat any turkey, so to start the year 2012, we must eat a turkey.


Dec 22

做冬 2011

What's best when Winter comes? Da Bin Lo!

Dec 17

Early Xmas Dinner 2011

Celebrating Xmas with Ben Ma and the So's tonight

Sep 11

Mooncake Festival 2011

Celebrating this year's Mooncake fest on 9/11, we felt like we were terrorists...

Aug 30

雞手鴨腳上海 Barista (上海婆 Edition)

New edition, suggested by Galen, good idea Galen!

Aug 27

Nom Nom Nom Dinner: Extremely Crowded Kitchen

I better stay away

Aug 22

Harris Ranch Steak

Jason Cayman and Billy is in the house tonight, their friend just came back from Harris Ranch, and brought back some fresh MEAT

Aug 21

雞手鴨腳上海 Barista

Barista from Shanghai, making coffee

Aug 21

3927 House Warming Round 7

After a year we moved in, we are doing another House Warming Party, again! haha this time, VIP Tsangs are coming

Jul 10

Breville Die-Cast BES830XL Espresso Machine

Upgrading our Espresso Machine

Jul 3

July 4th 2011 Weekend BBQ

Baking Summer evening with 2 high pitch screaming babies playing Gears of War Water Gun edition

Jun 30

Thomas Keller Ad Hoc Fried Chicken

Tonight we are making Chicken and Waffles, with Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc super complicated Ad Hoc fried chicken!

Jun 28

Chef Choy Hawaiian Night

Aloha everyone! ex-Hawaiian Cyril and Ah Bao are making Loco Moco for us tonight

Jun 26

Casa de Chan House Warming BBQ

Summer BBQ @ Chan's National Park in a nice Summer Evening

Jun 8

Blue Point Oysters For Lunch

eh??? Where did these Oysters come from?

May 29

Memorial Day Weekend BBQ 2011

Big BBQ party this year

Apr 27

3927 House Warming Round 6

Yes, House warming is NOT finished yet! Tonight we are having another round of House Warming for some Aunties and Uncles

Apr 17

Our New Weber BBQ Grill

Bought a new BBQ Grill tonight at 5pm, can we turn this pile of parts and screws into a BBQ grill by dinner time?

Feb 3

CNY Mexican 開年飯 2011

恭喜發財! Today is 大年初一, We are making Mexican Dinner as 開年飯!

Feb 2

Chinese New Year Tuen Nin Dinner 2011

This year we have the Choys and the Chings and Ben Ma to Da Bin Lo as Tuen Nin dinner

Jan 4

Failure 蛋撻 Experiment

Some of you might notice, we've got a brick of LARD recently, and what can we do with it? Make 蛋撻! Emily tried making 蛋撻 from scratch tonight, and doesn't seem to work very well...


Dec 30

BBQ Pork Skewer

Lens showoff, Canon 135mm FD f2.8

Dec 28

Armenian Market and BBQ

Last month, my co-worker bought me some Armenian spice and I beta test cooking Armenian BBQ, tonight, we are shopping @ the King's Markets and having Armenian BBQ night round 2

Dec 22

做冬 2010

Ben Ma's most exciting celebration: 做冬, during the rainy Winter nights.

Dec 19

Xmas 打邊爐 2010

Rainy and Cold X'mas, what's better than 打邊爐 at home? We are celebrating X'mas with Friends and Families early this year.

Dec 4

Armenian Night

Trying to make Armenian Shish Kebab tonight :)

Nov 28

3927 House Warming Round 5

Isabella and Aaron is in town to visit us, Janice did a USC Alumni Reunion edition of House Warming tonight. Good to see everybody again.

Nov 27

3927 House Warming Round 4

Screaming Babies Edition, tonight our 100% Baby Safe House has 3 screaming and running babies, with Kinect Injury caught on Camera too.

Nov 21

3927 House Warming Round 3.1

Yes, we had another round of House warming eating 小籠包 and 抽筋 Kinect Dance Party with the gang from House Warming Round 1 and 2, my feet are Chow Gun-ing now...

Nov 20

3927 House Warming Round 3

小籠包 and 抽筋 Kinect Dance Party

Nov 14

3927 House Warming Round 2

Round 2 House Warming this weekend: Deluxe 重慶四川麻辣火鍋!

