Dec 7

LA Auto Show 2017

This year LA Autoshow coverage brought to you by me and Kevin

Nov 29

Rusnak Arcadia Grand Opening

Rusnak is having a party tonight, we are all there to show support and mess around

Oct 23

超迫真! Gran Turismo Sport VR

Gran Turismo is awesome again in 2017

Sep 18

GLOBE Team Go Kart Fun

This monday weekly meeting, we are here @ Burbank racing Go Kart :)

Sep 2

Shu's new C300

Nice C Class for the new C9 Class, with Perfume

Aug 18

718 Cayman Experience: Babies Edition

This is how babies experience the 718 Cayman. For those who screams: Tesla 3!!! Sorry, there are other cars in this world that has trunk space in the front too

Aug 17

Alex's 2018 GLE 350

Alex is getting a new car today replacing his ML

Aug 12

Tom 718 Cayman Experience

Tom taking the new 718 Cayman for a spin

Aug 2

C300 Service

Today it's Janice's turn to bring her car into service @ the dealer

Aug 2

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on 2017 E300

Got a chance to mess with the new Android Auto and Apple CarPlay today, finally coming to this year's Mercedes E class lineup

Jul 28

My MTB Support Vehicle GLA Service

Dashcam are awesome :) Ever wonder what they really do to your car when you send it to service? Dashcam captured footage of my car being serviced @ the dealer

Jul 27

Porsche 718 Cayman

Got a new ride today, I'm officially joining the Midlife Crisis Club

Jun 21

執左劑廿四味 from inside Janice's Hood


Apr 22

Andy Lau 烈火戰車 Honda CBR600RR

This is Andy Lau, and this is his bright red Honda 烈火戰車, now for sale :)

Apr 21

Jason Cayman is now Jason C43 Coupe

Jason Cayman is no more Jason Cayman! Checkout his brand new 2017 C43 Coupe


Jul 29

The $40M Rusnak Arcadia

Bringing my car to service today, and visiting the newly completed $40M architecture (still don't understand where all the money goes?) that takes 15 years go complete

Jul 4

Steam Car rolling in Pasadena

Saw this really neat Steam engine car in Pasadena today

May 16

So Dad's Maybach

So Dad has ordered the 2016 Maybach since last year, and finally arriving and delivering to him in Shanghai

May 2

VW Jetta Commercial Shot Director's Cut

They are shooting the new Jetta's commercial in Pasadena right in front of our window

Apr 2

Formula E Long Beach 2016

First time seeing all electric race car racing in real life, with no engine sound, no gas smell, and techno music...


Nov 21

LA Auto Show 2016

Another Year of LA Autoshow

Nov 12

Rusnak Arcadia 2016 GLE Event

Rusnak is throwing an event with the 2016 GLE tonight, visiting some friends

Sep 5

Janice with 2016 E400 Coupe

Auntie Janice taking a spin with the E400

Aug 15

Bye Bye SLK250, Hello 2016 E400 Coupe

Emily's new ride, the brand new 2016 E400 Coupe

Jul 18

MTB Support Vehicle: 2015 GLA 250

We have been shopping for MTB support vehicle for over a year, and tonight we finally got one

Jul 16

Jason Monster Jeep

Jason Cayman is now Jason Monster Jeep!

Jul 2

The Chiu's 2015 Porsche Macan Turbo

The Chiu's are in town again, this time they flew all the way down here to Pasadena Rusnak to pickup their new ride

Apr 26

Concorso Ferrari Pasadena 2015

This year, some of the rarest Ferrari including LaFerrari and Pininfarina Sergio Ferrari showed up here in Old Town Pasadena

Apr 18

Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix 2015

Another year of exciting Car Racing @ Long Beach GP

Jan 27

Tesla Tsang

Someone is very happy today... :D


Dec 6

Janice's New Car 2015 C300

Janice has been dreaming about the 2015 new C Class ever since she drove it @ Rusnak, finally she decided to get one

Nov 28

LA Auto Show 2015

Seeing some new 2015 models of our favorite cars with Ga Fai Ju this year

Nov 15

Macau Grand Prix 2014

Finally my dream came true, I have been wanting to go watch Macau GP since I was a little kid, Macau GP is really the most ghetto World Class Street Race!

