Photo Albums 2017

Aug 17  Alex's 2018 GLE 350 23
Alex is getting a new car today replacing his ML
Aug 16  Yas Going Away Lunch 13
Farewell lunch @ The Counters
Aug 13  Santiago Oaks MTB 272 1
The Santa Cruz MTB gang bringing me to a new trail that I have never been to, Epic Ride, Epic Day, with a completely lost in the Jungle totally dehydrated hot summer 90F day, with Ken's very painful crash, and also brought back a lot of great Drone footage, would definitely be a ride that I would remember for years to come
Aug 12  Tempura Night 103
Making a 12 courses Tempura meal tonight
Aug 9  Souffle Pancake 14
Emily is making something new this morning
Aug 9  Summer Eats 2017 115 2
What to eat this hot summer?
Aug 2 Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on 2017 E300 64
Got a chance to mess with the new Android Auto and Apple CarPlay today, finally coming to this year's Mercedes E class lineup
Jul 30 Summer BBQ 2017 56 1
Finally the nights are getting a BIT cooler and we don't have to sweat BBQ-ing
Jul 27 Porsche 718 Cayman 203
Got a new ride today, I'm officially joining the Midlife Crisis Club
Jul 27 Crashed Mavic Pro Repair 24
My experience with DJI repair, fixing my crashed Mavic Pro
Jul 22 Water Pipe Replacement 19
3rd leak from our main water pipe, this time we had to replace the whole pipe, digging through our frontyard through thick tree roots and plants
Jul 20 Oregon MTB and Beer 1607
This weekend, we are going to Oregon to experience the trails out there in the Oregon Volcanos and Oregon Forests, while spending time around Portland visiting Wineries and Breweries, and Coffee Roasters
Jul 9 梁詠琪 Gigi Goodtimes Concert Pasadena 2017 126
Janice scored 2 Yellow Cow tickets this morning and we get to go watch a concert tonight just down the block from my office in Pasadena, so close :)
Jul 9 RainMachine Smart Irrigation System 96 2
The story goes like this: It's summer time, and it's damn hot out there, 90 to 100F everyday. about a month ago, all of a sudden we discovered that all of our lawn/grass are TOASTED, simply TOASTED like dry hay (that's probably why our rabbit came over, cause they love eating dry grass, I realized) and we realized someone TURNED our sprinkler system OFF and it wasn't watering for who knows how long, almost desTroyed our entire lawn. Either our gardener, or someone in the house (except me of course, cause I never touched the watering system) turned it off cause Spring was raining pretty heavily and our grass were overgrown for the Spring months, and never remembered to turn it back on etc... So, I decided to upgrade our sprinkler control system to something more 2017
Jul 8 Wilshire Grand Center 164
Touring the brand new Korean Air High Rise Wilshire Grand Center, enjoying Downtown LA view lunch on 70th floor
Jul 4 July 4th JPL El Prieto MTB with lots of Gadgets 34
An interesting holiday ride today starting out with Tom Bill and Ethan, and ending the ride with Ken Doug Grace, with lots of gadgets like Flying the DJI Spark drone and rolling around on Segway, while bombing down El Prieto with style
Jul 3 DJI Spark 54
Ken got his Spark! Fresh off the Boat from Shenzhen, and he's coming over to do his unboxing! now he's a certified DJI drone pilot, yep! he flew it, and he crashed it! stay tuned for his virgin flight video and crash video!
Jul 2 The Chius In Town July 4th Weekend 2017 89
The Chius visiting LA for the 4th of July weekend
Jul 1 Ventura Jolly Oyster BBQ 2017 80 1
4th of July weekend, this year we are going to Ventura to escape the heat, and eat some awesome Oysters
Jun 26 Water Quality Test 15
屎忽痕 and got a water quality test probe to prove that our drinking water filter is basically doing NOTHING to our water lolz
Jun 26 Anker ROAV Dashcam 23
Got another Dashcam today, same Sony Exmor IX323 sensor as my Mijia dashcam, with a low profile design, and the best part is, only cost 10 buck more than my Mijia
Jun 25 Big Bear Snow Summit MTB 2017 163 2
Another Year of our annual, or maybe bi-annual, Big Bear MTB ride. And it's 91F up there at 8000ft! damn hot today!