Nov 7

3927 House Warming Round 1

We are finally setted in our new house and ready for house warming party! House Warming Round 1 became House SMOKING, Thank you all for coming and thank you Ken for SMOKING our house, it's really warm now :)

Oct 22

Pre-House Warming Dinners

Pasadena's latest tourist attraction: our new House haha it's a mess right now, friends of ours test driving our new Kitchen

Sep 6

Labor Day Weekend Cyril BBQ 2010

BBQ Tradition @ the Choy's

Jul 5

鼎泰豐 Night

Tonight, we are making 小籠包 from scratch

Jul 4

July 4th 2010 Cyril BBQ

Our usual 4th of July weekend, go to Cyril's place to BBQ! But this year, we bought a real Charcoal Grill, and give up Cyril's pan fried BBQ grill :)

Jun 6

Emily Slow Cook 梅菜扣肉 Experiment

Emily experimenting a new dish tonight: Slow cooking 梅菜扣肉

May 11

Beer Cooler Steak

Experimenting using Beer Cooler to slow cook Howies USDA Prime Ribeye with Beer Cooler, failure for the 1st time. Will try ti again later with higher temperature.

Apr 4

11 Fish Meal

Tonight we are cooking 11 fish! Why so many? Yesterday Sau E and James and Janice went fishing while I was in San Diego, and caught all the fish. We are cooking them all tonight.

Mar 11

An Ugly Crab

What an Ugly Crab! We are going to eat it tonight

Feb 19

Deluxe USDA Prime Ribeye 四川打邊爐

We have tried this before, using Howie $24/lb USDA Prime Ribeye for 打邊爐 while Janice was away and it was totally AWESOME and best da bin lo experience ever, this time is Janice's and Jason ML's 1st time trying, enjoy?

Feb 15

Korean Night

Making Korean tonight, everything going with Kimchee taste good

Feb 13

Chinese New Year Tuen Nin Dinner 2010

This year, Janice, Edward and Ah Bao is missing, greeting Hong Kong with Skype

Feb 12

Making 年糕+蘿蔔糕 2010

Emily making 年糕+蘿蔔糕 from scratch, while WAITING NBC to air Winter Olympic Ceremony for 1.5 hours

Feb 7

Ben Ma Cooking

The latest episode of Choy Lan went to eat different "Mom's Cooking", tonight I'm eating traditional Cantonese Ben Ma cuisine

Jan 10

Aloha Everyone! Hawaiian Night

Tonight we are bringing the Choy's back home: Hawaii! (Yes, Both Cyril and Ah Bao grow up in Hawaii!) Making my favorite Hawaiian dish, Spam Fried Rice


Dec 20

Chinese Winter Fest 2009

Every year Ben Ma must celebrate Chinese Winter Fest with us, have you ever wonder why we never celebrate Summer Fest?

Nov 25

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner 2009

Haha we bought so much food, that we have to start our Thanksgiving dinner EARLY this year to clean up the Fridge

Nov 15

Italian Night

We did Spanish night several weeks ago, tonight, we are trying Italian Night!

Nov 1

Spanish Night

Preparing a big Spanish dinner tonight, utilizing all available seafood we can find in southern California

Jul 5

Homemade Pizzaria and Osteria Mozza

The last time we made Pizza at home was 2 years ago, tonight we did homemade Pizza and Pasta from scratch

Jul 3

Homemade Kogi BBQ

Went shopping at Korean Market today, and bought some Kimchi to make our own version of Kogi BBQ for this 4th of July! Don't have to stand in line for 2 hours, and almost the same la!

Apr 24

Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Machine

Today we got an Espresso Machine :) Breville Cafe Roma, and JUST happened that AFTER we got the machine, we realized Peggy in HK got one too ahhah what a conincident.

Mar 25

品味咖啡 Coffee Cupping

Inspired by 陳豪 - 品味咖啡, tonight we went to a Coffee Cupping Seminar, learning so much about Coffee and getting High

Jan 25

Chinese New Year Tuen Nin Dinner 2009

This year we tried POON CHOY for Tuen Nin dinner


Dec 26

Xmas Dinner 2008

We are having our Xmas Fest on Boxing day this year cause everybody is busy.

Dec 21

做冬 2008

Ben 媽唔講都唔會記得今晚做冬, Chinese Dongzhi Festival

Dec 19

Eating A Piece of Meat

Janice found a huge piece of boned in rib eye (my favorite) at the market, let's EAT it.