Oct 23

Rusnak GLA and C Class Launch Party

Last week we went to test drive the brand new GLA before official launch, tonight we are back here @ Rusnak again

Oct 18

MTB Support Vehicle Shopping

The excuse is to find a GLK replacement, and to go checkout some new German new 2015 cars arrivals

Sep 17

Emily's BMW Ultimate Drive

BMW video of Emily driving the 228i

Sep 17

ToORiMa's BMW Ultimate Drive

BMW video of me driving the 228i

Sep 17

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience 2014

It's our turn to go play @ Santa Anita mall parking lot, today we are driving the 228i

Apr 12

Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix 2014

This year Kevin is bringing Esther to experience some loud cars


Dec 26

Jaime's Driver's Ed

Jaime taking her Driver's Ed lesson, driving Nurburgring with a BMW M3 GTR

Dec 20

SLK 洗白白

Emily giving her SLK a wash

Nov 23

LA Auto Show 2014

Lots and Lots of exciting new cars this year, a must come for automobile fans! this year the show is so big that it even spans all the surface streets surrounding the convention center with test drives

Oct 13

Mt Wilson Sunday Drive: C250 vs C250

The Ma's are visiting us today with their brand new Red Devil C, taking the two C Class up to Mt Wilson for a nice Sunday Drive

Sep 15

Ed So 2014 Subaru Outback BB Car

Ed So getting ready to be a Dad, got a huge BB car

Aug 28

SLK250 and C250

Bye Bye White German Taxies, the So's finally got rid of two white German Taxis the E350 and C300 and bring home (what else?) another 2 not so Taxies German Taxies tonight

Aug 3

ESPN XGames 2013 Gymkhana Grid

This Year XGames, obviously LA doesn't let ESPN to draw all these donut tire marks in Downtown LA, so this is the first time they are moving their motorsport / rally event @ Irwindale Speedway. This is also a first, Ken Block's Gymkhana Grid is now part of XGames, first time they are putting Drifting as an XGame Event

May 11

Red Bull X Fighters 2013

We are in the middle of nowhere in San Bernardino today, watching some serious MotoX flying up and down mountains

May 8

Bye Bye 2010 G37

5 days ago, we say bye bye to our 10 yrs old MDX, and today, our 3 yrs old G37 is leaving too

Apr 22

Long Beach Grand Prix 2013: Celebrity Race with Scion FR-S

1st time Toyota is using Scion FR-S for the LBGP Celebrity Race

Apr 22

Long Beach Grand Prix 2013: SCCA World Challenge Paddock

Taking a tour in the World Challenge Car Paddock

Apr 22

Long Beach Grand Prix 2013: IZOD IndyCar Series Paddock

Taking a tour in the Indy Lights Paddock

Apr 20

Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix 2013

Yearly Long Beach GP, watching American Le Mans Series and IndyCar with Kevin

Apr 14

Bye Bye 2004 MDX

Bye Bye MDX, you have served us well for the past 10 years

Apr 6

2013 GLK350

Bye Bye MDX, Hello GLK, today we picked up yet another White Benz...


Oct 28

Matte Silver C63

Vrooom ...... Vrooom ......

Aug 27

New Car Shopping: 2013 Maxima 3.5SV

We all used to drive Maxima's back in the 90s, and Maxima becomes a luxury car now a days in 2013, with seat cooling and becomes a $40K car

Aug 27

The So's and my lovely G37

The So sisters hate my G37

Aug 25

Edward Shopping for New Car

It's always been fun to go 運吉 and test drive brand new cars, today we are messing around in BMW dealer, test driving the brand new 2013 X1 sDrive28i which just arrived from Leipzig of Germany. Each dealer only has 1 car for test driving and it's on order.

Jun 2

Cyril's Garage: Nissan Leaf

The Choy's new $50,000 golf cart!

May 6

Concorso Ferrari Pasadena 2012

Beautiful California Summer Day in Pasadena, with lots of Ferraris on Colorado that doesn't move

Feb 26

Amigo Hit My G37

I'm a Magnet of Idiot Drivers, yes, G37 is going to the shop AGAIN


Nov 18

LA Auto Show 2012

This year Me, Kevin and GaFaiJu is going to LA Autoshow on Day 1 opening

Oct 17

The Ching's Garage: 2012 Lincoln MKX

James has brought home a new ride to play with today, a HUGE SUV that I don't usually get to play with.

Jul 31

ESPN XGames 17 @ LA Downtown

This year ESPN is turning the entire Downtown / Staples Center / Nokia Center into a HUGE XGame Venue, me and Kevin watching Rally Cross and Moto X

Jul 17

Jump 車 Failed: TL Battery Dead

Jame's 4 yrs old TL battery is dead, I was not surprised. My 3 yrs TL lease battery completely died twice.