Jun 24 純純兔 Bunny Rabbit 23
My New Friend 純純兔🐰🐰, visiting us from our front door (so Doodle cannot go after her)
Jun 21 My Birthday 2017 17
Janice is bringing me to eat Pasta tonight, and cutting prosciutto birthday cake
Jun 19 Samsung Gear VR 2017 40
Got my latest iteration of 2017 Gear VR. Let's see if this is going to set my Galaxy S8 on fire this time
Jun 18 Fathers Day 2017 134 2
Celebrating Father's Day this weekend
Jun 16 Sau E Morningside Neighbor House 95
Selling Sau E's neighbor's house
Jun 11 12th Year Wedding Anniversary: Shibumi 104
Celebraing our Anniversary tonight having 割烹懐石料理
Jun 10 Netgear Orbi Mesh Network 78
Upgrading our network today, going Mesh with AC3000 + AC3000
Jun 9 Peach Harvest 2017 22
Too many Peaches, Doodle 食桃食滯咗... lolz
Jun 9 60x High Magification Phone Macro Lens 99
After playing with my coworker's phone lens shooting Mosquito Larvae photos, I've gotta get one of these. :)
Jun 7 Dodgers Game 2017 vs Washington Nationals 148
The gang at work taking a longer lunch today eating Dodgers Dog watching a weekday game
Jun 4 Tonkatsu 32
I'm making Tonkatsu tonight, with our new Fryer
May 31 Turning our Dumb Fridge into a Smart Fridge 40
We had a problem with our refrigerator: The girls at home has been FORGETTING to close the fridge door and either went to bed, and went out, leaving the food inside spoiled. And I have came up with this new solution to solve this problem.
May 30 Dragon Boat Festival 2017 18
May 29 Bailey Canyon Memorial Day Hiking 2017 72
Beautiful day for breathing some fresh air in our neighborhood
May 28 Memorial Day Weekend BBQ 2017 144
Trying Korean BBQ this year
May 20 Samsung Galaxy S8 176 3
Upgrading my phone, to the even bigger screen, even smaller footprint S8
May 20 Selling my Junk on eBay 2017 93
Got couple phones and apple watch and a lot of other junk to sell on eBay
May 15 Los Angeles Times x The Walker Inn 75
Heavy Hitter Los Angeles Mixologists presenting their Cocktail creation
May 14 Mothers Day 2017 with Prime Ribs 43
We've got 3 mothers tonight, cooking Prime Ribs tonight
May 14 米家 Mijia Gadgets: PM2.5 AQI sensor and Dashcam 113 3
FOB (Fresh off the Boat) from China! Emily brought back some 米家 gadgets
May 13 Turnbull Canyon Rattlesnake MTB 2017 57
Bringing Alex to experience Turnbull Canyon, and bringing them to try Rattlesnake Trail, which I haven't been for years.
May 11 Backyard Bird Watching 2017: Northern Mockingbird Eggs 66 5
With wet season this year, spawns lots of bugs, which becomes bird's bug buffet everyday, all season. This year we have Northern Mockingbird eggs
May 10 Global Entry Interview 16
After waiting for HALF a YEAR, finally we are here at LAX to do our Global Entry / TSA-pre interview
May 7 $60 Ramen Experience: Bone Kettle 73
These Indonesian guys here @ Bone Kettle has figured out a way to sell Ramen and charge you over $50 bucks per person, and it's actually pretty damn good :)
Apr 27 MTB Fox Fork Oil Change 60
Today, I'm bringing my bike to Tom's bike shop for an oil change. You might wonder: Ha!? even MTB needs OIL CHANGE!? hahah yep, seriously!
Apr 23 爆膏! 韓國生醬油蟹 69
Just like in Seoul! We are having Korean Raw Soy Sauce Marinated Crab tonight, brought back a lot of good memories
Apr 22 Andy Lau 烈火戰車 Honda CBR600RR 33
This is Andy Lau, and this is his bright red Honda 烈火戰車, now for sale :)
Apr 22 Monroe Truck Trail MTB with Tom 2017 79
Bringing Tom to ride Monroe for the 1st time, while I haven't been back here for over 3 years!