Sep 29

Ginger Sesame Pork Loin

Remember my experimental ginger sesame pork loin I made last time? This is the extremely simple receipe

Sep 20

FA DIU Egg White steam crab

Have been talkiing about making this dish since 2 weeks ago, finally bought 2 crabs today

Sep 14

Mooncake Festival BBQ 2008

8/15 Celebrating Mooncake Festival @ Ben Ma place in Diamond Bar, having Yakitori tonight

Aug 3

Baking Baby Back Rib

This weekend, just happened that we saw a rack of baby back rib from the fridge in Gelson, let's bake it :)

Jul 13

Seafood Fest

Bought good seafood from Saigon Fish Market, and making a big fest tonight

Jul 4

July 4th 2008 Cyril Simulated BBQ

This year is quiet. Janice is in HK, Ah Bao is at work, we made simulated BBQ and blow up some baby fire crackers where our neighborhood is blowing up more and more illegal ones

May 31

Sushi Night

Sushi Iron Chef cookoff! Tonight we invited all my Food Enthusiast friends to come over for a sushi night, ordering fresh fish from catalinaop.com

Feb 7

Chinese New Year Dinner 2008

Chinese New Year today, Gong Hey Fat Choy! Ben Ma bringing us to try a very popular sushi house in Chino Hills. I didn't get sick.

Feb 3

Chinese New Year Tuen Nin Dinner 2008

CNY Tuen Nin Dinner, having 9 dishes fest at home again. But this year, we hired a Cooking Mama!


Dec 25

Xmas Dinner Party 2007

Xmas Dinner Party, this year, lo dau and Margaret is joining us from Hong Kong! lots of Mario and Sonic Beijing Olympic action

Sep 30


A weekend lunch, just happened to try making this Yoshinoya Beef Don myself, using ingredients that cost almost $8 bucks for making 1 bowl

Sep 23

Mid Autumn Festival 2007

Celebration of Chinese Mid Autumn Mooncake Festival

Jul 15

Pizza Workshop

Cooking Ma Ma real life edition - Pizza workshop. Jaime Choy making her first pizza!

Jul 4

July 4th 2007 Cyril BBQ

BBQ + Fireworks @ Cyril Choy

Apr 24

Making Pizza

After playing making pizza in Cooking Ma Ma, let's try to make Real one! and finally realized it takes SO LONG to make pizza! and cost 3 times as much than ordering one


Dec 18

Hooters Wings 2005

If you remember in 2003, we made Hooters Chicken Wings. Now check out the 2005 version!

Aug 21

料理東西軍 - 紅燒喜次魚

Inspired by the popular Japan Cooking Show: Dotch Cooking Show, we are making the exact dish from scratch

Aug 20

BBQ with Sau E E

Sau E E is intown, BBQ tonight by the pool

Jul 4

July 4th 2005 San Gabriel BBQ Party

BBQ / Fireworks

Mar 6

Cooking Japanese Dinner

Japanese Dinner with GT4


Jul 4

July 4th 2004 Cyril BBQ

Watching Illegal Fireworks on 4th of July, while bringing F828 for a test drive taking fireworks pix, total failure

Jun 20

My Birthday BBQ 2004

Totally unexpected, Surprise BBQ Party! Thanks to ALL!

May 21

Victor Cooking Curry

No he's not REALLY cooking curry, it's CoCo Curry House Ichibanya for PS2!

Apr 11

Pasadena 新居入伙 House Warming

Just Moved! Let's Party!

Jan 27

Mom Cooking New Year Dinner


Nov 27

Thanksgiving Dinner 2003

Nov 27

Thanksgiving Turkey 2003

Sep 11

Mooncake Festival Dinner 2003

Sep 6

Mooncake Festival BBQ 2003

Sep 6

Mooncake Festival 2003

Jul 4

July 4th 2003 BBQ

Jul 4

July 4th 2003 BBQ

May 11

Ice Cream Machine

Apr 18

Baking a piece of BIG MEAT

Feb 1

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner 2003

Feb 1

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner 2003

Jan 20

Hooters Chicken Wing on Martin Luther King


Sep 2

Labor Day BBQ

Apr 8

Banana Cake and Scones Experiment

Feb 17

Nin Chor 5 Dinner 2002

Feb 11

Chinese New Year Tuen Nin Dinner 2002

Jan 2

2002 New Year BBQ Party


Apr 14

July 4th 2001 BBQ + Playing Fireworks