May 22

Concorso Ferrari on Colorado 2011

Seeing some Rare Vintage Ferraris today @ Old Town Pasadena

Apr 17

Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix 2011

Another year of Long Beach Toyota Grand Prix, this year I'm bringing Jason Cayman to see Indy Car Series and SCCA race

Mar 30

Bringing Home ANOTHER Germany Taxi: Emily 2011 C300

Another German Taxi! Another White one too!

Mar 27

Emily Acura 08 TSX

Bye Bye TSX, shooting the last pix of the TSX before selling it to CarMax

Mar 26

ESPN Global Rallycross Championship 2011

ESPN's brand new Rally event Global Rally Cross, 1st stop taken place @ Irwindale Toyota Speedway

Mar 24

Our Cars

Cars 2 is coming up, this is the lineup in our garage :)

Mar 22

Arcadia C9 Parallel Parking 必備 feature: E350 Parktronic

Damn this German engineer/manual, or is it just we are too dumb? Really took us full half an hour just to figure out how to activate this parallel parking feature! and this woman voice just drives me NUTS!

Mar 20

Bringing Home a Germany Taxi: Janice's 2011 E350

Janice got a new ride, she's now officially an Arcaida C9 :)


Dec 5

GT5 Online Party: Watch the Slowest 包尾 Driver drives

Crashing each other online GT5 party night with Jason Galen and Timothy

Nov 21

LA Auto Show 2011

A lot of surprises this year, going with Ga Fai Ju, Ken and Kevin on the most crowded Sunday

Oct 29

Galen RDX is now Galen TSX

Galen TSX is taking us to dinner with his new ride :)

Jul 31

ESPN XGames 16 Rally @ L.A. Coliseum

This year XGames spans over 4 days, going on in LA Live, Staples, Nokia Center, and LA Coliseum. We are going to XGame Rally in LA Coliseium, other than Rally, there's a brand new event SuperRally, as well as BMX Big Air. Get to meet Ken Block after the game too!

May 31

Sau E's New Car 2010 C300

Sau E's New Ride! 2010 C300 Luxury Edition

May 22

Bimmerfest 2010 Rose Bowl

This year Bimmerfest is in Rose Bowl Pasadena, Ken is bringing us with his Convertible M3

May 14

G37 Crashed

Still under 1000 miles on my G37, already BIG time crashed by this Monterey C9 that totally ran the red light

Apr 17

Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix 2010

This is the 3rd time for me to attend the Toyota GP of Long Beach. For the past, I always went on the last day (Sunday), and never saw the American Le Mans Series. This year, I decided to go on a Saturday to experience Le Mans car in real person

Mar 29

2010 Infiniti G37 Coupe

(My 2nd) ToORiMa TL is retiring in 2 weeks, and today I got a new ride catching the end of March lease deal, after checking out the Audi A4 2.0, BMW 335i, Nissan 370Z, and of course the Acura TL, and finally settled on the G37 Coupe


Dec 5

LA Auto Show 2010

This year's very quiet Autoshow, seeing the SLS Gullwing, BMW Vision, LFA in real person

Aug 2

ESPN XGames 15 Rally @ Home Depot Center

Eating Dust today! ESPN XGame 15 Day 4 Rally Car Racing @ Home Depot Center, seeing the new 800hp Ford Fiesta, seeing how Sweden Rally Champ kicks Ken Block ass in person.

Jan 17

2009 Acura TSX

Got a chance to play with the 09 TSX today


Dec 20

Dromo 1 Mario Kart Round 2

Going to drive Go Kart again today, this time, bringing Jason, and finally get to drive the track outside of the warehouse, extended to the parking lot, so slippery, so scary, and so fun!

Nov 28

Dromo 1 Mario Kart

Playing Mario Kart @ Orange Dromo 1 with Edward and Friends, forgot to bring our Banana Peels and Turtle Shell

Nov 21

LA Auto Show 2009

Report of another year of LA Autoshow, so many electric / hybrid cars

Nov 8

Audi Test Drive 2008

One of the best test driving experience, Audi let you play with their A4 on track, and you get to compare all the competitor's car like C class, 328, and IS, such a fun day

Oct 11

09 MDX

We got a new ride!? No... we just get to play with the brand new 09 MDX for a day. According to Cyril choy, it's $4000 under MSRP?

Jul 19

Edward So New GTI

Edward got a new ride, his dream car since so long ago, finally got one! also, we got a bear bear ice shaving machine today, totally useless haha

May 4

08 C Class and G35 G37

Checking out Janice and Sau E favourite C Class, I like the moonroof wor!

