About my Pictures

        First of all, I'm not a Professional Photographer. I do not take picture for a living. I have never owned a real film camera. The first camera I owned was a 1 mega pixel digital camera, Sony Mavica, that uses Floppy Disk. That's when everything starts. Everything I know about shooting photos are self taught, I have never taken any photography class nor training. My photo album is in some sort of Comic book style, it tells my story, it saves my memories, and I don't mind sharing the story of my life with you. You can see my work in my Picture Gallery

        I enjoy traveling, shooting photos of different things, different people, and different cultures, and brought back my memories. I also enjoy shooting photos of my everyday life, including the people and friends around me, stuff that I do, and new toys that I bought. So if you know me, be prepared to show up on ToORiMa photo album.

        My photo album contains tens of thousands of photos. At the time I type this, (2012), I already have over 1TB of Photos and Video online.

About my Camera Gears

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About my Photo Hosting

        A lot of you asked me where am I hosting my pictures. This is not any commercial / free photo hosting service. I host my pictures on my own web server. I do not have to UPLOAD any photo. This web server is IIS7 running on Windows Server 2008, on my server, at home. I developed the whole photo album system from scratch. All the pictures simply sits on my Hard drive, including this page you are reading, sits on my Hard drive.

       If you want to host your own pictures just like me, you are in luck. My friends who all have accounts on toorima.com automatically qualifies for using "ToORiMa Album Hosting" service, (you can find the link on the top pull down menu of toorima.com front page), with this service, you can host pictures and video just like me, using your own server, but my fully customizable interface. Read more about it on that page.