Apr 21 Jason Cayman is now Jason C43 Coupe 47
Jason Cayman is no more Jason Cayman! Checkout his brand new 2017 C43 Coupe
Apr 16 Easter Weekend 2017 86
Better than King Taco: Maestro
Apr 16 Our Backyard Spring 2017 172 5
This year it's California Super Bloom, very wet and cool and extended Spring, and pollens are insane! So I actually have to AVOID going out to the backyard due to pollen allergy, and have been hiding inside the house for this whole beautiful spring season
Apr 15 Turnbull Canyon MTB with Wayne's New Fatbike 93
Turning an old time friends that I have known for 20 yrs into a new MTB buddy
Mar 31 Alex iMac SSD Operation 9
Thought this would be interested to show, my coworker Alex Kim is doing a big iMac operation today, and he sent me these pictures: He's opening his 4K 21 inch iMac to replace a spinning hard drive to an SSD
Mar 31 Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa 44
Alexa is dominating the Home Automation market in 2017 due to it's large library of 3rd party skills, but yet, still doesn't do simple commands that I need: Play my last watched TVB episode on my kitchen TV
Mar 27 Edward So 40th Birthday 2017 28
Ed So hitting the big 4-0
Mar 24 So Dad In Town 2017 195 3
So Dad in town visiting his grandson
Mar 19 Cyril 1st Time MTB @ JPL Gabrielino 61 5
Cyril Choy 1st MTB experience, woo hoo :D
Mar 17 Catching Up with Aaron 2017 15
Haven't seen my old friend Aaron for over 10 years, he got purple hair too :)
Mar 14 Pi Day 2017 Cutting Pi 27
Guys @ work brought 2 pies for cutting them @ the exact moment lolz
Mar 12 Ah Bao Korean Fried Chicken 24
Ah Bao making 2 flavors Korean Fried Chicken tonight
Mar 12 Sierra Madre Wistaria Festival 2017 133
Touring our neighbor's 123 yrs old historic, gigantic Wistaria Vine that spans 2 houses / 2 backyards
Mar 11 Fullerton Loop 2017 MTB with Tom's New Pivot Switchblade 101
Bringing the SSAI MTB gang to experience Fullerton loop in this hot summer weather, and first time seeing Tom's brand new 2017 Pivot Switchblade
Mar 8 1400 Riviera House 347
Janice's new house
Mar 5 Janice Birthday 2017 51 4
Celebrating Janice's Birthday
Mar 3 Nintendo Switch 171
Switch Launch, not easy to score one! it's an nVidia Shield!
Feb 22 London 2017: So 姐去 Shopping 1159
Following the two So ? to go Shopping and Eating in London
Feb 18 Chamonix Mont-Blanc 1962
Getting a taste of French Alps style snowboarding and mountaineering, witness how the Pros plays here at one of the most extreme mountains in the world, Redbull and James Bond style
Feb 15 The City of Watches: Geneva 579 10
Geneva is all about Patek Philippe, CERN, United Nation
Feb 11 Valentines Day 2017 Weekend 62
Rainy and Cold weekend, brrrrrr
Feb 6 Scary! Resident Evil 7 with Playstation VR 59
The most immersive and dizzy experience
Feb 6 ToORiMa Mobile Karaoke 2017 17
Finally got a portable KTV mic, the dual speaker Micgeek Q9, pairing with a damn loud Beat Pill bluetooth speaker, now I'm finally catching up with the latest KTV technology
Feb 5 Tsukemen vs Tsukemen 39 4
15 minutes Tsukemen @ Tengoku versus 30 minutes Tsukemen @ Tsujita
Feb 4 Space Mountain Again MTB 2017 113
Our last weekend Space Mountain ride didn't go so well due to Tire Problem, this week I'm going back again to complete the ride
Jan 29 新春行大運 MTB: Space Mountain 2017 88
Super nice and warm beautiful day, drove all the way to Thousand Oaks to ride our 行大運 MTB
Jan 28 Chinese New Year 2017 169 13
恭喜發財 Celebrating CNY with lots of people and food
Jan 22 Bumbu Bali: Indonesian Night 20
Making Indonesian dinner tonight, we've got Bumbu Bali Ayam, Sup Buntut, Nasi Goreng
Jan 17 誰是凶手競猜遊戲 Who Killed the Bird 14
A crime scene in our backyard today, someone ate a bird! Who did it? 快D登入TVBfun 參加誰是凶手競猜遊戲啦
Jan 14 Raging Water MTB: JPL Gabrielino 147
After all these rain in California, today's ride @ our usual trail is like Water Rafting
Jan 13 Rainy Winter Pineapple Express 52
California has been RAINING HARD, Janice is outfitting Doggies with our Rainy Season fasion, and NOAA is calling this atmospheric river system "Pineapple Express"
Jan 12 Ring Door Bell 17
Installing a new smart doorbell @ the office today
Jan 6 Water Pipe Leak Again 2017 56
Just 1.5 years after our water pipe leak, it's happening again! arghh...
Jan 2 Rose Parade 2017 137 8
This year we are watching Rose Parade from a difference place: from 5th floor looking down from Lake Ave, from my office
Jan 2 Empty New Year 2017 56
During this New Year week, the entire LA is empty, aka going ANYWHERE around LA has 0 traffic! Tonight we drove down here to Torrance, Izakaya Hachi, and only took us half an hour! SO FAST! even faster than my 5 miles commute to work during insane traffic
Jan 1 Cyril Birthday 2017 @ 海底撈 42 1
Celebrating Cyril's birthday tonight @ the newly opened EMC Seafood and Haidilao