Apr 27

AMA Fontana Suzuki Superbike 2008

A week after attending the Long Beach GP, this weekend we are heading to Fontana Auto Club Speedway to see AMA Suzuki Superbike Challenge. This is actually the first time I attend a motorcycle race event, and thanks to Thomas and Jason for getting us the pit pass

Apr 20

Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix 2008

Last time I attend Long Beach GP was 8 years ago, with a really lame point and shoot camera. This time, I'm going with 3 other friends, all with professional photo gear. Enjoy the lovely pictures if you love cars! It was a blast!


Nov 25

Irwindale Speedway D1GP 2007

This year D1GP is happening on Thanksgiving weekend, Me and Jay went to test out our new lens, adn got some really nice drifting shots as well as Umbrella Girls

Nov 16

LA Auto Show 2008

I really don't know if I should call this event 2007 LA Autohow or 2008 LA Autoshow anymore, cause they keep shifting this 1 month early every year. Now it's only Nov 2007...

Nov 10

Vincent Chu New 08 TSX

Ga Fai Ju got his new ride! 08 TSX, fully loaded with features that is the same as my TL, TSX is getting so much better now a days!

Nov 3

DARPA Urban Challenge Robot Race

Today we got up at 4:30am and went to witness history: Real Robot racing! This is some serious robotics, and could change the way we live. This is not a game. This is for real. The day that robot can drive a car is here, and in fact, 6 teams / 6 different implementations work, and past the test. See the different robots taking a 1 day driver license exam!

Sep 9

2007 TL Accident

A fuckin idiot ramped into me right before I was heading to Jason's wedding. My car instantly became a real "FA CHE"

Apr 21

Acura TL 2007

I got a TL Again! More Horse Power, more gadget and features, and most importantly, I don't have to pay freakin $800 bucks for new tires and fix my Scratch!

Mar 18

Janice New BMW 328i

Janice finally got a new Ride! (After looking at so many different options including Mini, Audi, Benz, Lexus, Acura...) and finally she goes back to BMW.


Nov 30

LA Auto Show 2007 with Press Pass

LA Autoshow 2007 is shifted 1 month earilier this year, holding it at end of November / December @ convention center. This is also the first year I got a press pass, and going to shoot cars along with the real Press media, and of course, I have the smallest Camera of all :)

Oct 14

Vincent Shopping For New Car

Ka Fai Ju has been saving up for a new ride, going around to compare different available options in the market

Sep 9

Jason Acura RDX

Jason got a new ride: brand new on the block, Acura RDX, really awesome car, $33K only.

Aug 19

Edward New Accord

Edward So got a new ride, Honda Accord! Also has pix of the old C230 before it's sold

May 11

Ah Wai New Subaru B9 Tribeca

You would NEVER imagine Ah Wai with an SUV: his new ride getting ready for the baby + baby seat!

Jan 10

LA Auto Show 2006

Dual 20D full gear show floor coverage by Me and Ah Wai


Dec 17

Irwindale Speedway D1GP 2005

D1 GP! Drift-1 Race Final from Japan, at Irwindale Speedway! I got tons of PRESS quality coverage! i filled my 2 gig CF (ah wai filled 2 x 2 gig CF!), took over 1000+ pix, about 500 best pix are left

Nov 5

Taste Of Lexus 2005

Lexus Test drive, this year's focus is IS350, the 300+ hp super high tech car, Ah wai's next target!

Oct 15

Ben Ma New C Class

Ben Ma got a new ride. Surprise, now 2006 C230 is a V6!

Aug 3

Brenda New Car

Brenda got a new C Class 240, what a LONG story.

Mar 26

Ah Wai New Ride

Wai Suk got a New Rice, 2002 S2000, very Windy Ride @ 95 mph on the freeway.

Jan 10

LA Auto Show 2005

Another Year of LA Autoshow Coverage, this year Isabella 帶隊!


Dec 28

Acura TL

My new RIDE!

Jan 8

LA Auto Show 2004

Jan 2

Emily New MDX

Emily got her new car! Fully loaded with 7" display GPS, NICE!


Dec 6

Khiet New G35 with GPS

Dec 5

ML Towed

Nov 23

Cyril Choy New Audi

Sep 14

Benz C Class Test Drive

Sep 14

Mercedes Benz Test Drive

Aug 25

GM AutoShow in Motion + Okonomiyaki

Apr 9


Jan 10

LA Auto Show 2003


Oct 9

Emily C-Class wrecked

Oct 6

Benz Test Drive

Oct 6

Benz Test Drive Event 2002

May 20

Corral Canyon Offroading

Feb 17

Janice Maxima wrecked

Jan 11

LA Auto Show 2002






Jun 21

ToORiMa and Cars

My 1st Car